20 Prettiest Dog Breeds: Which Is The Fairest of Them All?

Prettiest dog breeds, Saluki

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Right? So I’m sure that the pup curled up at your feet or that’s snuggling in your lap is the most beautiful dog in the world. But some pups are just more striking than others.

Whether it’s their distinctive coat, unusual eye color, elegant body, or just all-round beauty, there are definitely a couple of dog breeds that catch the eye more.

So, which are the prettiest dog breeds in the world? (And which ones would you add to the ever-increasing list?)

Is Beauty Everything?

As is the case with scary-looking dog breeds, a dog’s appearance is not a good indicator of temperament or whether they’d make a good family companion. As cliché as it is to say, looks really aren’t everything.

It’s important you do your research and find a dog breed that would fit into your lifestyle and which has the personality to match.

And don’t forget, many pups have gone through terrible things before they end up in a shelter. They may be malnourished or may have been abused which can contribute to their appearance.

A thin dog with an unhealthy coat may have a strong body and luscious locks with a bit of love and care from you!

The 20 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

All dogs are beautiful in their own unique way. These 20 are just our opinion (and really just an excuse for you to look at pictures of the prettiest dog breeds around).

Feel free to add your opinion at the bottom (or pictures of your adorable dogs too)!

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound beautiful dog breed

Is there a more iconic dog than the Afghan Hound? This ancient breed is agile, quick, loyal, and, of course, has a completely distinctive coat to any other dog breed.

These dogs were first bred to run across the Afghan mountains in pursuit of prey, which is why this site hound is surprisingly fast and confident on its paws.

They’re a loyal breed that is devoted to their owners. They do, however, need an experienced trainer who can stop their independence from getting out of hand. They need a lot of space to roam and will love to go for a big run around the dog park.

As you’d expect, their stunning coat needs some attention and grooming to keep it looking slick. All that grooming means they’re considered a relatively low shedding breed (mainly because there’s no chance for hair to fall in between all that brushing)!

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

When it comes to beautiful dogs, you can’t get more striking than the Doberman Pinscher. Even those who think they’re intimidating have to admit that they’re elegant and eye-catching dogs.

Dobermans are big and powerful canines that need an owner who won’t shy away from training sessions and who will provide them with a lot of socialization. 

This intelligent dog is not just beautiful but also very adoring and cuddly. They’re extremely affectionate with their owners (and people they know) and need a good amount of attention if they’re not to become too needy.

As well as regular exercise, you need to make sure your Doberman is using its brain and is engaged. Bored Dobermans can become destructive – and trust us, that’s not something you want.

You could try getting them an indestructible dog toy to last a little longer.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky has long been seen as one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. Why? It might have something to do with their adorable fluffy, thick coat (that comes in many different Husky colors).

Or maybe their bright blue/multicolored eyes? Or is it because we all want to go to lapland for a sleigh ride? Whichever it is, Huskies are definitely up there.

This ancient breed is considered fairly difficult to train by many dog lovers. They can be independent, aloof, and a bit goofy – which isn’t the easiest combination. They’re also real escape artists, so it’s advisable to keep them on a leash and make sure they’re well penned in the yard.

In fact, Siberian Huskies are the perfect breed to get a GPS collar for!


Most beautiful dog breeds - Weimaraner

Is there a more regal, athletic dog than the silver ghost? These stunning dogs come in both long and short coats and their gray-chocolatey color makes them completely unique (and 100% one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world).

These gray dogs are extremely graceful canines that have an abundance of energy. They’re trainable, get on well with children, and form strong attachments with their family members.

Dog owners should, however, be aware that Weimaraners were originally bred to hunt small animals and therefore have a really high prey drive. Even bringing up Weimaraners with smaller animals from puppyhood doesn’t always end well and it’s safer not to have them in multi-pet households.

Vizslas are also beautiful pups. Find out the differences and similarities between the Weimaraner vs the Vizsla!

German Shepherd

Beautiful dog breed German Shepherd

Those after a beautiful dog breed that’s a little more wolfish can’t go wrong with a beautiful German Shepherd. As well as being stunning, German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds that exist and the third most popular breed in America.

There are loads of amazing German Shepherd mixes too! They’re incredibly loving, affectionate, and loyal. They’re also bold, daring, and extremely active.

These pups need a lot of exercise and, like many other dogs on the list, really benefit from interactive toys to keep them engaged.

They love to have a job to do and they’re often ‘employed’ by police and military forces around the world because of their incredible work ethic.

They’re definitely one of the most beautiful dogs but they also make amazing family pets.


Prettiest dog breeds, Saluki

Salukis are seriously elegant dogs that are really striking and unique. The combination of their athletic bodies, beautifully frilled tails, and endearing facial expressions definitely make them one of the most show-stopping pups in the park.

They were first bred to hunt game and, as their athletic bodies would suggest, these dogs are very fast. They need lots of space to burn off all that energy and will love a game of frisbee or chasing after dog-safe bubbles.

Although these pooches can be very affectionate with their family members, they can be independent and a bit reserved around strangers. They need an experienced owner who can train them well, keep them entertained, and provide them with plenty of stimulation.



These extremely fluffy, cloud-like dogs certainly qualify as beautiful. Their thick, snowy coats are ideal for keeping them warm in very cold temperatures.

They were originally bred to herd reindeer and as companions to the nomadic Samoyedic people in the northern Arctic, so they make great family dogs too.

They’re friendly, silly, slightly mischievous, and quite active. They really like having a job to do, and their strong bodies mean they excel in sled hauling and other sports. They’ll happily go for runs with the family or play with their friends in the dog park.

Because of their very fluffy coat and their arctic origins, these pups don’t do well in the heat. Make sure you keep them cool with plenty of water and shade. You could try whisking up some watermelon, peach, or pineapple and freezing them it for a fun pupsicle!

Australian Shepherd

Most beautiful dog, Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are easily one of the prettiest dog breeds there is. These multicolored pups have beautiful coats, cheeky smiles, and often bright blue eyes. Their floppy ears and athletic bodies also make them very cute!

Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs and excel in many canine classes and training sessions. They need to keep their brains engaged with plenty of cute toys, puzzles, and socializing with their friends.

Any Australian Shepherd owner can tell you just how much exercise these doggos need (it’s one of the main similarities between Australian Shepherds and Border Collies). Think a lot, and then a bit more. They make great pets for active families and will be happy to take part in any activity (especially if it involves herding).

But they do need an owner who can control this herding, if not controlled you’ll find yourself constantly being ushered into the same room as the rest of the family. A great idea is to get your pooch a herding ball, it keeps them entertained and lets them hone their skills on something else!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Beautiful dog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the beautiful toy breeds on this list, but they’re just as pretty as their bigger cousins! These cute canines come in 4 different color combinations and all have adorable long and fluffy ears. Their seriously endearing faces are enough to make anyone fall in love!

Unlike many other dogs, these Spaniels can happily adapt to their owner’s lifestyle. So if you’re an active family, your Cavalier will happily go on walks and runs with you. If you like to spend more time snuggling on the couch, then they’ll be happy with that too!

One thing’s for sure, these sweet-natured dogs love affection and get on well with both other pups and children. If you want a very pretty mixed breed (the two parent breeds are on this list), you could go for a Cavapoo. They’re cute and excellent family companions.


White Poodle

Poodles are gorgeous dogs, but sometimes we humans give them some really odd haircuts which can make them look a little peculiar.

The jury may still be out on these pups, but we think these curly-haired dogs definitely deserve a place on a list of the most beautiful dog breeds (as do many of their mixes, such as the mini Goldendoodle).

Poodles need around an hour of exercise a day and, thanks to their intelligence, excel in all types of training. They’ll be happy to entertain by learning new tricks and love putting their brains to good use. Even though they’re very fluffy, they’re actually considered to be low shedders.

Their coat is difficult to brush and the texture can make it prone to mats, so it’s best to take them to a professional groomer for a trim and tidy up.

Pharaoh Hound

Beautiful dog, Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds may not be an obvious choice for this list but we at BarkingTalk think they’re real beauties (and it’s not just because they look like Podencos)! These stunning dogs are elegant, athletic, and have truly beautifully colored coats.

They were bred as hunting dogs and love to roam over vast areas of rocky terrain. They need a good-sized backyard to play in and plenty of fun exercise to keep them entertained.

These big-eared beauties are affectionate with their family members and can be really curious about people and other things they don’t know. They need good socialization but with that, and steady training, they can make wonderful pets. They’re not very common though, so you’ll be lucky to get your hands on one!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

For many, the Golden Retriever is considered the most beautiful dog. These adoring, yellow pups are also one of the most popular dog breeds in America because they make such wonderful family pets.

Golden retrievers are medium to large-sized dogs, are intelligent, and get along really well with other dogs and children. They’re seriously happy to please!

Their beautiful coat is fluffy and double, so you can expect a moderate amount of shedding throughout the year and much more twice per year as they blow their coats. They love to play and need at least 90 mins of exercise a day.


Papillon, prettiest dog breeds

How cute (and pretty) are Papillons? These wonderful, butterfly-eared, toy dogs are charming, curious, and have adorable expressions. Their long, plumed coat comes in many different colors – each as beautiful as the next. They may look like regal lap dogs, but these pups are quick, agile, and very alert.

These doggos are small and don’t need as much exercise as others on this list. They’ll be happy chasing a soccer ball (or their favorite insect) around the backyard. Papillons are fun dogs that aren’t always aware of their own size.

It’s important you watch them carefully when out and about so they don’t approach much larger, more boisterous pups.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback, beautiful dog

If you see a Rhodesian Ridgeback on the street, you’re going to stop and take a look. These stunning, majestic animals are strong, athletic, and really sweet.

They’re easily recognizable by the ridge that runs along their back (where the hair grows in a different direction) and their unusually beautiful coat coloring. Our very own Zula is certainly a very beautiful dog!

These pups were first bred to hunt and capture lions. So, as you can imagine, they’re strong, confident, and can be fairly independent.

Because of their size and temperament, Rhodesian Ridgebacks need firm and consistent training from puppyhood if they’re not to become over-dominant and strong-willed.

They’re also exceptionally affectionate and cuddly with those who they love and trust. 


Most beautiful dog breeds, Rottweiler

As is the case with Dobermans, many people are wary of Rottweilers because of their size and stature. They’re very muscly dogs that are confident and not easily intimidated – so it’s easy to understand why people mistake them for being aggressive.

But actually, these brown and black dogs are very affectionate around their family members and love to play and be silly!

A well-trained and well-socialized Rottie also makes a great guard dog because they’re so alert. They’ll be happy to tell you if there’s an intruder and even chase them off, but they shouldn’t be aggressive in their day-to-day lives.

Although loving and intelligent, these pups don’t make good pets for first-time owners because of their size and strength.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter

These red dogs really are the definition of an elegant breed. Just look at the stunning color of that coat! Their feathered coat plus their athletic body and supermodel-esque face definitely make them one of the prettiest dog breeds there is.

But Irish Setters aren’t just beautiful, they also have a wonderful temperament which makes them a great choice for many families!

They do, however, need to be part of a really active family. This breed has bundles of energy that they need to burn off by walking, running, swimming, and playing. Their glorious coat also needs a good amount of brushing to keep it matt-free and silky.

Irish Setters are intelligent and easy to train, although they can get distracted so it’s best to keep training sessions short and fun!

The Irish Doodle is another stunning mix, if you want the best of the Irish Setter and the Poodle!


Adorable Dalmatian in snow

Out of all the most beautiful dog breeds, Dalmatians are a very popular choice – especially for Cruella de Vil. These athletic, spotted dogs are certainly show-stoppers and you’ll be getting an adoring family dog if you decide to go for a Dalmatian!

Originally bred as coach dogs, these black and white beauties have a lot of stamina and can run for hours. So, as you can imagine, exercise and activities make up a huge part of a Dalmatian’s day.

Theses Disney dogs are exceptionally loyal (thanks to their guarding dog history) and love spending time with their owners. They can also be independent pups and don’t mind entertaining themselves in the backyard with a toy for a while.

Dalmatians are sometimes aloof with strangers but will soon warm up if they realize they’re a friend of yours.

Alaskan Malamute

Beautiful dog Alaskan Malamute

This is one of the oldest dog breeds there is, and certainly one of the most attractive for wolf dog lovers. Many confuse these adorably fluffy dogs with the Siberian Husky but they’re actually much larger and sturdier.

These cold-weather pups are working dogs and can haul heavy sleds across icy terrain. Even if they’re a family dog, they love to be working.

Alaskan Malamutes can be very affectionate with their owners (trust us, a Malamute cuddle with all that fur is the best) but they’re not that bothered about strangers.

They can be independent, a bit aloof, and tricky to train, meaning they’re a breed for more experienced owners. 


prettiest dogs, Dachshund

Dachshunds are some of the most popular dogs around the world – and it’s easy to see why! Just look at the beautiful face and those little legs! These dogs actually come in two different sizes and three different coat types, so their appearance can change quite radically.

Long-haired Dachshunds will need a bit more grooming than their short-haired cousins and the occasional beard and eyebrow trim is also recommended.

Although small dogs, Dachshunds are pretty active and inquisitive. Some think that their size means they don’t need as much exercise and are happy staying at home, but that’s not the case.

This breed needs exercise to help them stay a healthy weight and to build muscles to support their long backs. Dachshunds are very loving with owners and have an endearing personality that everyone falls in love with!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Stunning Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large, strong, and very attractive tri-colored dogs. Not only are they very fluffy, with beautiful copper-colored markings and a very silky coat, but they also have a really sweet nature and love to play.

Despite their size, they’re great with children and surprisingly gentle.

Bernese Mountain dogs love to have a job to do and are a very hard-working breed. They were first bred to help farmers in the Swiss mountains, so thrive in cold weather and can easily multitask.

These mountain dogs excel in many different types of canine sports, including agility, herding, and carting. There are also some incredibly beautiful mixed breeds such as the Mini Bernedoodle!

So, Which Is The Prettiest Dog Breed?

The FCI recognizes 360 dog breeds and the AKC 190. As you can imagine, choosing just 20 of the prettiest dog breeds for this list wasn’t an easy task – and that’s before we’ve even considered all the amazing mixed breeds.

Beauty absolutely is in the eye of the beholder and we’re sure your pooch is one of the prettiest dogs in the world!

We’re sure to have missed out some of your favorites. Which would you add?