12 Disney Dogs From Our Favorite Films

Pongo and Perdita, Disney dogs

Everyone loves a good Disney film and the characters are really what make them. Of course, at BarkingTalk we especially love Disney dogs – and there are a surprising amount of them in some of our favorite films. Here are a few of the most famous dog breeds that we all remember from childhood (or just from the last time you watched your favorite film)!

12 Iconic Disney Dogs (And Exactly Which Breeds They Are)


Pluto disney dog

Ok, so let’s start off with possibly the most famous Disney dog and Mickey’s friend, Pluto. Pluto is a Bloodhound – a large scent dog that’s often used by search and rescue teams looking for missing people. Bloodhounds are easily recognizable thanks to their droopy faces, long ears, and curious eyes. They’re noble dogs that, unlike Pluto, are actually quite lazy (when they’re not on the trail of a good scent). These doggos are good with other pups and children too.

Pongo and Perdita

Pongo and Perdita

Or are these the most famous dogs from Disney? Possibly. And no surprise that Pongo and Perdita from One hundred and One Dalmatians are, in fact, Dalmatians. This is a beautiful dog breed known for its stunning white coat with black spots (and a firm favorite of Cruella). Dalmatians were first bred to guard horses and coaches and some can still be a little reserved around new people – although you wouldn’t know that based on the puppies in the film. They do, however, make great watchdogs. This breed is strong, elegant, and athletic meaning they need to be part of an active family that can keep them engaged. They’re one of our favorite black and white dogs!


Disney's nana

Nana from Peter Pan is the nursemaid of the Darling family and helps to look after the kids and tuck them into bed each night. Clearly, she didn’t do a very good job. St Bernards (Nana’s breed), however, are very good around children. This mountain dog breed is loyal, caring, and easy to please – which means training them isn’t too difficult. They are big dogs though, and that can cause some problems for novice owners.


max, the little mermaid

Max is Prince Eric’s adorable Old English Sheepdog from the Little Mermaid. Despite what they might look like (balls of shaggy hair), Old English Sheepdogs are strong, relatively athletic, and surprisingly nimble. These gray dogs are friendly, kind, great with children, and very intelligent. They’re patient and can be easy to train. The only downside to this pup is its grooming requirements, but then again, its coat is what attracts most to an Old English Shepherd. Getting a mix such as the Sheepadoodle can help with grooming!


Slinky disney dog

When Toy Story was released by Walt Disney Pictures, Slinky quickly became a favorite character for many. Adorable, funny, and slightly mischievous – Slinky well represents a Dachshund. These long sausage dogs are courageous (after all, they were originally bred to hunt much larger Badgers), bold, and playful. They shouldn’t do long-distance running or too much jumping (unlike Slinky in the films) but love spending time with their family and playing. They can be quite loud and make great watchdogs.


percy dog

Percy from Pocahontas is Governor Ratcliffe’s rather spoiled pet Pug. Unlike in the film, Pugs are loving dogs that like to be loved in return. They’re mischievous, playful, and are happy both in apartments and houses. They have short coats that are accepted in either fawn or black and are easily recognizable by their adorable faces. Unlike in Pochahontas, Pugs make great family pets.

Is he definitely a Pug? Or is he perhaps a Retro Pug?


lady and the tramp dog

Of course, we couldn’t have a list of Disney dogs without Lady from Lady and the Tramp. It’s one of the most famous Disney films and very popular. Cocker Spaniels were America’s favorite dog breed for many years (until Labs took over) and it’s easy to see why. They’re very beautiful dogs that are playful, great with kids, and sporty despite their size. They’re agile and love playing with cute toys as well as snuggling up on the couch.

Tramp, as you may have guessed from his name, is a bit of a mutt. We love him just the same though!


Dug dog Up

Up was absolutely one of our favorite films from Walt Disney. Funny, moving, and with lots of dogs – it couldn’t really get any better. Dug is a loveable Golden Retriever owned by Charles Muntz. Just like most ‘real’ Golden Retrievers, Dug is fun-loving, happy to please, and a little bit silly. These yellow dogs are one of America’s favorite breeds and really make the perfect family pet. 


Copper fox and the hound

Everyone loves a story in which supposed natural enemies become the best of friends – and that’s exactly what happens in The Fox and The Hound. Even though a hound is supposed to hunt foxes, Copper and Tod (the fox) become the best of friends. Hounds are naturally pack dogs so don’t mind spending time with children or other pups. They have incredible noses and can smell scents from miles around!


Tito chihuahua

Tito is one of Fagin’s dogs in the wonderful Walt Disney film Oliver & Company. As is the case with Chihuahuas in real life, Tito is proud and a little feisty. He’s happy to take on dogs much bigger than him (like the scary breed Dobermans) and doesn’t shy away from confrontation. It’s almost as if he doesn’t know how big a Chihuahua really is! All the seven types of Chihuahuas are cute, intelligent, and playful. Extra care should be taken around them as even a little bump could be serious for a dog of this size. 


Lafayette disney

Lafayette is Napoleon’s trusty sidekick in Disney’s 1970 film The Aristocats. Napoleon is a Bloodhound (that seems to be a bit of a theme for Mickey and his friends!) and Lafayette is a Basset hound. They’re both stray dogs living in an abandoned windmill in the French countryside. Basset Hounds are very cute (especially a Basset Hound puppy) and they’re easily recognizable thanks to their short little legs and long, droopy ears.


Jock, Disney dog

Jock, from Lady and the Tramp, is an important character in the film and one of Lady’s neighbors. As with most Scottish Terriers, Jock has a vivid personality and is confident. These hairy dogs are easy to recognize thanks to their lower body, leg, and beard furnishings. They can be black, brindle, and even wheaten yellow – so there’s a good variety. Scottish Terriers tend to be pretty aloof around people they don’t know which makes them excellent watchdogs!

Disney films are full of some amazing characters and lots of them just happen to be dogs! Now you know what breeds your favorite Disney dogs are in case you want to adopt your very own Nana or Slinky!

Photo Credits – Disney