20 of the Cutest White Dog Breeds of Every Size!

white dog breeds

Dogs come in all shapes, colors, and sizes – it’s one of the reasons why we love them so much. Whilst many of us imagine dogs to be brown, there’s actually a huge spectrum of colors. Everything from black to white (and even blue and red dogs).

One of my favorite doggy colors is white. There’s something so majestic and beautiful about fully white dog breeds. Yes, they may be harder to care for in terms of keeping their coat clean, but they’re stunning all the same.

In this blog, we’re going to show you 20 beautiful pups, some large, some medium, and some small so that you can choose exactly which is your favorite.

20 White Dog Breeds That You’ll Love!

All the pups on this list are naturally white dogs and totally healthy. They’re not considered albino doggos and their coat color doesn’t affect their health. They’re all wonderful dogs for the right owner.

Big White Dog Breeds

Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees dog

The Great Pyrenees really is one of the most impressive white big dogs there is. Built for guarding and herding, these strong dogs form tight bonds with their owners and flock. Their thick coats keep them warm in the cold mountains but you can expect that fur to get all over your furniture and clothes.

These doggos are usually calm and collected but they’re fiercely brave too. They won’t mind meeting a threat head-on to protect those they love.

Dogo Argentino

dogo argentino

The Dogo Argentino is a large, powerful, and athletic dog bred in Argentina to hunt puma, wild boar, and other large game. These pups are clever and work well with other dogs – although socialization is crucial as they can be strong-willed and independent.

They may look like scary dogs, but these pups make good family pups for the right owner. They have a short and dense coat which is slightly easier to care for than other coats on this list!



The third pup on the list of big white dogs is the seriously impressive Kuvasz. Often mistaken for a Great Pyrenees, these doggos are just as large and just as fluffy. Like the Pyrenees, these Hungarian dogs were bred as guardians and are the perfect mountain dogs too.

They’re independent yet affectionate with those they love. They’re also aloof and don’t mind spending their days guarding patrolling and protecting livestock or property. And trust us, something that size with make most intruders think twice!


white poodle

The French Poodle (that’s actually German) is an iconic dog that comes in three sizes. The standard dog can be large and they’re particularly impressive with an entirely white coat. Poodles of all sizes are very intelligent dogs and need to be kept entertained.

Puzzle toys, canine classes, and lots of training sessions will help keep their brains engaged and stimulated.

Standard Poodles also need a good amount of exercise and they will love swimming! If you adopt a Poodle, be prepared for lots of water fun as well as park walks.

South Russian Sheepdog

south russian sheepdog

The South Russian Sheepdog is the first of the big white dogs not accepted by the American Kennel Club but they are accepted by the United Kennel Club. These pups were originally bred to be guardians too (there’s a bit of a theme amongst large dog breeds on this list).

Like others, they’re happy entertaining themselves for longer periods than other dog breeds and enjoy having a job to do.

They can be loveable with those they care for, but they’re not going to be cuddly if that’s what you’re looking for!

Slovensky Cuvac

slovensky cuvac

The Slovensky Cuvac is another guardian pup used to the harsh conditions of the Slovakian mountains. These very fluffy dogs closely resemble both the Great Pyrenees and the Kuvasz. This large white dog breed has an energetic temperament but doesn’t mind chilling either.

They’re fiercely protective and very brave and won’t mind defending livestock from animals as big as bears and wolves.

Maremma Sheepdog

maremma sheepdog

There’s a quiz at the end to see if you can tell the difference between these big white dogs (not really) but we’d be amazed if you could. So yes, these dogs look a lot like the others already mentioned.

The Maremma Sheepdog is native to Italy and was first bred to be a loyal companion to shepherds. These fluffy white dogs are very big and powerful and are heavily built. They move with surprising agility and are great protectors of flocks and humans alike.


white borzoi

At last! A large white dog breed that’s not hugely fluffy or a guardian. The majestic Borzoi is an elegant hound loved for its calm and agreeable temper and its kind nature. Although not quite as heavily built as other dogs on the list, the Russian Borzoi can be more than 28 inches tall.

These amazing dogs make great family pets but they can be a little stubborn. It’s best to keep training short and sweet and reward them with some of their favorite healthy snacks such as strawberries, blueberries, or cucumber.



The Komondor is one of the world’s most recognizable breeds – thanks to all those cords! Komondorok (the plural for Komondors) are strong, muscular, and powerful guardians originating in Hungary. They were bred to spend days in the fields looking after flocks and working closely with humans.

Their unique hair even protects them from predators (as well as cold weather).

These dogs are agile and surprisingly quick on their feet. They can be territorial, especially around other dogs so care should be taken when introducing them to other furry friends. The only color these dogs can be is white!

Medium Sized White Dog Breeds

Siberian Husky

siberian husky

Huskies are stunning dogs, especially when they’re pure white. There are lots of husky colors but one of the most iconic for these snowy dogs is white (even more so when they have bright blue eyes)! White Huskies are active dogs originally bred as companions and to pull sleds over ice and snow.

These funny pups are wonderful and playful pets but they do need a lot of human attention. They can easily get bored which leads to mischief. It might be worth getting your husky a GPS collar just in case they do ever escape!

Golden Retriever

pale golden retriever

This family dog can be considered a medium or large white dog breed, depending on who you ask. And yes, they can be white! Whilst most of us think of Golden Retrievers as being golden dogs their coats can vary a lot. There are dark red Golden Retrievers and very pale white ones too!

As one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, Retrievers are friendly, sociable, great with children, and intelligent. Their beautiful coats do shed, though, so be prepared for some vacuuming.



Samoyeds are gentle, adaptable, and friendly spitz dogs. They’re very affectionate with their families and get on well with children too. They can be territorial around other dogs to begin with but they do work really well as a pack once they’ve warmed up.

A Samoyed has a very fluffy coat that can only be white. One of the most interesting facts about Samoyeds is that they have a constant smile! But their upturned mouth is also very functional – it stops them from drooling and icicles from forming.

White Swiss Shepherd

white swiss shepherd

White Swiss Shepherds look a lot like German Shepherds, in fact, some even think they’re a German Shepherd mix. Whilst not exactly a mix, they are very closely related to German Shepherd Dogs.

White German Shepherds are frowned upon and are not a recognized color in the AKC due to potential health problems. Some breeders in the past, however, really wanted a white German Shepherd so used white German Shepherds to breed a healthy breed – the White Swiss Shepherd.

These dogs have gloriously fluffy coats and have a lot of the same personality traits as German Shepherds. They’re loyal, friendly, very alert, and wonderful family pets.

American Eskimo Dog

american eskimo dog

American Eskimo Dogs come in three different sizes – one of them being a medium-sized white dog. These spitz dogs are considered an ancient breed and they’re very friendly and sociable. They’re not overly friendly with those they don’t know, but won’t shy away from making friends either.

These dogs are very clever and need to keep their brains occupied if they’re not to get up to no good! Snuffle mats and toys can be useful. As well as a stunning white coat, these adorable dogs have black noses and deep black (and very cute) eyes.

If you’re thinking of adopting an adorable white mixed breed, you could think about the Huskimo – they’re amazing dogs!

White Small Dog Breeds

West Highland White Terrier

west highland white terrier

West Highland White Terriers (or Westies as they’re also called) are one of the most popular of all the small Terrier breeds. These playful, sociable, and funny little dogs are so charismatic that people all around the world have fallen in love with them.

They’re generally very happy little dogs and get on really well with children. Under all that cute white fur is a robust and surprisingly strong body. They were first bred as hunting dogs and were often used on farms and in factories to keep vermin under control. They may be adorable, but they do have the tenacity of a Terrier.

Bichon Frise

bichon frise

How cute is the Bichon Frise? As far as white dog breeds go, they’re one of the best. These personality dogs get on with absolutely everyone. They adore kids, are really lovey-dovey with their families, and get on with other canines too.

These happy little dogs are particularly popular thanks to their hypoallergenic coat. Its puffy texture sheds way less than some other pups, so is a good choice for allergy sufferers. The Bichon Frise is a very alert pooch so makes a good watchdog too. They’re adaptable and a good option for city dwellers.


bolognese dog

The Bolognese is another pup in the Bichon Family (and there will be a couple more). These white dogs are a little sturdier than Bichon Frises and tend not to be as active and happy-go-lucky. Whilst playful, these pups can also be serious.

Bolognese are also stockier and more robust than a Bichon Frise. Although they can be serious, Bolognese are devoted to their humans and are exceptionally loyal. These dogs are known to develop separation anxiety and don’t do well in homes where they have to spend long lengths of time alone.

Coton de Tulear

coton de tulear

Coton de Tulears are boisterous little dogs that form really strong bonds with their favorite humans. Often described as witty and clown-like, these pups are the perfect companion breed for families.

They have big personalities and love to follow their owners around. Coton de Tulears need to be kept entertained with plenty of squeaky toys and favorite treats.

These gorgeous little dogs need regular grooming and it’s important you get a brush that will go right down to their skin (without touching it). Their white fur can easily become matted closer to the skin.



You’re right, lots of small white dog breeds look the same. Many are cute, with button noses and dark eyes. But it’s easier to spot these cute little dogs because of their puffy, curled-over tail. Unlike others on the list, Havanese can be many different colors and combinations.

White is particularly beautiful but it may be more difficult for you to find. It may be easier to find a white Havanese mixed breed such as the Havapoo.

Havanese are generally very happy dogs and love to play with other dogs and children. They have moderate exercise needs and their adaptable nature makes them a good dog breed choice for those in a city. They still need plenty of stimulation and don’t like to be left alone for too long.



The Maltese is the beloved, regal dog of Malta. As an ancient breed, these pups have graced the laps of humans for thousands of years. Their iconic coats can be long (and sometimes floor-length) or clipped into a very cute puppy cut. As you’d imagine, long coats need quite a bit of care and brushing to keep them looking so beautiful.

Maltese are very charming dogs and can win over even the biggest doubters. They’re playful, sweet-natured, and love to please their humans. They’re up for fun and adventure – just so long as it’s not too far away.


Are White Dogs Healthy?

There’s a big difference between white dogs that are naturally white and those that have been bred specifically for their color. There is some evidence to suggest that some breeds (not ones on this list) could suffer from hearing and sight problems due to white genes.

Are White Dogs Albinos?

No. Not all white dogs are albino. Albino pups can suffer from many health concerns and often have a shorter lifespan. Breeders should be regularly testing pups to check for possible genetic faults so that puppies aren’t albino.

The white dog breeds on this list are all healthy and naturally white. Their coat color doesn’t affect their health.

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing white dog breeds to choose from, it can be hard to start. Whether you go for a white small dog breed or a much bigger one, it’s important to research a good breeder in your area carefully. Avoid pups that are not ‘naturally’ white or that may have health problems associated with their coat color.

If you get a healthy pup, you’ll be adopting a wonderful white dog that will add so much joy to your life. Just maybe stay clear of dark-colored clothes and furniture!