Our Top 10 Indestructible Dog Toys for Powerful Chewers

indestructible dog toys

Some dogs seem to be able to make their way through anything. Whether it’s another tough dog toy, your slippers, or an antique chest of draws – lots of pups just won’t stop chewing. But what if we tell you that there really are some indestructible dog toys (as tried and tested by our loyal furry colleagues) that withstand a play session with even the most determined doggos?

We’ve put together this list of durable toys so that you can rest assured you won’t come home to bits of rubber everywhere or a poor stuffed bunny with no head. Indestructible toys are also important to make sure your furry friend isn’t eating anything they shouldn’t. Here are our top picks!

What To Think About Before Buying Indestructible Dog Toys

There are a number of different factors to consider if you really want to find a toy that will withstand sharp puppy teeth, excitable games of fetch, or a dog on a mission. The first one is the material.

Good Materials for Tough Dog Toys


Thick rope is a great choice for durable dog toys. They’re easy to clean and can come in a number of different shapes and sizes for every dog. Rope toys are good for your dog’s teeth and can help to gently remove plaque too.

The best bit about these toys is that they also work well for a game of fetch or tug-of-war – so plenty of ways for you to play with your dog too!


A lot of indestructible dog toys are made from rubber. It’s a super durable material that’s versatile and hard for pups to get their teeth through. This squidgy yet indestructible material is also really good for teething puppies.

Rubber toys come in all shapes, colors, and sizes so you’re sure to find something your pet will love!

Bad Materials and Styles for Tough Dog Toys

Plush Toys

Some plush toys are more durable than others, but very few are indestructible. Heavy chewers will easily rip apart these cute toys and may eat the stuffing inside or material. This can cause digestive problems for many dogs.

Squeaker Toys

There are a number of reasons why dogs like squeaky toys but the main one is that they want to get to the cause of all that squeaking! That means they’re happy to chew, pull, and use all their resources to find out where it’s coming from!

Squeaker toys are, therefore more likely to make your dog tear them apart. There’s also a big health risk should your dog manage to eat the squeaker.

If your heavy chewing pup really does love squeaky toys, it’s better to get a toy that uses air rather than has a squeaker built into it.

dog with stuffing from toy

What Are the Benefits of Indestructible Dog Toys?

There are lots of reasons why you should get your pup a durable chew toy. Here are some of the main ones.

Encourages Healthy Chewing Instincts

Dogs of all breeds and sizes love to chew – after all, it’s fun and totally natural! Whilst that’s great for them, you’d rather they chewed an indestructible dog toy rather than your favorite winter blanket. 

Keeps Them Entertained

If you get your dog a toy that they can chew through in a matter of minutes then they’re only going to be entertained for that amount of time. Hardly enough time for your to make yourself a coffee in space. 

An indestructible dog toy will provide endless hours of playtime, keep them active, and engaged.

Relieves Anxiety

Pups sometimes get anxious when they’re bored or can concentrate on something else (such as the loud noises next door or the fact that you’ve gone to the mall). A good tough chew toy will keep them entertained and having fun – at least for a little while!

Helps Teething Puppies

Chew toys are a great way to relieve teething pains in young dogs. You can even freeze some indestructible toys which can really help soothe painful gums. The longer your pup can chew on a tough dog toy, the more relief they’ll have!

Better for Your Purse Strings

The best indestructible dog toys may be a little more expensive than other ones, but dog owners certainly notice the difference. Rather than buying 6 cheap toys that your pup will get through instantly, you can buy one robust and durable one for endless fun!

Helps Dental Hygiene

Strong chew toys are a great way to remove plaque from your dog’s teeth and improve dental hygiene. If your pooch doesn’t have good oral hygiene, they could develop any number of dental problems which could even lead to tooth loss.

Less Cleaning Up for You!

Apart from your dog’s health, a big reason to get your dog a durable dog toy is so you don’t have to clean up stuffing and bits of material from a plush toy or a soft toy!

The Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Here are the toughest dog toys that have been put to the test by our dedicated chew team. And all the toys came out on top!

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Toy

West Paw Hurley Tough Dog Toy
A Fun, Tough Toy for All Breeds!

This is a great toy that your pooch will love. Ideal for fetch, tug-of-war, and plenty of chewing!

This fun bone-shaped chew toy comes in 3 different colors and 3 different sizes – perfect for all chewing breeds. Your pup will love to play chase or spend hours gnawing on it.

Floatable. Not only is this chew toy bouncy and durable, it’s also floatable for water-loving doggos.

Material. It’s made from recycled and non-toxic materials which are safe for your pooch to chew on.

Washable. Simply wipe it down or put it in the dishwasher!

This is a great choice if you have a pup that loves water, snow, or outdoor adventures – as well as chewing of course!

West Paw Zogoflex Tux Tough Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

West Paw Tux Tough Treat Dispensing Toy
Exciting and Interactive Durable Toy

Put your pup’s favorite treat or kibble in this toy for hours of chewing fun!

Does your dog love using its brain to sniff out treats or food? Then this might be perfect! The West Paw dispensing chew toy can be stuffed full of kibble or your dog’s favorite snack for hours of fun as they intend to chew out every last bit!

Washable. This fun toy can either be washed under water or put in the dishwasher for next time.

Bounces and Floats. Because of the unique shape of this puzzle toy, it bounces in an unexpected way to help keep your dog on its toes! It’s also floatable if your dog loves to fetch toys from water.

Material. 100% recyclable, non-toxic, FDA-compliant, and BPA-free.

This toy is a really fun way to keep your dog entertained. Stuff it with your dog’s favorite food (we like a frozen pupsicle made with watermelon or cucumber) or simply use it in a game of fetch.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Extreme Dog Toy
Stuffable and Durable Bouncy Toy

Kong is well-known amongst pup parents. Stuff this fun toy with your dog’s favorite treat to really get them chewing!

Kong is a trusted brand in the dog world, and for good reason. Not only do they have their ‘classic’ range (in multiple sizes and materials for puppies right up to seniors) but they also have an ‘extreme’ range for heavy chewers!

Stuffable. As with many other toys, the Extreme Kong can be stuffed with treats and kibble for even more fun.

Sizes. This chew toy comes in 5 different sizes for big and small mouths!

Material. It’s made from 100% natural and durable rubber.

Bounce. As well as a good chew toy, this one also has an unpredictable bounce for even more fun games of fetch.

Kong is a reliable brand that has a huge range of fun toys for pups to play with. A lot of them make their way onto our list of the cutest dog toys of all time! This one is durable and should withstand most chew sessions.

West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy

West Paw Bumi Dog Toy
Great for Tug of Wars and Games of Fetch

This is a really versatile and durable dog toy that’s great for lots of fun games. Soft on doggie mouths, it’s perfect for your pooch!

This is a wonderful toy for dogs that love tug of war! The Bumi dog toy isn’t exactly made to be chewed but it is very strong and a great toy for powerful dogs that love to play with their owners.

Material. The Zogoflex materials is durable but soft on your dog’s mouth. No sharp bits for you to worry about!

Use. This toy is really diverse and can be used as both a tug of war toy and in a game of fetch – it can really fly!

Floatable. This comes in really handy for water-related games!

Washable. Simply wipe it down or put it in the dishwasher.

The West Paw Bumi toy is a unique dog toy that is perfect for fulling and games of fetch. Even big and powerful dogs will have a job trying to chew their way through this toy!

Mammoth Cottonblend Rope Toy

Mammoth Cottonblend Rope Toy
Strong Rope Toy for Fun Tug of Wars!

This tough rope toy is great for pulling and throwing. It also helps with your pup’s dental hygiene!

Now for a good old rope toy! Your dog will love tug of war, fetch, and time chewing this fun 3-knot rope. 

Material. 100% natural cotton.

Dental Hygiene. The rope fibers help to gently floss your pup’s teeth and remove plaque and tartar.

Sizes. These fun rope toys come in 5 different sizes and lengths for all different breeds.

If your pup wants a multi-use and durable toy that they can chew on, fetch, and pull on – all whilst improving their dental hygiene – then this is the one for them!

Kong Classic Flyer

Kong Classic Flyer
Durable Frisbee for Your Pup to Chase!

Does your pup love chasing after frisbees? This is soft on their mouths and can really go some distance, providing fun for everyone!

When looking for indestructible dog toys, it’s not always easy to find frisbees that meet the standard. Frisbees are often light so they can fly far and that usually means they’re not that durable. But luckily, there’s always the Kong Classic Flyer.

Material. As with other Kong chew toys, this one is made from their tried and tested durable rubber. This also means it’s soft on your pup’s teeth and gums and there’s no risk of them hurting themselves like there is with plastic frisbees.

Sizes. The classic can come in 2 different sizes. There’s also the extreme version (for very heavy chewers) and a puppy one for teething doggos.

Perfect for Fetch. This is a really good flying disk and a fun way for your doggo to get some exercise in the park.

The Kong Classic Flyer is a great frisbee for dogs that love to play fetch. It’s not, however, designed as a rubber chew toy. It will withstand being caught and dragged back, but not endless chewing.

Kong Extreme Ball Toy

Kong Extreme Ball Toy
An Indestructible Bouncy Ball for Pups!

Most dogs love balls and if yours is a big chewer then you need one that can withstand fun games!

Sometimes all your pooch needs is a good old-fashioned toy to chase after. Versatile and fun, there’s nothing better. But if your pup is a chewer, they need an indestructible ball that won’t fall to pieces after the first game.

Material. Made from durable and natural rubber.

Bounce. Dogs love this ball because it’s just so bouncy! Get them jumping and running for even more exercise and fun.

Puncture-Proof. The special rubber won’t puncture the moment your dog bites down on it. 

Size. Comes in two different sizes so you can get the right one for your pooch.

This is a really fun fetch toy that your pup will love chasing after. It’s easy to throw and with withstand heavy chewers.

Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy
A Yummy Flavored Chew Toy for Your Pup!

This bacon-flavored, tough toy will quickly become your pup’s new favorite! Not edible, but they definitely love it!

You did read that correctly. A bacon-flavored wishbone. Although absolutely not intended to be digested, the yummy flavor of this chew toy will keep your pup entertained for hours.

Material. This sturdy chew toy is made from nylon which makes it harder than some other toys on the list. Many pups will love the texture, but it may be too hard for others.

Donations. Benebone donates a percentage of all purchases to pup groups and shelters. So your dog’s entertainment can help another pup in need.

Real Flavors. This toy comes in a number of flavors including chicken and peanut butter. All the flavors are 100% made from real food.

Size. Comes in 4 different sizes for most dog breeds. 

These are great indestructible dog chew toys that your pup will love gnawing on. If you decide to play with them, just remember to wash your hands afterward!

Tuffy’s Ultimate Ring Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Tuffy’s Squeaky Plush Dog Toy
A Soft Toy for Easy Chewing

Does your pup prefer soft, plush toys to harder rubber ones? This is a great choice with reinforced seams.

Even though they’re more durable, some doggos just aren’t keen on rubber toys or the texture of harder ones. They love plush dog toys so we’re adding one to the list too!

Design. These ‘tuff’ toys have multiple layers of fabric which are sewn together with just one seam. They’re still soft, so don’t irritate teeth or gums.

Floats. You wouldn’t think it from a plush dog toy but this ring actually floats! Perfect for a day at the beach or pool.

Washable. Dog toys understandably get a little dirty over time. But this one can easily be put in the washing machine and left to air dry.

Multi-Purpose. This toy can be used as a frisbee, for tug games, and its even suitable for indoor play!

This is one of the best choices for your pup if they’re a heavy chewer but not a fan of rubber or rope. It’s worth knowing, however, that it won’t last as long as others on this list. Plush toys in general are just not as ‘tuff’.

BarkBox Subscription to Super Chewers

BarkBox Subscription to Super Chewers
Get a Subscription or Individual Toys!

BarkBox Super Chewer Toys can be sent as a subscription or bought as individual toys. Fun and themed – they’re great for all dogs!

BarkBox is a great and very fun subscription box that your pup is sure to love. They also have a Super Chewers range for those pooches that really like to get their teeth stuck into something. They send out boxes full of indestructible dog toys, tasty chews, and other fun treats that your pooch with love.

Each box is themed. Halloween 2022, for example, is Howl-O-Ween party, with a Zomboney toy for your dog to play with! 

If subscription boxes aren’t your thing, you can also buy one-off heavy-duty chew toys. Such as super chewer Sesame Street toys, a Throwfish, and a Sun Power Tug.

Variety. Whether you subscribe or not, you’ll be getting really fun and totally unique chew toys that your pup will love.

Themed. One of the best bits of BarkBox is their themes. They’re seasonal, witty, and your dog will adore them.

Offers. You can get your first box for just $15 regardless of which plan you go for!

BarkBox is a really fun way for you to give your pup (and their friends) exciting new toys and treats. They’re delivered straight to your door and your pup will have something to look forward to every month!

Barkbox subscription

Click on the image above to claim a free dog bed when you sign up to BarkBox!

So, Which Toy Should You Get Your Little Chewer?

All the indestructible dog toys on this list are fun, durable, and your pup will love them. It’s important to think about whether your pup loves water (you might want a floating toy in that case) when your pup likes to chase (then a frisbee might be good) or if your pup likes a certain texture.

They’re all safe and will provide your furry friend with hours of chewing fun. Has your pooch tried any on the list? Which is their favorite?