The 5 Best Dog Bubbles: Safe Bubbly Fun!

dog bubbles

Bubbles are great entertainment whatever age (or species) you are. But they’re not always safe for our furry friends to enjoy. Even ones that state they’re non-toxic may contain some ingredients that could cause skin or stomach irritations in dogs.

After all, pups love to use their mouths to pop bubbles as part of the fun.

In this blog, we’ve listed 5 of the best dog bubbles on the market that are non-toxic and fun for pups to play with. They’re made from dog-safe ingredients and some even have flavors (such as cheese, bacon, and peanut butter).

Some come with a bubble machine and others have a traditional bubble wand. Whichever you decide on, you can expect lots of jumpy fun for your pooch!

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Product Details
Bubbletastic Peanut Butter Dog Bubbles 
  • 100% Non-Toxic
  • Available in different scents/flavors
  • Allergen-free
Puppy Love Bubbles 
  • 2 different flavors
  • Quality, long-lasting bubbles
  • Made in the USA
Pet Qwerks Edible Dog Bubbles 
  • Don’t burst when they hit the ground
  • Non-toxic flavored formula
  • Great for interaction

What Are Dog Bubbles?

Dog bubbles are dog-safe bubbles designed especially with our furry friends in mind. Whilst kids don’t want to be playing with bacon-flavored bubbles (or maybe they do!), dogs go wild for them.

It’s well-known that pups love using their mouths when playing (which is why snuffle mats are so popular too), so it’s really important that the bubble solution is safe for dogs.

Most dog bubbles on the market are flavored to make them even more enticing to pets. They’re a great way for dogs to engage in their environment, keep them entertained, and burn off some excess energy. They’re also a really fun game for kids to play with dogs and socialize.

The 5 Best Dog Bubbles

Here are 5 of the best dog-safe bubbles on the market. Each works really well and will provide hours of fun for you and your pooch. We’ve also included a couple of great extra bubble wands and machines for even more diversity and entertainment for your pooch.

#1 Bubbletastic Peanut Butter Scented Dog Bubbles

Bubbletastic Peanut Butter Dog Bubbles 
Fun Scented Doggy Bubbles

Dogs go crazy for these fun, peanut butter-scented bubbles. They’re safe and ideal for mental and physical stimulation.

The Bubbletastic range of pup bubbles is great. There are 4 available scents, including bacon, peanut butter, sizzlin’ steak, and roasted chicken. They’re allergen-free (the peanut butter flavor isn’t made from actual peanuts) and they’re 100% non-toxic for dogs and kids.

The formula is gentle on skin and eyes and won’t cause irritation or tears. The airtight container comes with a fun wand but these bubbles also work really well when combined with the bubble blower.


  • Tear-free formula that’s dog-safe
  • Varied scents
  • Larger bottle than some other brands
  • Allergen-free and vegan
  • Lasts a good amount of time
  • Dogs love it!


  • Bubble solution may be hard to wash if it gets onto clothes

#2 Puppy Love Bubbles

Puppy Love Bubbles 
Fun Scented Doggy Bubbles

Get two different flavored, high-quality doggy bubbles that are safe and your pooch will love!

You’re getting two for the price of one with the Puppy Loves Bubbles peanut butter and bacon dog bubbles. Both of these flavors are allergen-free and gentle on your dog’s skin, stomach, and eyes.

They’re produced by a small business in the USA and are a great enrichment toy for your pooch to play with. Dogs love the smell of these bubbles and they can be entertained for hours!


  • Gentle, non-toxic formula
  • Two different flavors/scents
  • Re-fill bottles available for both
  • Small USA business
  • Long-lasting bubbles


  • Some dogs may not like the scents

#3 Pet Qwerks Edible Dog Bubbles

Pet Qwerks Edible Dog Bubbles 
Flavor Infused Bubbles That Roll!

These unique bubbles actually dry when in the air, so they don’t burst on the ground meaning they’re perfect for dogs to chase and pounce on!

The unique formula used by Pet Qwerks is slightly thicker than regular kids’ bubbles, meaning the bubbles don’t pop when they hit the ground! They roll around waiting to be pounced upon by your furry friend!

Dogs, especially hunting pups like the Lab Husky mix, adore chasing after these bubbles and popping them. They’re non-toxic and infused with a peanut butter flavor. They’re great for extra stimulation and keeping your pup entertained outdoors.


  • Unique formula means bubbles dry in the air and don’t pop on the ground
  • Non-toxic and safe for dogs to play with
  • Peanut butter flavor
  • Bottles available in different sizes


  • Recommended only for outdoor use, the bubbles can leave a sticky white residue when popped (which is non-staining and can be easily wiped away).

#4 BubbleLick Maple Bacon Bubbles

BubbleLick Maple Bacon Bubbles 
Natural Flavored Bubbles for Dogs

Exciting, safe, and tasty bubbles for your pup. The work alone or in a bubble machine or toy!

The BubbleLick Maple Bacon Bubbles are made from food-grade and USP (pharmaceutical) grade ingredients to ensure they’re yummy and safe for doggos to play with. They’re infused with natural flavors that dogs absolutely love and are a great way to provide your pooch with added stimulation and enrichment.

The allergen-free solution works particularly well in a bubble machine or bubble gun, such as the Versditas automatic bubble gun that produces thousands of bubbles per minute! Both large and small dogs love running around chasing after these bubbles!


  • High-quality formula
  • Developed with the world’s top pediatricians
  • Irresistible bacon flavor for pups
  • Produced and packaged in the USA
  • Environmentally friendly sourced materials
  • Food-grade ingredients
  • Super fun game


  • Some pups may not like the smell (some reviews say it doesn’t smell a lot like bacon).

#5 Bubbletastic Cheese Scented Bubbles

Bubbletastic Cheese Scented Bubbles 
Cheese Flavored Bubbles? Yes!

Cheese-flavored bubbles to entice any pooch into playing. They’re non-toxic and gentle on your dog’s skin.

Whose dog doesn’t love cheese? Cheese is something many of us use a lot as a training tool with our furry friends, so why not use cheese-scented bubbles for even more stimulation? It’s 100% non-toxic and safe for doggos and most pups love the cheesy scent.

It won’t irritate their skin or stomach and provides hours of bubbly fun. If you’re looking to keep your pooch entertained for a little longer, why not get them a Bubbletastic Bubble Machine too? It includes a free bottle of bacon-flavored bubbles!


  • Great cheese smell that dogs love
  • Non-toxic
  • Pairs well with bubble machines
  • Gentle on dog’s skin


  • Some reviews question the value for money

#6 (Bonus) Joyin Big Bubble Wands Set

Joyin Big Bubble Wands Set 
Fun Bubble Wands for More Bubbles!

A selection of exciting bubble wands for different shaped and sized bubbles. Dogs will love them!

Why not make things extra fun and get your pooch a Joyin big bubble wand set? These sets can be used with any of the above best bubbles and create larger bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

Kids will love making them and watching dogs run around after them. Simply pour the bubble solution onto the tray and place any of the fun wands in it for bubbly play!

Just make sure you use a dog-safe bubble solution and not the one that comes with the wands!

Dog Bubbles – Are They Worth It?

Something that comes up a lot when people discuss bubbles for dogs is whether it’s really worth it. They’re generally a little more expensive than Dollar Shop kids’ bubbles, so we do understand.

In our opinion, it’s best to get dog bubbles that you know won’t irritate your pup’s skin or stomach. Too many bubbles that aren’t doggy-safe could give your pooch some problems and, of course, you don’t want that!