Top 10 Cute Dog Toys Every Pup Will Love!

cute dogs toys

Toys are an essential part of every dog’s life. They keep them engaged, can help with dental health, let them learn new skills, and provide hours of squeaky, chewy, exciting fun. But cute dog toys? They’re the best for them, and us. Whether it’s a particularly charming squidgy animal or a stuffed bowl of guacamole with nacho chips – these ten toys really are adorable and the cutest ones you can get for your pup!

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Product Details
Brunch Toy Set
  • Delicious fun for your pooch
  • Durable stitching
  • Made from recycled materials
Kong Puppy Binkie Toy
  • Indestructible
  • Fill it with your dog’s favorite snack
  • Promotes proper chewing behavior
Hide and Seek Guacamole Toy
  • Fun for naturally curious dogs
  • Separable parts can be used for fetch or hide and seek
  • Durable

Best Cute Dog Toys

We’ve put together these brilliantly fun dog toys for all different types of pups. Whether a heavy chewer or a doggo that needs a bit more stimulation, there’s an adorable toy for all of them!

#1 Frisco Zebra Squeaky Rope Toy

Frisco Zebra Toy
A Very Cute Squeaky, Rope Toy

This googly-eyed, adorable zebra toy will be your pup’s new best friend. Good for fetching and pulling – they’re sure to love it!

This super cute, knobbly kneed zebra chew toy is a great choice for small to medium-sized dogs that love to chew. Rope is generally a better choice for aggressive chewers and it will be difficult for a pup to dismember this poor zebra. We’re not saying it’s indestructible, but it’s got a better chance than most. The head squeaks for added extra fun during play sessions and it’s made of high-quality polyester and organic cotton. It’s sure to become your dog’s favorite chew toy in no time!

#2 Kong CuteSeas Whale Dog Toy

Kong Whale Toy
An Adorable Underwater Series

A firm favorite amongst pups and pup parents alike! A surprisingly durable, plush toy that’s also very cute!

Who doesn’t love a nautical-themed dog toy? This seriously endearing whale is a sturdy (what else would you expect from Kong?), plush toy, and is surprisingly good for heavy chewers too. It has a squeaker and is made from crinkly corduroy which makes games of fetch exciting and stimulating. The soft, well-made toy is also ideal for snuggling and will soon become your dog’s favorite companion. It comes in three different sizes so it’s ideal for puppies and big doggos alike!

#3 Frisco Hide and Seek Guacamole Toy

Hide and Seek Guacamole Toy
Who Doesn’t Love a Bit of Guacamole?

There’s something so adorable about dog toys in food form. And this one is definitely the cutest!

As promised, the guacamole toy. This is a great, fun, and seriously cute dog toy that any medium or large-sized pup will love. It’s the perfect thing to bring out your pooch’s inquisitive side. Unlike some other plush toys, this one has 3 detachable, hideable parts – a wedge of lime, a nacho, and half an avocado. Hide these inside the bowl of guacamole to get your dog to use their brain, paws, claws, and teeth to find them. Each part can also be used for endless games of fetch!

#4 P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle and You Barking Brunch Squeaky Dog Toy

Brunch Toy Set
Avocado? Eggs? Or a Bloody Mary?

Invite your pup to brunch with these fun, imaginative toys. Which one will they be ordering?

Whilst we’re on the topic of avocado, why stop at guacamole when you could get your furry friend an entire brunch – avocado on toast and all. This adorably cute set includes waffles, a bloody mary, a croissant, and an eggs benedict. Sounds good? Your beautiful dog will love it too. The double-stitched edges ensure they’re pretty durable and each of the dishes is made from an eco-friendly filler that’s made from recycled materials. These high-quality, fun, and very cute toys are also machine washable – ideal for brunch in the garden!

#5 Fetch For Pets Star Wars Darth Vader Toy

Star Wars Toy
May The Pawce Be With You!

A great, squeaky toy to keep pups interested and entertained. Ideal for small, medium, and large breeds.

This is the perfect stuffed toy for any Star Wars lover – you can even combine it with an Ewok and a Chewbacca to have the full set! It’s a great, fun, and adorable toy for light chewers and smaller pups. This soft toy can be used as a snuggle companion or the main part in a good game of fetch! This well-designed and well-made toy has no sharp or plastic parts and is safe for hours of fun.

#6 Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

Snuggle Pup Toy
The Perfect Snuggle Companion

Help calm down nervous pups with this warm, heart-beating toy that will become their best friend in no time!

It’s not all about cute dog toys (although this one is still very adorable). Toys can be a great way of soothing anxiety which can lead to barking or destructive behavior. This smart, floppy-eared toy has a battery-powered heartbeat simulator and naturally warms to soothe crying or distressed pups. It’s particularly good for weaning puppies from their brothers and sisters and can really help stressed dogs. It’s well-made and machine washable (with the batteries taken out). As well as being cute, it can be a best friend to nervous doggos!

#7 Kong Puppy Binkie Toy

Kong Puppy Binkie Toy
Indestructible, fillable, and cute!

A cute and fun toy for your little furry friends to chew on. It’s great for soothing gums that are suffering from toothache!

This very cute binkie toy is ideal for little mouths who haven’t got all their teeth yet. It comes in two colors and is stuffable. Try adding frozen watermelon, cucumber, or peach for extra relief for sore gums. It’s made from soft rubber that helps your dog to learn how to chew correctly. As well as being very cute, this durable toy is great for tug of wars and a fun game of fetch. This is a must for your cute furry friend up to the age of 9 months.

#8 Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel

Squirrel Hide and Seek Toy
Interactive for Added Fun!

A fun hide and seek puzzle toy to keep your pup entertained all day long (or at least in between walks)!

Dogs love chasing after squirrels. So why not get them their own little squirrels and tree trunk to play with? The Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel set is a wonderful puzzle toy that dogs of all breeds and sizes will love. The plush toy is well made and will be the source of hours of fun for your pup. Big chewers may get through the little squirrels quite quickly, but they’re also sold separately as a replacement. This interactive toy is a great way to engage your dog and get them hunting down squirrels without bolting off in the park!

#9 Good Box Birthday Dog Toys

Goody Birthday Box
The Perfect Way To Celebrate!

Your pup will love waking up on their birthday to a box full of cute toys and delicious treats!

Ok, so this isn’t just a box of cute toys for dogs – you get some yummy treats as well. But what could be cuter than gifting your pup a goody box on their birthday? With this one, you get two adorable toys (a brightly colored bone and their very own plush cupcake) as well as birthday cake bites and other delicious treats to celebrate your pup’s special day. Each of the products is handpicked by other pup parents and there’s no subscription involved. You can buy as many as you want!

#10 P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle Fetching Flock Squeaky Dog Toy

Fetching Flock Squeaky Toy
The Perfect Toy for Hunters and Fetchers!

5 fun, bright toys that your pooch will love to chase and throw around all day!

This is a really fun, colorful set of birdy toys that your dog will love! You’ll be getting a peacock, a flamingo, a parrot, a toucan, and an eagle for your doggo to choose from (or chase after). They’re all double-stitched to make them more durable and the stuffing is made from recycled materials. Their little squeaker imitates real birds and will pique your pup’s natural hunting instincts. Getting a set of 5 charming toys is a great way to intrigue your doggo – rotate them and your pup will think they’re new. They can be put in the washer and dryer, so can withstand lots of fun and potentially dirty play!

#11 Frisco Brunch Coffee Plush Squeaky Rope Toy

Frisco Coffee Toy
Give Your Doggo a Caffein Hit!

Your pooch will love to pull on this squeaky, cappuccino, rope toy.

Ok, so this is actually just a bonus one on the list. But this coffee cup and pitcher rope toy is just too cute to miss off! It’s also the perfect accompaniment to the brunch set. It’s well made and perfect for interactive, pulley fun. Both the cappuccino cup and the coffee pitcher have a squeaker inside to provide even more excitement. It’s a wonderful toy for large and extra-large dogs and should withstand lots of tug of wars!

And there it is! 10 (with a little bonus) of the cutest toys for you to get your pup. All adorable, all well-made, and all engaging and entertaining. Which do you think will be your dog’s favorite toy?