15 Stunning Red Dogs To Catch Everyone’s Eye!

red dogs

Anyone who has ever walked past an Irish Setter knows how beautiful red dogs are. They can be golden ginger or a deep, rusty brown. Luckily, there are lots of red dog breeds to choose from for all owners. From big energetic pups to smaller toy breeds, there really is a doggo for everyone!

Here are our favorite, beautiful red dogs to get heads turning all the way down the street!

Adopting a Red Dog Breed

The responsibility (and pleasure) of owning a dog is more than just coat color. It’s really important that you adopt a breed – red or not – that fits into your lifestyle. Some of the pups on this list need a lot of exercise and others need experienced trainers as they can be a little strong-willed.

You need to adopt a doggo that you can manage and give them the life they deserve. 

The health of your red dog puppy is also essential. Some of the pups on this list can only have red coats whereas others can be many different colors and red is just a possibility. 

It’s important that you get your dog from a reputable breeder that is breeding with health and temperament in mind. Color shouldn’t be a top priority – breeding a healthy and happy puppy should be!

15 Wonderful Red Dogs

Here are our favorite auburn canines in detail. They’re all amazing doggos that will be great additions to your family. 

Irish Setter

irish setter, red dog

These hunting dogs have long been considered one of the prettiest dog breeds around. And you can see why. Irish Setters are iconic red dogs and have beautiful, long coats that highlight the rich, mahogany color.

These doggos are very active and need lots of exercise. They’re big kids at heart and love playing, so lots of toys and fun activities are a must for these active pups! They can be shedders, but you could always go for an Irish Doodle, a mix of Irish Setter and Poodle that has a more hypoallergenic coat.

Labrador Retriever

fox red labrador

That’s right. Labs aren’t just black, chocolate, and yellow. They can also be red and are known as the Fox Red Labrador. Although (in our opinion) these pups are definitely red they can’t actually be registered with the AKC as this color. They’re considered dark yellow or a variant of yellow. 

Labs are really popular family pets thanks to their loving nature, positive attitude, and love of humans. These dogs are very active and will love playing fetch with the kids. They’re also big water lovers (they’re actually a breed with webbed feet!) so expect lots of muddy wet fun too.


red poodle

Poodles come in many different colors. Red is one of the AKC standard colors and a particularly beautiful one. It can be a dark rich, mahogany color of a fairer one – and they’re both stunning!

Poodles are a highly intelligent breed and need lots of mental stimulation. They’ll love taking part in training classes such as obedience and showing you how clever they are. Poodles can be miniature, toy, or standard and there’s also the Moyen Poodle

These charming dogs are often bred with other breeds thanks to their hypoallergenic coat. Mini Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles are two really popular choices for those that suffer from allergies or don’t like vacuuming.


red dachshund

Everyone can recognize the iconic wiener dog thanks to their elongated bodies, little legs, and fiery personality. These wonderful dogs are courageous, loyal, loving, and enjoy making new human friends. They can be a little stubborn, so lots of positive reinforcement is a must for these pooches.

Dachshunds can be very curious dogs and love getting involved in whatever is going on. They need a moderate amount of exercise to keep them engaged but they shouldn’t jump or go up stairs as this can injure their backs.

Dachshunds can either be long or short-haired and be many different colors including black, chocolate, fawn, and red.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

rhodesian ridgeback

Thanks to our beloved Zula, we’ve got a bit of a thing for Rhodesian Ridgebacks at BarkingTalk. These pups were first bred to hunt lions so, as you can imagine, they’re confident, strong, and fiery big dogs. These stunning pups have a rich red coat with the iconic ridge of hair growing in the opposite direction running along their backs.

Because of their size and temperament, these doggos require a lot of early socialization to make them happy and healthy pups. Regular, fun training is also a must. They’ll be happy to learn new things – but it may not always be easy.

These dogs are active and strong so they need lots of exercise every day. They’ll be happy to run with you, go on walks or hikes, or play with their friends at the dog park. 


red vizsla

Vizslas are another pretty golden-red colored dog breed that many mix up with Rhodesian Ridgebacks. These athletic dogs were bred to be a hunter’s best friend so they’re loyal and build very close bonds with their humans. These smart dogs don’t like to be left alone and can easily become anxious.

Socialization is key if your pup isn’t going to get overly anxious. It’s also a good idea to leave them for short periods of time from puppyhood so that they get used to it. 

Although they do need lots of exercise, Vizlas are pretty easy to groom because they have a short, sleek, single coat. They’re generally healthy dogs but groomers should carry out tests for allergies, hip problems, eye conditions, and epilepsy.

Golden Retrievers

dark golden retriever

This big fluffy dog breed has been a family favorite breed for years. These adoring, intelligent, and goofy pups are the perfect family dog. They get on well with children, are loyal to those they love, and enjoy making new friends.

Whilst their name would suggest these doggos are golden, there’s quite a range within this color. Some Golden Retrievers are very pale and almost white, whilst others are a dark golden-red color. 

These working dogs aim to please their owners. They were first bred to retrieve for hunters and still enjoy having a job to do. They’ll like competitive canine classes such as obedience and agility and will love to run after a frisbee in the park.

Red Golden Retrievers have wonderful, thick coats that make them easily recognizable (that and their adoring, curious eyes). This does, however, mean they require a lot of grooming. They’ll shed year-round but even more so when the seasons change. Make sure you have the vacuum cleaner close by!



Akitas are very regal dogs that are great at guarding and are very loyal to their owners. Sometimes their guarding instinct can become territorial so socialization from the start is essential.  

These pups have a high prey drive, so this isn’t the best breed if you have smaller pets in the house. They’re very affectionate – but not in the same way as a Golden Retriever. They’ll be less likely to lick you and more likely to sit calmly by your feet.

These active dogs look like foxes and can be in lots of different colors. Red, red brindle, and red with black overlay are all possible. They need lots of brushing to keep their fluffy coat looking its best but they only require the odd bath. Akitas are very clean and many owners say they’re cat-like!


red pomeranian

Pomeranians are very popular little dogs, especially for those living in cities. They’re incredibly fluffy and come in many many different colors, including red and red sable. 

Even though they’re small, Pomeranians are feisty dogs with lots of personality. They’re very alert pups that also make good watchdogs. Because of this, barking can be a bit of an issue, so lots of positive reinforcement training is very important. It’s also a good idea to keep them entertained with cute toys so they don’t get bored.

They’re relatively easy to exercise and indoor play and the odd walk should be enough for their little legs. Their beautiful coats need lots of brushing to keep them tangle-free and looking their best.

There are lots of adorable Pomeranian mixes too, such as the Pomapoo!

Norfolk Terrier

norfolk terrier

Norfolk Terriers are fun, active, and tenacious little dogs with full Terrier personalities. These wonderful pups can have red and red wheaten coats which are pretty hypoallergenic – so they’re a good choice for allergy sufferers.

These little Terriers have a high prey drive, so we wouldn’t recommend adopting one if you have small pets in the house. This also means they need a fenced-in yard to play in. The second they see a squirrel they’ll be off. A GPS collar might be a good investment just in case.

These pups need to be kept entertained as they can be a bit restless. Around 40 minutes of exercise will be enough but plenty of training sessions and toys are also a good idea.

Redbone Coonhound

redbone coonhound

These medium to large hounds are fierce hunters. You’ll have a hard time getting a red Coonhound off a trail. These athletic dogs can be surprisingly calm and relaxed at home though. They enjoy spending time with their humans, watching TV, and learning new tricks.

They’re loving pups but can also be independent. Although they won’t like being left alone at home, they’ll happily entertain themselves in a yard for a while. 

Being an incredible hound, these doggos have a high prey drive and will enjoy chasing after smaller animals (including the neighbor’s cat). Getting them a squeaky toy will help satisfy those hunting needs! Make sure you have a fenced yard for them to explore and pay in.

Redbone Coonhounds are energetic and need between 60 and 90 minutes of exercise a day to keep them healthy. They like running, hiking, playing and swimming – so a mixture of all will keep them entertained.

Cocker Spaniel

cocker spaniel

This is another dog breed that we love at BarkingTalk (thanks to our wonderful Salsa). Cocker Spaniels come in many different colors including a beautiful rich, red one. These pups are very sociable and like spending time with people and other dogs, it comes pretty naturally to them.

Cocker Spaniels can get very excitable and need at least an hour of exercise every day (although they’re likely to want more if they can get it). They can be sensitive, so lots of positive reinforcement training is the best way to make sure these pups are all-round good boys.

These pups are very pretty but their coats do take some maintenance. It’s also really important to clean their floppy ears regularly so they don’t get infected.

A Sprocker Spaniel (Springer and Cocker Spaniel mix) and a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix) can also have a beautiful red coat.

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd

Australian Shepherds are amazing herding dogs that are very intelligent. Many confuse Australian Shepherds with Border Collies but there are some differences. A similarity, however, is that both can have a stunning red coat. They’re also a merle dog breed and can have beautiful red merle coats.

Australian Shepherds need to be kept entertained with plenty of puzzle toys to keep their brains engaged. They also need a lot of exercise to burn up some of their energy. They’ll be happy with a job to do and will love taking part in canine classes.

This breed is very caring and a great option for active families. Their thick coats need regular brushing to remove dead hair and keep your furniture fuzz free. Training is very important for these dogs as they can have a tendency to herd absolutely everything which can be an issue for kids or when you’re out on a group walk.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

nova scotia duck tolling retriever

These dogs are very attractive and often get mixed up with a darker colored Golden Retriever. Their coat color can range from a light gingery golden to a dark rust color. Although adorable, not many people have actually heard of this breed. 

Their beautiful, long, thick coats are water resistant which make them a popular choice for waterfowl hunters. They’re eager to please but need a lot of varied exercise. They can chase after a ball for hours if you let them!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are very loveable dogs and enjoy spending time with other canines and their family. They’re agile and alert dogs that like to be the center of attention. 

Shiba Inu

shiba inu

Shiba Inus look a lot like Akitas, just a little smaller. These fox-like dogs can have a red and red sesame coat that’s thick and very fluffy. These regal dogs are exceptionally alert and surprisingly muscular under all that fur. 

They have a curious personality and that, combined with muscle and an alert nature, makes them wonderful guard dogs. They can be a bit independent (and even aloof) so lots of short and fun training sessions are recommended. They respond well to positive reinforcement.

They’re loving dogs but also don’t mind spending some time entertaining themselves. They’re generally healthy pups but allergies can be a problem. Shiba Inus, as you might have guessed by all that fluff, need regular grooming. This is especially true twice a year when they blow their coats. 

Red Dogs: Which Is Best for You?

Red is one of my favorite colors for a dog. It’s so unusual and changes in the sun which makes it even more beautiful! Although stunning, the dog’s temperament and health is much more important than their coat color. 

Before adopting a dog, it’s important to do your research and make sure you and your lifestyle can provide for them. If it can, you’ll be getting a truly beautiful dog that will be a beloved member of your family.