10 Dogs That Look Like Foxes That You’ll Love!

dogs that look like foxes

Dogs are descendants of wolves, so it’s hardly surprising that there are many wolf-like dogs. And seeing as foxes and wolves are also very closely related, it won’t shock you to know that there are many dogs that look like foxes. But which one would fit best into your family? Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite foxy dog breeds for you to choose from.

Breed Characteristics of Fox-Like Dogs

All of the breeds listed here are different and it’s important you research their needs carefully to ensure you can provide for them. Many, however, are Spitz breeds. These cold-loving dogs usually have thick, double coats that shed, bushy tails that curl over their backs, pointy ears, and a longer muzzle. All of these characteristics make them look distinctly like foxes!

It’s also worth bearing in mind that many of these pups look more like foxes if they’re red dogs. Many on the list can have different colored coats and black versions don’t look as much like foxes!

10 Dogs That Look Like Foxes

#1 Akita Inu

akita inu lying down

Akitas are ancient dogs that are strong, courageous, and dignified. They’re very famous in Japan (their native country) for being proud family protectors. These big dogs are larger than foxes, but pups with red or dark fawn coats look very similar.

Akitas are wary of strangers and can be very aloof with people they don’t know. They like being alone and often don’t like being around other animals (so not a choice for you if you have other pets).

Akitas have moderate exercise needs and only require a quick walk a day to keep them happy. They love being around their family and can often be quite silly and playful with those they love.

For being such a big dog, they won’t mind being in a smaller home or apartment. You might have to take them out more and get them some extra puzzle toys to keep them entertained.

#2 Shiba Inu

shiba inu in woods

This is another dog breed native to Japan. They actually look a lot like the Akita, just much smaller and slightly less stocky. These very intelligent dogs were first bred for hunting and are, therefore, bold, alert, courageous, and agile.

A Shiba Inu has a very alert expression, which makes them look even more like a fox! Combine that with a red or red sesame coat, pointy ears, a bushy tail, and large, dark eyes, and these pups really do look like foxes!

Their intelligence can (sometimes) tip over into stubbornness, which can make them a handful to train. Keep training sessions light and fun. They’ll respond well to yummy snacks (you can check out the Barking Talk Food Page for healthy treat ideas) and lots of your attention.

They have moderate exercise needs and will be happy with daily walks and playtime.

#3 American Eskimo

american eskimo

Are you looking for a snow fox dog? Then the American Eskimo is perfect! These beautiful, intelligent, and lively dogs have a pure white coat that’s fluffy and highlights their fox-like eyes.

They have pointy ears, a long muzzle, and a very bushy tail that curls over their back. American Eskimos are friendly dogs that can be in three different sizes (toy, miniature, and standard). They get on really well with children and love having a friend to play with.

This breed loves attention and will always want to be the heart of any family. They can be reserved around other animals, but with early socialization, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

#4 Long-Haired Chihuahua

long haired chihuahua

You may not think of these tiny pups when you think of dogs that look like foxes – but they really do! There are 7 different types of Chihuahua, but those with long hair look particularly fluffy and fox-like.

Chihuahuas may be tiny, but they’re known for having big-dog personalities. They’re feisty and tenacious and don’t mind barking at things that annoy or excite them. They are very cute though.

These alert pups make great watchdogs as they can be wary around strangers. Because of their size, they do best in families with older children or adults.

Even though they have little legs, Chihuahuas need more physical and mental stimulation than you’d think. They’ll also be happy to chill and watch a movie with you.

#5 Finnish Spitz

finnish spitz

Finnish Spitz are hunting dogs that were bred to wander forests for many hours at a time. So, they have lots of stamina and are very active. They love being part of an outdoorsy family that will take them on excursions and hikes.

These pups bond strongly with their family and are very loyal. They’re affectionate, loving, lively, and very sweet-natured.

Finnish Spitz have a stunning coat that can be red, gold, or red gold according to the American Kennel Club. It’s thick and very dense (to keep them warm in cold weather) and, according to the breed standard, should never be trimmed.

This hunting dog is perfect for an active family looking for a pet fox!

#6 German Spitz

german spitz

The German Spitz is a very lively, attentive, and friendly dog. It’s also very intelligent and easy to train because they’re so happy to please. This breed adores getting positive attention from those they love the most and enjoys being the center of attention in a family.

Like the American Eskimo dog, this dog breed can be three different sizes (toy, medium, large). The toy and medium pups look the most like foxes because they can have red and orange coats, whereas the large size has brown, black, or white.

These very cute pups are usually curious little dogs, so it’s worth keeping them on a lead in very busy areas. They don’t need a huge amount of vigorous exercise, but will happily go on a long walk with you or play with their furry friends in the dog park.

#7 Alaskan Klee Kai

alaskan klee kai

Alaskan Klee Kais are small spitz dogs with curious expressions and a unique love for exploring things around them. These curious little dogs are energetic and alert but they can be reserved around people and places they’re unsure of.

As with many spitz breeds, you’ll need to brush your Alaskan Klee Kai a couple of times a week. They have a soft undercoat (which they blow twice a year) and a longer protective outer layer too. You shouldn’t need to bathe them more than a couple of times a year as they’re naturally clean dogs (unless they roll in something).

These pups were first bred in the 1970s from Alaskan Huskies. The first breeder wanted smaller dogs than had a very distinctive look (which is definitely more fox-like).

#8 Pomeranian

fox-like pomeranian

The adorable Pomeranian is one of the most popular toy breeds. They’re silly and affectionate, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with one the second you see them. These fluffy little dogs have distinctly pointy, fox-like faces, large eyes, and long muzzles. They’re the perfect companion dogs!

Just like the long-haired Chihuahua, these pups aren’t made to just sit quietly in the corner looking cute. They have big dog personalities and don’t mind being the first to the door or alerting you to potential danger.

Pomeranians can have a lot of different coat colors, including orange, orange sable, red, and red sable which are very fox-like. The white Pomeranian also looks like a snowy fox!

#9 Icelandic Sheepdog

Icelandic sheepdog puppy

The Icelandic Sheepdog is a pretty special pup and not just because they’re very cute! They’re actually the only dog native to Iceland. Even though they themselves are not a new breed (they’ve been around for more than a thousand years), they were only accepted by the AKC in 2006.

In line with other Spitz dogs, Icelandic Sheepdogs have foxy faces, upright ears, and fluffy tails. They can also be a number of different colors including red and white.

Icelandic Sheepdogs are friendly, and generally, happy dogs that love making new friends. They get on really well with kids and love having someone to run around with. They also get on well with other dogs, but it might take them a little longer to warm up.

They have moderate exercise needs and love being outdoors exploring and on hikes. They’ll also enjoy chasing after a herding ball in a fenced-in yard.

#10 Volpino Italiano

volpino italiano

This beautiful dog from Italy is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an adorable snow fox. They’re Spitz-type dogs that can either have black or white coats. They also have the classic foxy face, pointy ears, and adorable tails.

According to the AKC, Volpini are the result of American Eskimo Dog breeders attempting to breed a toy-sized American Eskimo.

These charming little dogs are very affectionate with their family and get on with kids that have grown up around dogs. They also like making canine friends but might take a little time to feel fully comfortable.

Volpini Italiano are a great mix of active and quiet dogs. They love running around after their favorite indestructible toy or joining in a game of fetch, but they’re also very happy to curl up on the couch.

Final Thoughts

Dogs that look like foxes are unique and very cute. There’s something about their pointy ears and fluffy tails that just make them so adorable. When thinking about adopting a pup, it’s important to make sure they’d fit in well with your lifestyle. Some of these doggos need more exercise than others and many of them have quite demanding grooming needs.

They’re all companion dogs that love to be with humans and need lots of attention. If you get one of these amazing breeds it will be (almost) like adopting a fox for real!