8 Spooky (And Cute) Halloween Dog Toys for Your Furry Friend!

halloween dog toys

Fall is the best. The trees start changing color and the nights draw in. And of course, Halloween is just around the corner. Parties, trick-or-treating, and lots of yummy treats to eat. But there’s no reason your pooch should miss out on all the fun! We’ve gathered 8 of the best Halloween dog toys for your pooch to enjoy this October (and after). 

The Best Halloween Dog Toys

These seriously cute (and spooky) toys have all been tested out by Nala, Salsa, and Zula – and have their seal of approval. There’s a good mix of plush and indestructible dog toys for different munchers. All of them are guaranteed to get your doggo in the Halloween spirit and provide hours of frightening fun!

Frisco Cauldron Hide and Seek Halloween Dog Toys

Frisco Halloween Cauldron Hide and Seek Toy
Fun and Spooky Interactive Toy

This is a great, plush Halloween toy for your pooch! Hide the potions for even more fun.

How cute is this for a bit of witchy fun? This Frisco dog toy comes with a cauldron base toy and 3 ‘potions’ to add for a game of hide and seek. This toy is well made from crazy crinkle paper for extra interaction and each toy has a sewn-in squeaker for even more potion fun!

Dogs love puzzle toys and they can really help to keep them happy and stimulated. Pet parents adore how fun this little set is – the perfect replacement for candy!

Disney Halloween Villains Ursula and Eels Dog Toy

Disney Halloween Dog Toy
Ursula and Eels Villain Toys

Fun soft toys for Disney-loving dogs. Great for games of fetch and chewing!

I don’t know about you, but Ursula was always one of the scariest Disney villains for me – so this isn’t one I mind my pup chewing up! These toys are great for chewing, throwing, games of fetch, and curling up at the end of a long day. Made from soft plush material, these toys aren’t ideal for dogs that are strong chewers but light chewers will love chasing after Ursula and her eels.

Small and medium Disney Dogs will love this range of dog toys. There’s also the option to get Cruella and a Dalmation or Maleficent and crow. The toys all come with two squeakers for even more interactive play!

Halloween Spider Rope Toy

Halloween Spider Rope Toy
Fun Eight-Legged Toy for Your Furry Friend!

A durable rope toy for spooky games of tug of war. Great for games of fetch too!

When it comes to Halloween costumes, spiders are always a good choice for our pups. But they also make great toys – all those 8 legs to chew on and pull. This scary and cute (but not as cute as this Frisco zebra toy) is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs that don’t mind getting up close with an 8-legged animal!

Unlike some others on this list, this toy doesn’t have a squeaker so you can enjoy the spooky season in peace. The durable rope is great for tug games and the plush eyeballs add a little extra intrigue for your pup.

Latex Foot Halloween Toy

Latex Foot Halloween Toy
Spooky and Gory Dog Toy

A scary chew toy that’s perfect for hours of gory fun!

As far as Halloween toys go, this one has to be one of the freakiest! If you want to give trick-or-treaters a shock and don’t mind your pup knawing on a squeaky, bloody human foot then this is a great choice!

Made from easy-to-clean latex, this is a great doggie toy for games of fetch in the yard. The durable material can withstand moderate chewing and will definitely satisfy your dog’s excitable curiosity! This toy also has a squeaker inside for adder noisy fun. Just don’t let them bury it – you wouldn’t want to find that a couple of weeks later!

Wobble Wag Halloween Ball Toy

Wobble Wag Halloween Ball Toy
Classic Wobble Ball With Spooky Giggle Sound

A glow-in-the-dark dog ball that’s perfect for fetch and solo play!

If your pup is anything like ours, they’ll love pushing balls around and chasing after them and this Wobble Wag ball is perfect! It has an eerie ‘giggle’ that comes from it whenever you move it. It also glows in the dark! Just put it under a light source during the day and let your pup run around chasing a giggling ball at night to spook out passersby.

It’s made from safe vinyl material that’s great for indoor and outdoor play. The unique 6-clutch design makes it easy for your dog to pick up, so it’s ideal for games of fetch. 

Pumpkin Minnie Mouse Plush Toy

Pumpkin Minnie Mouse Plush Toy
Adorable Halloween Toy for Pups

Does your pup love cute, soft toys to play with? Then they’ll adore this Disney plush toy!

This is a fantastic toy for medium and large dogs that love Disney! It’s stuffed with squeakers and crazy crinkle paper to intrigue your pup and entertain them for hours. The soft, plush, orange material is gentle on your pup’s teeth and is great for throwing and fetching. 

At the end of a busy day, your pup can also snuggle up to this pumpkin Minnie for a good night’s sleep! Combine it with other spooky Disney toys in the range for even more fun!

‘Will Do Tricks for Treats’ Sign

‘Will Do Tricks for Treats’ Sign
How Cute Would Your Dog Look With This?

Give your pup their favorite treats whenever they bring you this cute sign! It’s also a great toy!

This adorable sign doubles as a fun toy and a cute accessory for trick-or-treating. It combines fun rope (for lots of pulling and chewing) and a plush sign which is great for playing with. It’s well-made to resist hours of fun and chasing.

Your pup will love both playing with this toy and receiving all the treats for tricks they get! On that note – don’t actually feed your pup candy. They’re going to be begging for it over the Halloween season but pups don’t need extra sugar in their diet. Furthermore, hard candies can be a choking hazard and chocolate is toxic to doggos. Try giving them frozen watermelon or raspberries as a sweet snack instead.

BarkBox Shop and Halloween Dog Toys

BarkBox Halloween Toys
Fun and Original Subscription Box or Individual Toys

Sign your pup up for unique and themed toys every month! Or get them some individual spooky toys to enjoy.

BarkBox is a really fun way for your pup to get regular food and play post. They do seasonal boxes which are perfect for Halloween. This month you can get their Howl-O-Ween box which is full of fun toys such as the Count Droolcula plush toy, the Yak-O-Lantern, and lots of yummy treats!

They also have a super chewer range for doggos that like to get their teeth stuck into something and you can simply buy individual toys at the BarkShop. Our particular favorite is the Undead Fred plush and rope toy. 

We’ve also got a special offer for you: pay only $15 for your first BarkBox to see how your pup likes it!

So, how are you going to be spending this spooky season with your pup? They’re sure to love all of these fun toys and getting in the Halloween spirit!