What’s The Best Dog Soccer Ball For Fun on The Field? Our Top 5!

best dog soccer ball

Playing with a soccer ball dog toy is an ideal way to engage your pup’s naughty side! Not only can you teach them clever new tricks, but it’s also an occasion for active, stimulating fun. Get ready to have a blast with some canine-friendly commands and balls!

Finding the right ball for your pup’s playtime is easy. We’ve rounded up five of the best dog soccer balls to bring joy and excitement to you and your fur baby. Durable rubber designs that last and bright colors that trigger natural instincts – these toys provide a fun way to bond with your pup.

With various sizes and styles, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your furry friend’s individual needs.

So get ready to unleash some fun on the field! 

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Product Details
Latex Soccer Ball
  • Safe and durable latex
  • Different colors
  • Squeaker
Gnawsome Squeak & Light Soccer Ball
  • Lights up when bounces for more fun
  • Spiked texture for gum health
  • Different colors and sizes
Hyper Pet Grab Tabs Soccer Ball
  • Floats in water
  • Made from durable, recycled natural rubber
  • Interactive tabs for pulling and play

What Are Dog Soccer Balls?

A dog soccer ball is an inflatable ball for dogs to play with. It’s typically made of a durable, soft-touch material that’s safe and gentle on your pup’s mouth and paws. Dog soccer balls come in various sizes and colors depending on your dog’s breed. 

Dog soccer balls provide mental stimulation and exercise for your pup. 

  • It encourages physical activity, which can help maintain a healthy weight, improve coordination, reduce boredom, and provide endless fun. 
  • Playing fetch or chasing after a dog soccer ball helps strengthen the bond between you and your pup, encouraging positive interaction and mutual trust.
  • Playing with soccer balls also encourages problem-solving skills as your dog learns to maneuver the ball around obstacles or chase it across long distances. 
  • It also helps build confidence and trust between you and your dog. 

Which Dog Breeds Love to Play With Soccer Balls?

There are a variety of breeds that can easily use soccer balls for playtime fun. Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, Aussiedoodle, Papillons, English Springer Spaniels, Mini Goldendoodles, and Bordoodles all love to get in on the action when it comes to playing with soccer balls.

These dogs have the athleticism and energy to chase after a soccer ball for hours. Not only do they look forward to a game of fetch, but these breeds have natural herding instincts that make them well-suited for flyball or agility training.

When choosing which type of soccer ball suits these dog breeds, it’s essential to consider size, durability, and bounce. For instance, smaller breeds like the Papillon should use lightweight balls made of soft rubber material that won’t wear down quickly.

Meanwhile, larger dogs such as the Golden Retriever or Border Collie will require a sturdier and bigger ball that can withstand their powerful bites.

Benefits of Playing With Soccer Balls For Dogs

Playing soccer with your pup is a great way to have fun, boost their endurance, and build muscle. Soccer balls are designed to encourage speed and agility, getting your pup ready to race up and down the field in pursuit of victory! The following are some benefits of soccer balls for dogs. 


Soccer balls are a great way to keep your pup active even when on-leash walks aren’t possible. Whether indoors or outdoors, playing with a soccer ball is an ideal way for your pooch to get the healthy exercise they need! So if you’re looking for an easy and fun activity for your furry friend, try grabbing a soccer ball!

Increased Bonding

Not only does playing with a soccer ball encourage physical activity, but it also helps create stronger bonds between you and your pup. Working together to master a game or engaging in some fun playtime can help strengthen the relationship between owners and their dogs.

Safety Features 

Soccer balls for dogs are designed with safety features like puncture-proof materials, durable construction, and soft exteriors so that no harm comes to your pup during playtime. This ball allows for hours of worry-free enjoyment without any risk of injury.

Building Confidence in Anxious Pups

If your pup tends to be anxious or shy around new people or environments, playing fetch with a soccer ball can help build their comfort and confidence.

Stimulating Mental Health

Soccer balls are a great source of stimulation for dogs, allowing them to engage in physical activity and apply problem-solving skills. This is especially true if you purchase toys requiring your pup to figure out how to get the treats inside or move the ball around before it dispenses.

Developing Strength and Endurance

Kicking or throwing a soccer ball provides cardiovascular exercise that helps your pup stay fit and healthy. It’s also an excellent way for them to build muscle and develop their agility, balance, coordination, and speed.

Improves Coordination

Playing soccer sharpens your pup’s physical prowess, teaching them to adjust movements and change direction quickly while using their paws and feet to gain control of the ball. Body coordination is paramount for physical activities, which soccer helps to develop.

soccer ball dog toy

Things to Consider Before Buying a Soccer Ball For Dogs 

Before deciding on a soccer ball for your pup, there are some important factors to consider. Below are a few tips to help you pick the perfect one.


The size of the ball should be appropriate for your pup’s size and breed. Larger balls can pose a safety hazard to smaller dogs, while tiny balls can be too easily destroyed or swallowed by larger breeds. Regulation soccer ball sizes could be too large for smaller breeds, so look for ones specifically designed for your dogs.


Soccer balls should be able to stand up to wear and tear, with sturdy construction that won’t break easily. High-quality materials such as soft rubber and puncture-proof fabric will also help keep your pup safe during playtime.


The ball should have a good bounce to it that encourages leaping, jumping, and chasing. This will help keep your pup engaged and entertained for longer periods of time.


Some soccer balls for dogs come with accessories such as treat-dispensing tubes or squeakers. These can help keep your pup motivated and engaged during playtime while also providing mental stimulation. (You can check out our blog on the best puzzle toys for dogs for more inspiration).


Soccer balls that make noises when kicked or thrown can add an extra level of fun and excitement to playtime. Look for ones with a squeaker or built-in speaker to give your pup a special surprise when they hit the ball.


Brightly colored balls can provide visual stimulation and make it easier to see in low-lighting conditions. Look for soccer balls with several different colors that contrast against the background of your playing area.  


Soccer balls come in a wide range of prices, so make sure to purchase one that is within your budget. Consider features such as durability, sound effects, and treat dispensers when comparing different products.  This will help ensure you get the best value for your money.

By considering all of these factors before purchasing a soccer ball for dogs, you can ensure that your pup has hours of fun and safe playtime. It’s a great way to bond with your pup, develop their physical and mental health, and strengthen the relationship between owners and their dogs.

5 Best Soccer Balls for Dogs 

1. Latex Soccer Ball

Latex Soccer Ball
A Fun Soccer Ball For Lots of Games of Fetch!

Does your dog love playing fetch and soccer? Then this is perfect for little dogs looking for fun!

Latex Soccer Ball is the perfect squeaker toy for small dogs and puppies. With its 2-inch size, this ball is ideal for games of fetch, encouraging your pup to stay active. It’s made from durable yet safe latex and contains a squeaker that will keep your dog entertained while they play.

The soft material lets your pup chew without worry, giving them hours of entertainment. Your puppy will also love the sound and feel of this soccer ball as it bounces around. 


  • Perfect for a game of fetch
  • Ships in various bright and fun colors
  • Made of safe latex


2. Gnawsome Squeak & Light LED Soccer Ball

Gnawsome Squeak & Light Soccer Ball
Fun Interractive Soccer Ball

A really great ball that squeaks and lights up for hours of fun!

Gnawsome LED  soccer ball is a unique, spiky-textured toy with bounce-activated flashing LED lights and an internal squeaker to entertain your pup. It is designed with food-grade TPR rubber and is soft and gentle on gums but can stand up to extra challenging play.

Plus, it comes in various bright colors and sizes to find one that’s just right for your pup. Dogs love chasing after this fun and entertaining soccer ball for hours of interactive games! Get ready for ridiculous times with the Gnawsome Squeak & Light Soccer Ball.


  • This ball is BPA- free
  • Made with Non-toxic material 
  • LED attracts dogs a lot
  • Bite-tested up to 150 pounds of pressure


  • Only for medium breed
  • Not for dogs without teeth 

3. Hyper Pet Grab Tabs Soccer Ball

Hyper Pet Grab Tabs Soccer Ball
Versatile Ball for Even More Fun!

A wonderful soccer ball for pulling, kicking and throwing!

Grab Tabs Soccer ball suits all dogs, from puppies to older dogs. This soccer ball is the perfect choice for a dog that loves to play fetch. With its strong nylon tabs and handle, it is easy for your pup to grab onto and carry around during their game of fetch.

The tabs also help this ball bounce which adds even more fun for your dog. These dog-proof soccer balls have a durable rubber coating that helps protect the ball from your pup’s kicks and bumps.


  • Sturdy nylon tabs help the ball bounce.
  • It comes with a standard ball needle. 
  • Made from cleanable, recycled natural rubber and a polyester cover.


  • Chewing any small pieces may cause internal blockage and choking hazards. 

4. Nerf Dog Squeaker Soccer Ball

Nerf Dog Squeaker Soccer Ball
Squeaky Ball for Solo and Interactive Play

An amazing dog soccer ball for playing and kicking. Your pup will love it!

Nerf Squeaker Soccer ball is soft and squishable, perfect for keeping your pup entertained. With a built-in squeaker, hours of chewing and tugging won’t put a scratch on its durable design.

Get your pet excited with this dog-proof soccer ball that’s easy to clean – pop it in the dishwasher for effortless care. This 4-inch ball will surely make your beloved companion wag their tail all day! 


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Designed to withstand hours of rough play.
  • Suitable for solo and interactive play.


  • Smaller soccer ball size

5. Nylabone Power Play Gripz Soccer Ball

Nylabone Gripz Soccer Ball
Amazing Soccer Ball for Dogs to Play With!

Does your pup love playing with a popped soccer ball? Then this is perfect! They’ll love it!

Nylabone Grips Soccer ball has a fun shape and textured grip, the perfect way to keep your pup active and entertained! This innovative toy combines a soccer ball’s fun with an ergonomic grip designed just for dogs.

Its erratic bouncing and rolling action will give your pup hours of playtime fun. Whether you’re playing fetch or watching your dog kick it around on her own, this versatile toy is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its rigid construction and easy-to-grip surface make it an ideal companion for medium-sized dogs. 


  • Perfect for sports-loving canines
  • Great for medium-sized dogs


  • Only for medium breeds
  • Need to compromise on color
  • Dog may be allergic to rubber

Final Thoughts

There are many choices for Soccer balls for dogs, and it can take time to choose the right one. Each ball has a unique feature that can make it more appealing to your pup. Depending on your pup’s breed, size, and preferences, you can find one that suits them perfectly.

We hope our reviews have helped you to choose the best dog soccer ball for you and your pup. Ultimately, all that matters is your pet’s contentment and health. Every dog interacts differently with toys, so it’s essential to constantly monitor them when playing with dog toys in case things take a wrong turn.

Supervised play will help keep your canine friend safe and ensure their soccer ball lasts longer.