15 Beautiful Black and White Dogs – Our Favorites!

black and white dogs

Black and white dogs are iconic. Whether it’s spots, stripes, or patches, there are numerous purebred pups and mixed breeds that can have this beautiful color combination. In fact, thanks to the famous Disney dogs, black and white pups are some of the most popular canines in the country.

So, here are 15 of our absolute favorite black and white pooches. Some can only come in this combination and others can be many different ones. Which is going to be your favorite?

Popular Black and White Dogs



Ok, so let’s start off with the most famous, spotted black and white pups. Dalmatians are athletic, strong, and beautiful dogs that were first bred as coach dogs. They’d run alongside coaches protecting and guarding their owners and the contents of the coaches. 

As you can imagine, these doggos have a lot of energy and need to run a lot each day. They love to test their stamina and are happy to go hiking, swimming, or playing with their friends in the park.

Dalmatians also make wonderful guard dogs. They can be aloof around strangers and reserved around people they don’t know, but this black and white dog loves to be with its family and spend time learning new things. They’ve been known to be powerful chewers, so you might want to get them an indestructible dog toy!

Border Collie

border collie

Border Collies are amazing herding pups that often have beautiful black and white coats. And although many of us think of them as a black and white dog breed, the American Kennel Club actually recognizes this breed in 21 different colors!

Border Collies can have rough or smooth coats and both have dense and water-resistant double coats. These doggos love to be outside, preferably working, but they’ll be happy running around after a frisbee or accompanying you on a long run.

Border Collies are incredibly intelligent. As well as lots of outdoor exercise, it’s important this breed is kept mentally stimulated so they don’t get bored. Puzzle toys are a great way for them to engage their brains and learn something new.

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Siberian Husky

black and white dog breeds

Huskies can have a number of different coat colors. One of the most beautiful is black and white. Like Border Collies, Siberian Huskies have a dense double coat that helps to keep them warm in cold conditions. You can expect to brush your Husky weekly and more during the shedding season.

Huskies were first bred to haul loads across ice and snow and to protect their owners. So, it’s important you exercise your Husky regularly to keep them healthy and happy. They’ll like long hikes and lots of time playing with you. As with other black and white dog breeds, Huskies need mental stimulation too. Bored Huskies can get up to no good and that often results in them planning an escape. You might want to think about getting them a GPS dog collar just in case!

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dog

How cute is the black and white dog? The Portuguese Water Dog was first bred to help fishermen along the coast of Portugal. These pooches would herd fish into nets, retrieve broken nets, and even act as a messenger between the coast and fishing boats. These pups love water so much that they even have webbed feet!

Portuguese Water Dogs are very friendly pooches that need to be part of an active family. Ideally, said family will have a pool, a lake nearby, or live on the coast so this doggo is never too far away from water! If Portuguese Water Dogs don’t get enough exercise they can become destructive, so lots of outdoor activities are a must.

These pups are a great choice for those who suffer from allergies as they’re considered a hypoallergenic dog breed. They need minimal grooming but you might want to have them trimmed every month or so. Unlike other black and white dog breeds on this list, they only have a single, waterproof coat.

Boston Terrier

boston terrier, black and white dog

The Boston Terrier, or the American Gentleman as they’re also called, was first bred as a fighting dog – which would surprise many owners. Today, these small dogs are known for being curious, loving, silly, and very intelligent.

These active dogs need lots of cute toys to play with to keep them engaged and entertained. You don’t want to let your Boston Terrier get bored as they can easily become mischievous. 

Boston Terriers have unique white ‘tuxedo’ markings that can either be on a black or brindle coat. These pups are easily recognizable thanks to their large, pointy ears and curious, loving eyes. They’re also a good choice for those living in apartments.

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Old English Sheepdog

black and white old english sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs are wonderful, athletic dogs that love to work hard. These large and fluffy dogs are easily recognizable thanks to their shaggy coat and unique fringe! Even though they were first bred to be herders and drivers of cattle, these black and white dogs also love to be at home, relaxing with the ones they love. They make great companion dogs.

This dog often has a black and white coat but it may also have gray markings on its white fur. They do require a certain degree of grooming but not as much as you might think. Their coat needs to be brushed a couple of times a week to keep it mat-free and looking good. If you’re worried about shedding, why not consider a Sheepadoodle?



Newfoundlands are big, fluffy, and adorable family pets. These bear-like dogs were first bred to help fishermen and later became famous for their amazing search and rescue skills. In fact, as far as black and white dog breeds go, you can’t get more of a powerful swimmer than a Newfoundland.

Newfoundlands are a mountain dog breed so you can expect them to love outdoor adventures (especially when water is involved). They’re family dogs at heart and get on really well with children too. They’re the perfect lifeguard for pool days!

Newfoundlands can have a white coat with black patches or brown. They can also be entirely black or entirely brown.

French Bulldog

black and white dog

Frenchies are the ultimate companion dogs and are really affectionate. These little dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in America and it’s easy to see why. They’re charming, intelligent, sweet-natured, and well suited to living in apartments too. They also don’t require that much grooming. 

This black and white dog enjoys training sessions and, compared to many other breeds, they’re relatively easy to train. In fact, French Bulldogs are a good choice for first-time pup parents.

These small but stocky dogs come in a number of different colors including blue, brindle, chocolate, and cream. But one of the cutest is definitely black and white!


papillon dog

Papillons, which means butterfly in French, are adorable little dogs that are well-known for their butterfly-shaped ears. These long-haired pooches have a primarily white coat and patches of color across their bodies – usually on their fluffy ears. 

These beautiful dogs are cheeky, playful, and very sociable. They love interacting with the humans they love and other dogs. They’re great with children but, as is the case with all dogs, kids should be taught how to properly interact with pups that are so small.

Even though Papillons are small, they’re not lapdogs that will be happy staying indoors most of the day. They need lots of activities and exercise to keep them entertained.

Great Dane

black and white dogs

You won’t easily miss a Great Dane if you see one on the street. And such a big pup with black and white fur is sure to attract some attention. These enormous dogs can grow to be 32 inches and weigh 175 pounds – so they’re not best suited to apartment living. 

Although big, Great Danes are really gentle giants and are very affectionate. They don’t need too much exercise, just a good walk every day will be enough to keep them happy. It’s really important you don’t over-exercise your Great Dane puppy. Too much exercise whilst their bones are still growing can cause them to develop joint problems in adulthood. 

Great Danes come in a number of different colors and patterns including blue, black, and fawn. And of course, black and white!

Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute

Alaskan Malamutes look like bigger and slightly stronger Huskies. Like their smaller cousins, these black and white dogs were originally bred to haul large loads in difficult conditions. So, as you might expect, these dogs like to have a job to do and need a good amount of exercise everyday.

These fluffy pack dogs have an easily distinguishable plumed tail that curves over their back, erect ears, and a wonderfully endearing face. They’re very loyal dogs that are playful, active, and happy to please their owners.

An Alaskan Malamute usually has a largely white coat and can have patches of black, red, and silver. You’ll often find more coloring around their heads. These canines are cold-weather dogs so they have a thick, double coat to help keep them warm. This means you can expect a good amount of shedding during the shedding season. 

Japanese Chin

japanese chin

It seems a little weird that on a list of black and white dogs you can have an enormous Great Dane and a tiny Japanese Chin. But there really is a spectrum to choose from! These adorable little dogs have the cutest face with curious eyes, a slightly turned-up nose, and big, alert ears. 

They’re charming dogs that were definitely bred for royalty. They’re still elegant in how they hold themselves and have a luxurious, feathery coat too. Their coats can be black and white, white and sable, or lemon and white.

Their size, as well as the fact that they hardly bark, make them a good choice for apartment dwellers.



These famous racing dogs come in a number of different colors, a standard being white and black. Thin, athletic, and incredibly fast – everyone can recognize a Greyhound. 

These dogs are very sweet-natured and usually have a calm temperament. They can be a little sensitive and respond best to lots of positive reinforcement and healthy treats such as slices of watermelon or cucumber.

Greyhounds love to sprint but it’s important they run in a cornered-off area. These pups are amazing sight hounds and once they see something, they’ll be off. They should stay on the leash when you’re in the park in case a squirrel happens to pass by. Their short coat is easy to maintain and requires minimal brushing. 

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black and white pitbull

Pitbulls are amazing dogs that, unfortunately, have been exposed to years of bad breeding. This breed was once bred to fight bulls and was then a favorite for dog fighting too. Many breeders are responsibly breeding out aggression in these dogs but it’s important you get your Pittie from an ethical breeder who cares about the future of the breed.

Despite their bad past, these caring dogs have developed to be great family pets. They’re affectionate, playful, inquisitive, and get on well with children. They even have the name of being a ‘nanny dog’. 

Pitbulls come in many different colors including black, brindle, blue, and many combinations. Black and white is also a popular choice. 

Smooth Fox Terrier

black and white dog

Smooth Fox Terriers are active little dogs that stand around 15.5 inches tall. They’re intelligent, athletic and need a good amount of exercise to keep them happy and entertained.

Originally bred to hunt foxes (as their name might suggest) these dogs love to go on outdoor adventures and need lots of activities. They have a high prey drive so it’s not recommended they share a home with smaller pets. You could try getting them a fun squeaky toy to satisfy their hunting instinct!

Smooth Fox Terriers have an easy-to-care-for coat that is predominantly white and has black, tan, or both colored markings over their bodies. They need a bath every month unless they decide to dig something up or roll in something nasty! Like most Terriers, these doggos need to be part of an active family with plenty going on.

We really could keep going with our favorite black and white dog breeds but there are just so many! Which other dogs would you add to the list?

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