10 Wolf Like Dogs That You’ll Love! (With Pictures)

wolf-like dogs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Tiny little Chihuahuas, enormous Great Danes, shaggy Old English Sheepdogs, or hairless Chinese Crested – there’s a lot of variety. But one of the most impressive things is when a dog looks like a wolf. Slightly intimidating and very cute, there are so many wolf like dogs for you to choose from.

Before you rush into adopting one of these beautiful and very impressive pups, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Just like wolves, these dogs are larger in size and many need lots of exercise to thrive. If that’s not something you can offer a pup, it might be best searching for a different, doggo instead (like a dog that looks like a fox maybe)!

What Is A Wolf Like Dog?

When we talk about wolf like dogs, we’re talking about dogs that look like wolves. Not necessarily pups that would be fine roaming mountains searching for prey. They usually have long snouts, pointy ears, fluffy coats and can be gray, black, white, brown, red, or any other wolfish color.

Generally speaking, they’re normally medium to large in size.

What’s the Dog/Wolf Connection?

There are lots of dogs that look like wolves, so it’s only normal for many of us think that they’re related. For many years, experts believed that the domesticated dog (Canis familiaris) was a direct descendent of the gray wolf (Canis Lupus). Nowadays, however, there’s new research to say that gray wolves weren’t just domesticated as once thought.

Dogs are actually descendants of an ancestor of the gray wolf which is now extinct. So, whilst this doesn’t mean that your little Labrador was once one of the wolves you see on the discovery channel, it does mean that they’re very closely related.

So closely related, in fact, that wolves and dogs can breed and produce fertile puppies (wolf-hybrids). Breeders can even select specific ‘wolf traits’ to make dogs appear more wolf like.

10 Wolf Like Dogs That You’ll Love!

Here are 10 of the most wolf like dog breeds in the world. They’re all the right size, color, and body shape to (nearly) pass as actual wolves!

German Shepherd

german shepherd dog

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dogs in the world. Beautiful, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate – they really do have the whole package. They’re the perfect pet for active families and are a popular choice for police and military teams because they’re very courageous.

German Shepherds are so intelligent that they can be trained in a number of different areas and love to learn new things.

According to the AKC, German Shepherds can be many different colors including black, gray, sable, and white. So lots of possible wolf combinations!

They’re a great pet choice for families that like to go hiking, running, or that lead very active lives. They need lots of exercise! They’re protective pups, so make great guard dogs and will love to look after kids and their humans. They can get on well with other dogs but need lots of early socialization from puppyhood.

There are also many amazing German Shepherd mixes that look like wolves too!

Siberian Husky

siberian husky

Huskies are iconic snowy dogs. These beautiful pups were bred to pull sleds for long distances across ice so love being outdoors, preferably with a job to do.

These wolf dogs can be lots of different colors including gray, brown, red, sable, and agouti. The white Siberian Husky is particularly wolfish too!

Siberian Huskies have a very thick double coat that helps to keep them warm in winter and cooler in summer. These pups prefer to be in colder conditions, so when it gets warm, try to walk them early, keep them in the shade, and always provide lots of water.

Huskies get on really well with children and other dogs (they love being part of a pack). They can be a little mischievous and escaping is a particular art of theirs. You might want to get them a dog GPS collar to keep them extra safe.

Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute, wolf like dogs

The Alaskan Malamute is the ultimate wolf dog. Many get these big-boned spitz dogs confused with Siberian Huskies – and you can understand why!

They, too, were bred to be sled dogs but these amazing pups were built for endurance, rather than speed. They can haul heavy sleds for long distances and are fantastic working dogs.

As well as being workers, Alaskan Malamutes are great companions. They love being around their family and can work well with other pups too. Just like the Siberian Husky, they have very thick coats which will shed. You’ll need to brush them regularly to stop the hair from ending up on your couch!

Even though the Alaskan Malamute is a domestic dog, they still have some pack instinct. It’s very important they’re trained and socialized from a young age so they know who’s in charge (and it isn’t them). They may otherwise become a little dominating.

Northern Inuit Dog

northern Inuit dog

These dogs are so wolf-like that they were actually used as the Direwolves in Game of Thrones! This relatively new breed is not actually a wolf hybrid, whatever they look like.

They contain no wolf DNA! Northern Inuit Dogs were, however, specifically bred to look like wolves and it’s thought that Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies may all have played their role.

The Northern Inuit Dog can have many different coat colors including white, sable, black, brown, and apricot. They can also have a black mask. Like other dog breeds on this list, these dogs have a dense double coat to keep them warm during the colder months.

These pups have been specifically bred to be affectionate and great family dogs. They love to be around people and don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. They get along really well with children but you should always supervise playtime as their strength and size could cause problems.

Northern Inuit Dogs are known to be howlers. That means they’re not a good choice if you have neighbors nearby!

Alaskan Klee Kai

alaskan klee kai

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a great dog breed choice for those wanting a slightly smaller pup. These dogs are alert, energetic, affectionate, and very inquisitive about their surroundings. They need lots of mental stimulation from things like puzzle toys and a good amount of daily exercise.

This breed can be toy, miniature, or standard size and can be black, gray, or red with white markings. Their erect ears, thick coats, and curly tails tell you immediately that these spitz pups are of arctic heritage.

They love to make new canine friends and adore their families. They can be reserved around new people and situations, but with a bit of encouragement from you, they’ll soon warm up!

Canadian Eskimo Dog

canadian eskimo dog

Canadian Eskimo Dogs, or Canadian Innuit Dogs as they’re also called, are large and fluffy dogs originally bred for hard work. They’re also very rare, in fact, only a couple hundred of these doggos exist today.

They’re pack-orientated dogs and need to know who the leader is. If there’s any doubt, a Canadian Eskimo Dog will happily try to assert their dominance. They may even fight amongst themselves for the top-dog position. They can get on well with other pups that are in their group but are wary and even aggressive toward others.

These dogs look very similar to Alaskan Malamutes except for one difference. Canadian Eskimo Dogs won’t have blue eyes. These pups can have yellow eyes which make them look even more like wolves!

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

These pups are actually wolf-dog hybrids, first bred to be watchdogs on the border of Czechoslovakia. They’re the result of breeding German Shepherds and Carpathian wolves.

It was a breeding program designed to observe how intelligent and trainable the dogs would be and what they would look like.

After the first litter was born, these dogs were further bred with other pups and wolf-dog hybrids, meaning no more wolf genes were added.

As you might imagine from a wolf hybrid, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog needs lots of vigorous exercise every day. They can perform well in competitive dog sports and will love going on long hikes or runs with their owner.

When it comes to wolf like dogs, you can’t get much better than this breed!

Saarloos Wolfdog

Saarloos Wolfdog

Ok, so maybe you can get better and maybe the Saarloos Wolfdog is even more wolf like. These pups, just like their Czechoslovakian cousins, are part wolf and part German Shepherd.

Leendert Saarloos wanted to breed German Shepherd Dogs that had some wilder characteristics, which is why he chose the wolf!

Unlike the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, these pups were never bred for military purposes and are therefore much more relaxed. They do, however, have some wild instincts and prefer the company of four-legged friends to two. Having said that, with those that they love, they’ll be happy to curl up at your feet and keep you warm.

Just like wolves, these dogs are wary of people, other dogs, and situations they’re unsure about. Lots of early socialization is very important to ensure they don’t become too nervous.

Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund

For those looking for a smaller dog (or maybe a wolf pup), the Swedish Vallhund could be a great choice. These look a little like wolves mixed with Corgis (they’re not) but their body shape is similar to their long-bodied, short-legged cousins.

Swedish Vallhund date as far back as the Vikings, when they were first bred to herd livestock. Their body shape allowed them to nip cattle whilst avoiding being kicked in the head. Because of their working nature, Swedish Vallhunds need regular daily exercise such as a nice walk or chasing after a favorite herding ball.

These gray or red dogs get on very well with children but need to be trained to stop them from nipping. They also like making doggy friends and playing in the park.



This is a real Arctic Wolf like breed that’s pure white, fluffy, has erect ears, and a definite wolfish air to it. Their distinct look really makes them one of the prettiest dog breeds in the world.

Born for hard work in very cold climates, their stunning coats aren’t just beautiful but they’re also very functional. This breed is known as the smiling sled dog thanks to its adorable upturned mouth that stops it from drooling.

The one downside of such a beautiful coat is that they do tend to shed, especially during the shedding season when they blow their coats. Daily brushing can help to keep it under control and remove any dirt so they stay looking their best!

Which Are The Most Wolf Like Dogs?

In our opinion, the Saarloos Wolfdog and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog are the most wolf like breeds. The fact that they actually have wolf DNA in them helps! These amazing dogs will have everyone second guessing – which is exactly what you want from a wolf doggo!

Are Wolf Dogs Difficult to Own?

Wolf dogs aren’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Many of them are very big, energetic, shed a lot, and need lots of exercise. If you don’t have a lifestyle that can accommodate a fairly demanding pup, you should think about getting a different doggo that is a little easier.

Are Wolf Dogs Healthy?

There’s no reason why your wolf dog breed shouldn’t be healthy – as long as you get them from an ethical breeder. You need to make sure you take them for regular vet checkups to catch anything early on and make sure they’re getting enough exercise. Good quality food is also essential. You might want to consider a fresh dog food diet to give them a boost of nutrients!

Are Wolf Dogs Ethical?

The breeds on this list are recognized breeds that are accepted by many country kennel clubs. They have breed standards set out to ensure ethical breeding.

That being said, wolf like dogs are growing in popularity thanks to TV shows and the novelty of being able to ‘own a wolf’. This, of course, can lead to unethical breeding with some breeders undergoing unethical practices to make dogs look a certain way. You don’t want to adopt a dog that has too much wolf in them as it can be territorial, wild, and very difficult to train.

Always look for a reputable breeder that can provide the correct documentation to show that your pup has been well-bred from healthy parents.

Final Thoughts – Is a Wolf Dog for You?

Wolf like dogs are stunning, so we can understand why you’d like to adopt one. All the pups on this list make great pets for the right owner, so make sure you thoroughly read each description and do your own research before adopting one. Some of these dog breeds can be demanding and many are not lapdogs – so if you’re looking for a very cuddly dog, you might want to consider a different breed. The majority are very intelligent, alert, active, and hard-working dogs that would love to be part of your pack!