What’s The Best Snuffle Mat For Dogs? Here Are Our 5 Picks!

snuffle mat for dogs

Dogs need both physical activity and mental stimulation. While sports and play keep dogs active, brain games contribute to their overall health and happiness. Snuffle mats are a safe, convenient, and affordable option to give your pooch some mental exercise.

But what should you look for when buying a snuffle mat for dogs? How do you use snuffle mats? And which snuffle mat is the best fit for your pup? Hang in there because we’ve got the answers!

What Is A Snuffle Mat For Dogs?

Snuffle mats are used to hide snacks, mostly dry treats, for dogs who can then sniff out the goodies from inside, under, or around the mat. These mats are typically flat and come in various shapes and sizes (which you’ll see in a moment). Snuffle mats help dogs work their noses and essentially build upon their foraging skills

Snuffle mats are usually made from soft but durable fabric and come in a plethora of colors and themes. Other types include rugs that mimic grass. This accessory helps to make mealtime more fun for your puppy. 

How Do You Use A Snuffle Mat for Dogs?

You can simply place the snuffle mat on the floor. Grab your dog’s favorite kibble or treats and place them in the different hiding spots on the snuffle mat. Your pooch will sniff in and around the mat to find each hidden gem. This activity is likely to please your pup as they run a search for goodies using an activated sense of smell.

Snuffle mats are a great source of engagement for most dogs, but dog owners need to supervise their pups to prevent any hazards or potential dangers like choking or allergies. You intend to hide treats, but your pooch may end up fiddling with different attachments that come with snuffle mats.

Are Snuffle Mats Good For Dogs?

Yes! Dogs have a natural desire to sniff. Similar to playing outdoors, Snuffle mats keep your pooch busy. The activity itself brings a considerable amount of sensory stimulation for dogs and targets their hunting instincts. In addition to making mealtimes interesting, snuffle mats prevent dogs from gulping down food too quickly.

This type of exercise can help dogs slow down, especially those pups that love to attack food as soon as they set their eyes on a meal. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of snuffle mats is that they reduce stress, allowing your pooch to relax. 

Are There Any Downsides To Snuffle Mats?

Not really. Snuffle mats are generally safe. This kind of toy is suitable for almost all dog breeds, including the intelligent and social German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. It’s an activity that works well for pups of any size.

However, it’s always a good idea to be cautious if your dog tends to show destructive behavior. Here’s a great example. If your pooch likes to shred things or swallow items that aren’t meant for consumption, you may want to reconsider getting a snuffle mat until you’ve dealt with their habits. Maybe try a DIY snuffle mat first as you train them.

Snuffle mats are more suited for trained dogs that can differentiate between a fun game and rough play. The last thing you’d want is for your pooch to end up choking on a shredded piece of the snuffle mat. If your dog is a big chewer, you may want to look at some indestructible dog toys instead.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Snuffle Mat?

You want to keep your pet entertained, particularly when your options for outdoor activity are limited. Buying the right toys and accessories for dogs can be a challenge since there are heaps to choose from.

Here are a few items dog owners or dog trainers should consider when looking to purchase the best snuffle mat for their canines.


Snuffle mats can range from small to extra large. While it may seem appropriate to get a large mat for a large dog, it doesn’t quite work that way.

A larger mat means your dog will have to spend more time searching for food. When considering sizes, choose convenience over grandeur. Are you planning to take the mat with you on trips? Do you have limited space around the house to place a snuffle mat? How keen is your pup when it comes to sniffing out treats from hiding spots?

Based on your answers, you can settle on the right size for a snuffle mat that your dog loves.


Snuffle mats are generally made of durable fleece strips passing through a frame, garden mat, or rubber mat. Almost all commercial snuffle mats will use some combination of these materials. But as a standard practice, check for durability and material quality. You would want a mat that has enough flexibility to handle your dog’s excitement while they hunt.


Although mostly used to hold dry treats rather than wet food, Snuffle mats can and will get dirty. You’ll hide treats to keep your dog entertained, but the snuffle mat is likely to become a mess with crumbs and dog slobber.

Since you’ll have the snuffle mat placed on the floor with treats scattered in and around, it should be machine washable or at least easy to wash and dry out. Check for care and storage instructions so you know you have something convenient whether you’re in the house or out on holiday with your pet. 


Snuffle mats come in many styles, themes, and difficulty levels. Some are easy to solve for pups while others may require extra time to figure out. If your puppy is small and still developing hunting skills, you might want to start with a less tricky snuffle mat.

You can opt for a relatively easier one that they can start with and then gradually move to more complex versions. Older dogs generally won’t have a problem with advanced puzzle toys.

Here Are 5 Of The Best Snuffle Mats For Your Dog

We know you’re looking for the best accessory for your furry friend. We’ve compiled a list of the best snuffle mats for dogs based on versatility, durability, customization options, and price.

PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Dog Feeding Mat – $39.95

PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Dog Feeding Mat
Versatile and durable mat for fun eating sessions!

A fun and interactive snuffle mat to nurture your pup’s natural hunting instincts

First on our list of snuffle mats is the Wooly snuffle mat by PAW5. This toy is one of the nose work mats that perfectly mimics natural grass and stimulates the foraging instincts of your dog.

The curled-up shag design hides the treats so well that it takes a good 10 -15 minutes for your puppy to find all of them. This slow eating will help with bloat as well. The material is non-toxic and quite durable, so if you have a big pooch who’s protective of its toys, this is a pretty good choice.


Good choice for all dog sizes and breeds

Made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly material

Hand-made, durable 

Challenging with a simple design


The size is not that big

Higher price compared to other snuffle mats

Frisco Vending Machine Snuffle Mat – $21.99

Frisco Vending Machine Snuffle Mat
How fun is this snuffle mat?

A great concept to keep your doggo intrigued and entertained. Hide their fave treats and watch them hunt!

This cute mat has a vending theme. Without a doubt, it’s fun to watch dogs try and find their treats in a vending machine simulator mat. The Frisco Vending Machine Snuffle Mat is colorful and has many hiding places like pockets and folds.

The vending machine design isn’t continuous like the grass-styled mats. So it’s a bit more challenging and takes a while for them to figure out. The best part is they won’t get bored! Don’t take our word for it. Check out the reviews from some really happy pet parents. The mat is made from sturdy material and can withstand the excitement of hungry pups.


Great for senior dogs

Interactive and fun design


Available for dog breeds of all sizes

Ample storage for snacks


Not suitable for young puppies

May require additional cleaning time to remove all the crumbs from your dog’s kibble

Pet Parents Forager Snuffle Mat & Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – $20.99

Pet Parents Forager Snuffle Mat
A great snuffle mat and slow feeder for dogs!

A fun snuffle mat for rough foragers who love to search for their dinner!

Time to slow down mealtime for your super energetic canine with the snout-friendly, colorful, and fun snuffle mat by Pet parents.

This snuffle mat helps stimulate your pup’s brain and slows them down as they look for more food. It’s a great toy with a non-slip backing and keeps your dog happy and healthy. Most dogs love the short tree design of the snuffle mat which helps in the stimulation of foraging skills.

The soft fluffy threads keep your dog’s nose safe from harm. The dual-function snuffle mat has a triple-stitched rim. Pull the strings to turn it into a bowl and watch as your pups enjoy the 2-in-1 fun. This mat is perfect for all dog breed sizes.


Non-skid material

Travel safe/portable

Suitable for all breed sizes

Washable and easy to clean up

Material protects your dog’s nose and gums


Only one size option

Not suitable for smaller pups

Frisco Pizza Snuffle Mat – $21.99

Frisco Pizza Snuffle Mat
Layers of fun fake cheese, ham, and dough for your dog to enjoy!

A wonderful snuffle mat for your dog to play with all day long!

What’s more exciting than a pizza mat to hide kibble? With detachable and reversible pizza slices, the Frisco Pizza Snuffle Mat is a fun choice for small to medium size dog breeds.

Simply hide treats in the nooks and crannies of this delicious-looking mat, and watch your puppy sniff out the food through the layers of ham and cheese



Leak-proof design


Value for money


Only one size option

Not suitable for large dogs

Slightly more difficult to clean

FouFIT Hide ‘n Seek Snuffle Cloud Plush Dog Toy – $32.99

FouFIT Hide ‘n Seek Snuffle Toy
A fun toy for your doggo to enjoy playing with

A great toy to hide your pup’s favorite kibble or treats. Dogs love it!

Portable and customizable is how we summarize the fouFIT Hide ‘n Seek Snuffle Mat. The robust snuffle mat comes with a snappable design at the back. You can combine a bunch of these into fun shapes to hide food, treats, and kibble.

This will keep your pup’s nose busy and happy for hours. This snuffle mat is perfect for all dog breeds and sizes. The fabric is soft and machine washable. So just pop it in the machine on a gentle cycle, allow it to air dry, and you’re done!



Varying levels of difficulty (easy to advanced)

Suitable for adult dogs of all breed sizes

Soft, durable fabric

Machine washable


Not suitable for puppies

Slightly higher price

Not for big chewers


Puzzle toys for dogs, including snuffle mats, are an ideal accessory for many dogs. Dog lovers can use a snuffle mat to keep their pets engaged and relaxed.

Not only do snuffle mats offer creative play, but they also help slow down meal times. This can give your dog some much-needed mental stimulation as well as a chance to eat with a calm pace, making sure there’s less risk for tummy troubles.

There are plenty of options out there for pet owners such as plush toys or mats that imitate grass. But choosing the best snuffle mat for dogs can be a bit of a challenge. Check out the detailed information on some of our suggestions to pick the snuffle mat that your dog likes.