The 10 Best Squeaky Dog Toys – Top Picks and Reviews

best squeaky dog toys

If your pup is anything like ours, then they’ll love a squeaky toy. They may not be your choice of toy, but you quickly give in when you see how happy your pup is chasing after their favorite squeaker.

But unfortunately, not all squeaky toys are made to the same standard. Nor do all of them seem to be as popular amongst our furry friends.

We’ve done the dog work for you and found the 10 best squeaky dog toys so you can spend more time throwing and less time picking up parts of squeaker and stuffing off the floor.

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Product Details
Kong Floppy Knots Elephant Squeaky Toy
  • Fun, durable plush toy
  • Lots of different animals in the series
  • Contains minimal stuffing
Pubialo Squeaky Octopus Toy
  • Ideal for games of fetch
  • Fun design with elastic legs
  • Suitable for all sizes
Multipet Loofa “Ruff” Squeaky Dog Toy
  • Great for fetch, pulling, and solo play
  • Durable
  • Dogs love them!

Why Do Dogs Love Squeaky Toys?

There are lots of reasons why our pups adore noisy toys over any other (you can find out all the reasons in this blog), but it’s mainly because the sound imitates prey. It might be hard to imagine when you’re watching your little Yorkshire Terrier chase after squeaky tennis balls, but even they had ancestors that had to hunt. 

Just because our pups don’t resemble wolves anymore – OK, some scary dog breeds might do – it doesn’t mean they’ve lost all their wolfish tendencies. They still enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and for them, that’s a squeaky plush toy.

fun, squeaking dog toys

The Top Squeaky Dog Toys To Keep Your Pup Entertained

There are lots of things to think about when considering your doggo’s future favorite toy. You want it to withstand more than 5 minutes of playtime, be safe, made of good quality fabrics, and be a reasonable price.

We’ve gone through chew toys, plush toys, durable toys, and cute toys to bring you the 10 best squeaky toys that your dog is sure to love!

Chuckit! Squeaker Ball

Chuckit! Squeaker Ball

A really fun squeaky ball for pups that love to fetch and swim!

The Chuckit! Squeaker Ball is a great all-round toy that both small and large dogs will love. It comes in three different sizes depending on how big your pup’s teeth are and has been developed to bounce extra high.

It also floats in water, so it’s a great choice for dogs that love to swim or chase toys into the water! The bright colors mean it’s easy to find even on a gray day.

These squeaky tennis balls are made from durable rubber which is easy to clean and should withstand some fun play sessions. It also has a molded-in squeak for extra safety and there’s minimum risk of your dog choking on squeaker parts.

JW Whirlwheel Squeak Toy

JW Whirlwheel Squeak Toy

Great squeaky toy for fun in the park. Ideal for a game of fetch or tug of war!

Does your dog really love a good game of frisbee? Then this might be the perfect squeaky toy for them! It’s made from natural rubber that’s durable and ideal for medium and large dogs.

As well as being good to chase after, this toy also works well as a tug toy or a toy for teething pups. 

Whilst your dog will enjoy playing with this squeaky dog toy, we must admit it’s not the best frisbee on the market (it isn’t trying to be either). But if your dog really loves to chase for miles after a flying disk, you might want to think about getting them a different toy.

Kong Floppy Knots Elephant Squeaky Toy

Kong Floppy Knots Elephant Squeaky Toy

A cute and durable plush squeaky toy that all pups will love to play with!

The Kong Floppy Knots series of dog toys are really popular. They come in a number of different animals (the elephant just happens to be our favorite!) but they’re all very cute, durable, and squeaky.

All the toys in the series contain minimal stuffing – meaning they’re floppy and satisfy your pup’s natural instincts even more. 

The different animals suit different-sized doggos, so make sure you check to see which one would be best for your pup. This elephant dog toy is suitable for medium-sized dogs.

GoDog Furballz Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

GoDog Furballz Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

This toy is durable, squeaky, and very fun to play with. It has special chew guard technology for longer fun!

It’s very difficult to find a plush, squeaky dog toy that can withstand excessive chewing. Most of them turn to shreds in a matter of seconds. We’re not saying this is 100% durable if your dog really sets his mind to it but it does stand a better chance of lasting a while longer.

GoDog uses chew guard technology which is a process of adding a durable liner to most of their plush toys. This, plus the double-stitched and reinforced seams make it pretty resistant!

This adorable, fluffy toy comes in two different color combinations. The squeaker means it’s good for solo play as well as a game of fetch. It can also be machine washed to keep it clean.

Pubialo Squeaky Octopus Toy

Pubialo Squeaky Octopus Toy
A Fun and Durable Squeaky Toy That Dogs Will Love

A colorful, squeaky toy that’s great for throwing and pulling. Your dog will love playing with it!

This is a really fun and brightly colored dog toy that your pup will love. The soft, plush material is great for cuddling as well as chewing. It has a unique, strong, and durable liner which means it lasts longer than some other plush toys on the market.

The fun elastic legs make play time even more exciting and this squeaky toy is a great way to relieve boredom and frustration in pups. There are some other fun designs in the series, including a turtle, dog, and other colored octopi!

Nerf Dog Whistling Flyer Disc Dog Toy

Nerf Dog Whistling Flyer Disc Dog Toy

An exciting squeaking toy that’s well designed for both pups and their owners!

This is another great frisbee-style squeaky toy that’s perfect for dogs that love to chase long distances. Not only is it well designed for doggie entertainment but it also has a curved lip which makes grabbing and throwing it easy for you too.

It comes in blue and orange (so easy to find amongst the bushes) and is made from lightweight, durable rubber and plastic. Your pup will love the added whistling sound as it flies through the air!

This Nerf Dog toy is really designed for big and medium-sized dogs who love playing fetch. If your own dog is small, they might find it difficult to bite down on the frisbee or lift it up – it’s quite heavy for little jaws!

Multipet Loofa “Ruff” Squeaky Dog Toy

Multipet Loofa “Ruff” Squeaky Dog Toy

These squeaky, adorable doggie toys are perfect for smaller breeds. Ideal for fetch and solo play.

Unlike other dog squeak toys on the list, this one is great for smaller breeds and puppies. The smaller size and the soft, latex material is easier for little pups to get their teeth around. It’s ideal for a game of fetch, for pulling, or for solo play.

It’s the perfect toy for small breeds that love chewing and there’s no risk of any loose stuffing or small parts that could be a choking hazard. You should, however, monitor heavy chewers just to make sure.

Because this toy is made from latex, it’s best to bring it in and not leave it out in direct sunlight as it may crack and break up. 

HuggleHounds Woodlands Knottie Moose Squeaky Dog Toy

HuggleHounds Moose Squeaky Dog Toy

This wonderful range of dog toys is cute, durable, and lots of fun. The knots and special material make them last even longer.

The HuggleHounds Woodland series is a bunch of adorable, durable plush dog toys containing HuggleHounds’ Tuffut technology for extra chewing and pulling! It’s soft on your dog’s teeth but the knots and material make it extra strong.

There are a couple of animals in the woodland range including a raccoon and a fox but they also do a very cute underwater series. It has 5 squeakers so will really capture your dog’s attention and it’s machine washable for extra ease. If your dog loves plush squeaky toys, this wonderful moose is a great option!

Playology Scented Squeaky Chew Stick Dog Toy

Playology Scented Squeaky Chew Stick Dog Toy

This beef-smelling, squeaky chew toy is sure to be a hit with your furry friend. It can help keep them engaged without treats too!

Agreed, a beef-scented squeaky dog toy is a bit strange – but your dog will absolutely love this durable and sweet-smelling stick. It’s perfect for throwing, pulling, and for your dog to chew on – so is one of the best all-round squeaky dog toys.

It also floats which is ideal for those water-loving doggies. It’s made from non-toxic materials and the scent is 100% natural, so your pup will be engaged but without the need for overprocessed, fatty treats. It’s also really easy to clean – simply wipe it down. Most dogs of all sizes will love it!

Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

The classic squeaking tennis that all pups will love chasing after! Brightly colored and bouncy for extra fun!

Sometimes, all your pup needs is a good old-fashioned tennis ball and the squeaker ballz are perfect. They come in different sizes for small and big mouths as well as bright colors to easily locate them. They’re made from pet-safe rubber and, as well as having a squeaker, also bounce really high for extra fun!

Like many tennis balls, they’re pretty easy for big dogs to tear apart. If you have a big chewer in your family, it’s important you keep an eye on them when playing with this ball. The squeaker may come out which could be a potential choking hazard for small doggos. 

Conclusion – Choosing the Best Squeaky Dog Toys

All 10 of the squeaky toys on this list will provide your pup with hours of fun. They’re well designed and well made to make sure you get your money’s worth. Does your dog like squeaky toys? Which one do you think they’d enjoy playing with most?