Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Are Avocados Bad for Dogs?

can dogs eat avocado?

Avocados are a beloved fruit and are eaten around the world. Whether you enjoy them smashed on sourdough, in a smoothie, or whipped up as guacamole, there are lots of benefits to humans eating avocado.

But can dogs eat avocado? Is this fruit safe for pups to eat? 

The answer to that is really which part of the avocado you feed your pet and how much of it you give them. Here’s everything you need to know about feeding dogs avocado.

Make Sure You Read Before You Feed – Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Yes, dogs can eat small amounts of avocado. But small is really the word. Avocados contain persin, a fungicidal toxin that can be found in the avocado pit, avocado plant, and the skin of the fruit.

Smaller amounts of it can also be found in the avocado flesh.

Persin is toxic to many animals, especially when eaten in large quantities. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, an upset stomach, and can even be fatal in some instances.

If you have an avocado tree, it’s really important you don’t let your dog get too near to it so they can eat the stems or leaves. They also shouldn’t be eating avocado skin and definitely not the avocado pit (not only is persin a problem then, but they could also choke).

Compared to other animals which really shouldn’t eat avocado because of the persin levels (such as goats, cows, birds, and horses) dogs are considered fairly resistant to low levels of persin. This is why they can eat avocado flesh in small amounts. 

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What Are the Benefits of Dogs Eating Avocados?

The main reason avocados are so popular at the moment (apart from being yummy and versatile) is because they have lots of nutritional value. Avocado oil contains essential fatty acids and plenty of vitamins and minerals. 

As well as being good for humans, all that nutrition is also good for our pups!

In general, canines should be fed 90% dog food and 10% safe and healthy snacks (such as watermelon or cucumber). That means that you should be feeding your dog a high-quality, nutritionally balanced dog food that has been specifically formulated for your furry friend.

The fatty acids your pup gets from an avocado fruit shouldn’t be the only source of fatty acids in their diet. Their dog food should be balanced and treats should just be a top-up!

When your dog eats avocado, they’re getting lots of essential oils which have plenty of health benefits. These include a healthier coat, stronger bones, better skin, and healthier eyes. But again, only in small amounts.

What Other Problems Can Feeding Your Dog Avocado Have?

As well as causing potential health problems due to the amount of persin in avocados, there are a few other things to consider when feeding your pup this delicious fruit.

Avocados contain a lot of good, healthy fats. But even good fat can lead to problems. If you feed your pup too much avocado they could be prone to putting on weight and suffering from a number of conditions associated with that. Pancreatitis, for example, is a potentially life-threatening disease caused by fat.

Can Dogs Eat Guacamole?

Whilst dogs can eat avocado in small amounts, guacamole is almost always a no-go. This delicious dip often contains ingredients that dogs shouldn’t eat, such as onions, green tomatoes, garlic, chili, and salt.

These ingredients are things that pups don’t need in their diet and that can cause serious food poisoning. Onions and garlic, in particular, can be fatal if enough is ingested. 

Unless you’re preparing the guacamole yourself without any of these ingredients (and let’s be honest, that’s just smashed avocado then), it’s best to consider guacamole off-limits to pups. The ideal way to get your pup munching on chips and dip is to get them this seriously cute guacamole and nacho toy instead!

can dogs eat guacamole?

How Can You Feed Your Dog Avocado?

If you want small amounts of avocado to be part of your dog’s diet, there are lots of different ways you can feed it to them. Remember though, never feed them avocado pits, avocado trees, or avocado peel. 

A good way to feed your pup avocado is to smash up a small piece or mix it with other safe dog foods such as broccoli. If you want, you can even freeze it in their favorite puzzle toy for a yummy treat on a hot day! 

You can also add small amounts of avocado fruit to your pup’s regular dog food. Some pups might love the difference in texture and taste.

Whenever you give your pooch a new food, make sure you monitor them for any changes or signs of allergies. Feed them small amounts and contact your vet immediately if you notice anything different.


Is Avocado Poisonous to Dogs?

Some parts of the avocado plant are poisonous to dogs and it’s important you never feed your pup them. Avoid avocado leaves, stalks, pits, and skin because they contain high levels of persin. Avocado flesh is safe to feed pups as a healthy treat in small amounts.

Can Dogs Eat Guacamole?

No. Guacamole contains lots of ingredients that are unsafe for pups to eat.

Can Dogs Chew on Avocado Pits?

No. Not only do pits contain persin, but they’re also a potential choking hazard. Make sure you remove the pit and throw it away before you feed your dog avocado.

How Much Avocado Can You Feed Your Dog?

You should only feed your pup small amounts of avocado fruit. Avocados contain lots of (good) fats but these can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

So, Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Yes. A little bit of avocado fruit is fine for dogs to eat. It’s important not to feed them the pit, plant, or peel as these can all be poisonous. Small amounts of the flesh, however, are fine to feed your pup as a healthy, delicious, and versatile treat!