Red Golden Retriever – Everything About These Amazing Dogs

red golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are often recognized by their standard golden hues. But did you know there’s one with a less common color out there? The Red Golden Retriever has a mahogany coat. This breed is an amazing canine known to display sporty, eager, and energetic behavior. These wonderful red dogs have a strong tendency to rescue, hunt, search, and provide companionship and therapy. And they’ll go the extra mile to please their fellow humans.

But is it hard to train a Red Golden Retriever? How do they interact with the elderly and kids? Do they have specific grooming needs? Most importantly, what makes a Red Golden Retriever special from other dog breeds? Read on to find out more about this amazing dog breed.

Where Did The Red Golden Retriever Come From?

The friendly Red Golden Retriever is a natural variation of the Golden Retriever. They’re known to be the least common among the breed because of their distinct coat. Golden Retrievers were bred by the Scottish, primarily for hunting and sports.

While Golden Retriever dogs trace back to the mid-1800s, the Red Golden Retriever is believed to be a crossbreed among the majestic Irish Setter, regal Bloodhound, and extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. The distinct red or mahogany shade is mostly believed to have passed on from the Irish Setter.

Is A Red Golden Retriever Different From A Golden Retriever?

Although the American Kennel Club recognizes only three colors for standard Golden Retrievers, both the Golden Retriever and Red Golden Retriever are dogs of the same breed. Some of the most popular breeds, these pups naturally share many similarities in their looks and manners. Though there are some subtle differences. Golden Retrievers are more commonly categorized as show dogs, and they have a heavier or bulkier appearance.

Bred mostly for sporting or hunting, Red Golden Retrievers are smaller and more active pups. And while the Golden Retriever coat has a tendency to fade as they mature, the Red Golden Retriever retains its mahogany shade throughout, with only a few gray hairs as they age. A Red Golden Retriever puppy might cost more because of its semi-rare coat color.

wet red golden retriever

What Does A Red Golden Retriever Look Like?

Besides their stunning and obvious mahogany double coat, Red Golden Retrievers have shorter hair than Golden Retrievers. They are usually sturdy, medium to large size dogs with straight muzzles, broad heads, and dark eyes. They have feathery tails and dark lips, nails, and noses.

The slender body of a Red Golden Retriever gives them an edge in sports and other physical activities like hunting, swimming, and agility training. On average, male Red Golden Retrievers weigh somewhere between 62 and 72 pounds and stand 20 to 23 inches tall. Female Red Golden Retrievers may grow to be between 53 to 63 pounds in weight and have an average height between 20 to 22 inches. 

Is It Hard To Groom A Red Golden Retriever?

No! This noble yet rare variation in the Golden Retriever requires moderate grooming. However, they may need extra care, bathing, and brushing during the shedding season. Their gorgeous coat requires weekly brushing at a minimum but you can find out more about Golden Retriever shedding here.

A fortnightly check on nails will be adequate.They have a water-resistant medium-length coat so a monthly bath will do. Usually, brushing once a week will keep their teeth in great health. Red Golden Retriever puppies may need frequent cleaning of their ears to prevent infections.

But if you don’t want to see Red hair from your Golden Retriever on your pristine sofas, then it’s a good idea you look for hypoallergenic dog breeds that don’t shed hair.

Red Golden Retriever Temperament

Gun dogs of Scottish origin, Red Retriever puppies love to play around and are one of the most active canines. Highly adaptable, Red Golden Retriever pups are full of energy and their temperament is cooler than some other breeds. Their love for sports and play makes them people pleasers, and their eager behavior makes them exceptional learners.

Similar to the Golden Retriever, the Red Golden Retriever is a smart and emotionally intelligent dog. So they are playful, brilliant, and easily trainable. Red Golden Retrievers tend to be very social.

They have a somewhat protective nature, but they’re not entirely possessive. The Red Golden Retriever is known to display puppyhood even in the adult phase. So don’t be surprised if your mature pooch still enjoys games like tug-of-war or fetch. 

red golden retriever puppy

What Are The Nutritional Requirements Of Red Golden Retrievers?

According to the American Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever breed does well with high-quality dog food. Most food options are available according to the dog’s size and age. While Golden Retrievers have a tendency to gain weight easily, Red Golden Retrievers are super active.

It’s still worth being conscious about their caloric intake and refraining from too many dog treats. As with any pet you adopt, it’s good to check with the vet about specific nutritional needs, especially if your pooch has any underlying health conditions. 

Exercise and Training Requirements of a Red Golden Retriever

Red Golden Retrievers have hunting instincts in their genes, so they have a natural tendency towards sports and thrilling adventures. That said, you’ll still have to start training early with this pooch. Dynamic and fun-spirited, they are more alert and active when it comes to outdoor activities. So an exercise of two hours every day will keep them happy.

These pups will become bored and destructive if you leave them alone or indoors for too long. So make sure to give them enough mental stimulation and playtime. Walk them around, take them on a hike, let them play with dog-safe bubbles, or play fetch and frisbee with them.

Because of their soft mouth, they can be easily trained for caregiving and running errands around the house. You can teach them a few tricks to start with and then work your way up teaching them how to provide first aid or rescue service when there’s an emergency.

These stunning Red Goldens are excellent service dogs and use their intellectual abilities to the best. Keeping them close and involved in your daily chores makes them feel loved and appreciated. Both the Golden Retriever and Red Golden Retriever enjoy family time and positive reinforcements.

However, it is worth mentioning that you should always consult a vet before putting too much on their shoulders. Heavy physical activities throughout the day for a long time can hurt their joints and potentially strain muscles.

A general rule of thumb is to give your Red Golden Retriever some rest after every 1 to 2 hours of work, play, or exercise. Positive reinforcement coupled with a balanced ratio of play and rest will improve their health and longevity.

old red golden retriever

Do Red Golden Retrievers Get Along With Family and Other Pets?

The graceful Red Golden Retriever is a cool canine with a love for joy. These fur balls are not just protective and goofy around kids but brilliant service dogs too. They’re happy in large families and enjoy big yards to play in. If you have an elderly or special-needs person at home, your Red Golden Retriever can be taught how to care for them and respond to their signals for assistance.

Red Golden Retrievers can be excellent family pets. They’re more than happy to entertain kids with their fun play and enthusiasm. They have admirable swimming skills and can be trained to safely walk kids to school. So kids of all ages can bond with Red Golden Retrievers or play in the yard with them. These canines are devoted to obedience and love participating in competitive or social activities. 

Red Golden Retrievers are also easygoing with other pets, especially those of a smaller size. Unlike some breeds, they’re not vulnerable when it comes to welcoming new members into the family. 

Red Golden Retrievers drool less than other canines and don’t bark as often, which makes them a great choice for peaceful homes. So no need to keep a towel or earbuds around. No wonder they’re so popular in active families with other pets in the house.

Are Red Golden Retrievers Rare?

When we think of Golden Retrievers, we always think of golden/yellow dogs. The mahogany shade of the Golden Retriever, however, is a natural occurrence but not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club. This means their coat color makes them somewhat rare.

The only official colors are light golden, golden, and dark golden. So owners who want to showcase their pups in the ring shouldn’t go for a Red Golden Retriever puppy. Therefore, Red Golden Retrievers are less likely to be seen around.

How Much Do Red Golden Retrievers Cost?

Because of their less common coat color, Red Golden Retriever breeders may charge more. Normally, a purebred Red Golden Retriever may cost between $3000 to $4300. Their spaying or neutering and vaccinations may require an additional $1500 to $2000. Certain medical bills and specific dog food may cost around $1200 annually.

Typically, there aren’t many troubles associated with breeding Red Golden Retrievers or any dog of the Golden Retriever breed. But it’s always a good idea to look for a reputable breeder with a fine track record before you adopt this amazing dog from the golden family. Most breeders are happy to provide you with a background check and certificates of health and safe breeding practices. 

red golden retriever in grass

Health & Life Expectancy Of Red Golden Retrievers

The Red Golden Retriever lives just as long as another medium to large-sized dog. Their lifespan is between 10 to 12 years. They’re an exceptional companion so it’s rather a relief to know that these amazing fur balls don’t have many health issues except the ones that might hit them at later ages. Some common health concerns for a Golden Retriever or Red Golden Retriever include:

● Joint dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia

● Muscular fatigue diseases

● Obstruction of the heart ventricle

● Subvalvular aortic stenosis

● Cataract 

● Progressive retinal autotrophy

As with other Golden Retrievers, it’s a good approach to perform some necessary health checks. You can opt for a hip and elbow evaluation test, cardiac exam, or a visit to a qualified opthalmologist to get the best information about the health of your Red Golden Retriever. 

Is The Red Golden Retriever Eligible For Dog Shows?

Darker shades like rust, mahogany, and red are not recognized by most dog clubs. Red Golden Retrievers can be disqualified from dog shows because of their coat color. Dog shows around the world follow this rule because the dogs in the ring are supposed to show the breed itself. And red, rust, or mahogany in Golden Retrievers are just considered an abnormality in the coat color. Unfortunately, this means Red Golden Retrievers are not considered eligible for dog shows.

However, adopting a Red Golden Retriever shouldn’t be about its color. What matters most is the health and comfort of your furry friend. If your aim is to participate in dog shows, a standard Golden Retriever is a better option.

Conclusion: What Makes The Red Golden Retriever Puppy Special?

It’s evident that the Golden Retriever is a wonderful breed irrespective of coat colors. Red Golden Retrievers are less common and have a rust, red, or mahogany color coat. They share many similarities with the standard Golden Retriever in terms of their nature, adaptability, and trainability. They’re friendly and love being with families.

In addition to being natural swimmers, Red Golden Retrievers like physical activities which require endurance and an active lifestyle. This needs to be coupled with a fair ratio of food and sleep to keep them healthy. Fun and playtime along with positive reinforcement keep them going.

Red Golden Retrievers are naturally attracted to hunting and competitive games. They use their flexible and agile bodies to the best of their ability and also serve as wonderful caregivers. Be it search-and-rescue, therapy, hunting, or companionship, Red Golden Retrievers are truly loyal and committed dogs who crave affection. Their gentle mouth and noiseless demeanor make them great for playing indoors or outdoors. 

Have you thought about adopting a Golden Retriever puppy? Red Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds. So if you’re into gun dogs, fond of unique coats, and aren’t worried about the puppy cost, you can look for Red Golden Retriever puppies from reputable breeders and bring home these beautiful dogs.