Skinny Dog Breeds: 10 Beautiful Skinny Pups!

skinny dog breeds

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to believe they’re all the same animal to begin with. How can tiny Chihuahuas and Mastiffs both be considered dogs? Or a hairy Pulli and a bald Chinese Crested? And then there are muscular pups and skinny dog breeds too. There really is so much diversity.

In this blog, we’re going to show you 10 of our favorite skinny pups. They may be a little odd-looking to some, but we love thin dogs! As you’d expect, many of them are hounds or racing dogs. It’s therefore important you read on before adopting one of these gorgeous canines to make sure they’d be a good fit for your home.

10 Beautiful Skinny Dog Breeds (We Promsie You’ll Love Them)!

Skinny dogs are stunning and elegant and many make the perfect companion pup. Here are just 10 of our very favorite ones for you to choose from!


greyhound sitting

Greyhounds are perhaps the most iconic pups when it comes to skinny dog breeds. These wonderful, English dogs are exceptionally fast and are renowned on the racing track. Slim and athletic, it doesn’t take much for these dogs to stay in shape.

They prefer to zoom around a fenced-in yard or area rather than go on long hikes with their owners.

Although fast dogs, Greyhounds are also known for being very sweet-natured and a little timid. They can startle easily and socialization is essential for these dogs. They enjoy playing with other dogs and kids but like to have some time to themselves too.

They’re wonderful companions that are happy to curl up on the couch and snuggle their favorite humans!



Many people get confused between Greyhounds vs Whippets and it’s certainly understandable. Whippets, however, are a lot smaller than their bigger cousins. These wonderful, calm dogs were first bred in the north of England as a cheaper version of the Greyhound for racing. Their smaller size meant they needed less space and less food.

Just like Greyhounds, Whippets are very fast dogs that can spot prey from long distances away. It’s therefore always best to keep both of these tall skinny dog breeds on a leash as they love to chase after exciting things (like squirrels).

These pups are affectionate and loyal and can be sensitive too. They respond well to positive reinforcement and don’t like loud noises.

Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound

These are other adorable skinny dogs that many people confuse with Whippets. Italian Greyhounds, however, are much smaller. In fact, one of the key differences is that the American Kennel Club (AKC) categorizes Whippets as hounds and Italian Greyhounds as toy dogs.

These pups are very playful, cheery, and affectionate with their families and they get on really well with other dogs. They like playing with kids too, but care should always be taken. These skinny pups are very fragile (it’s hard not to notice their very thin legs) and they can always get injured.

If you live somewhere a little cooler, make sure you get them a warm winter coat.


saluki dog in snow

Salukis are undoubtedly one of the prettiest dog breeds there are. Elegant and slender, yet surprisingly strong and athletic, their beauty has been talked about for thousands of years.

As an ancient breed, Salukis used to be the favored hunting hound of kings and royals. Nowadays, they’re a playful and alert family pet that’s easily recognized thanks to their stunning long and hairy ears and tail!

As with other tall skinny dogs on this list, Salukis need a fenced-in yard to keep them safely entertained. They are amazing sighthounds and will happily run off if they see something, which can be dangerous if there’s traffic around or if they spook easily. A good extra precaution is to get them a dog GPS collar.

Ibizan Hound

Ibizan hound

Ibizan Hounds are a favorite of ours (if you’ve read our About Us Page, you’ll know that Tom, a Spanish Podenco, was one of the original Barking Talk pups). These wonderful hunting dogs were first bred to hunt small game.

Unlike some other skinny dog breeds, these dogs have lots of energy and need a lot of mental stimulation such as long hikes, time playing in a yard, or canine classes. They’re a great choice for those looking for a jogging companion.

These stunning pups usually have a deep red or red and white coat and seriously cute pointed ears. They’re athletic and strong and should be kept on a leash when out on a walk. These pups have very strong prey drives (that’s going to be a theme) and will run off after something they decide is more interesting.

Keep your Ibizan Hound entertained with lots of fun indestructible toys as they’re very intelligent and can get bored and mischievous easily.

Pharaoh Hound

pharaoh hound

Pharaoh Hounds are stunning dogs bred to hunt prey over rocky and difficult terrain. They look a lot like Ibizan Hounds thanks to their deep red/tan coats, but Pharaohs also have red noses, eye rims, and paw pads.

Like many of the dog breeds on this list, Pharaoh Hounds are ancient pups that first traveled the world with the Phoenicians. Pictures of dogs very similar to these have been found on the tombs in Egypt, but Pharaoh Hounds as we know them today, were first bred in Malta.

These red dogs also need daily exercise to keep them mentally and physically fit. Even though they’re intelligent and fairly easy to train, you shouldn’t let them off a leash if not in a fenced in area. They have a very strong prey drive.

Afghan Hound

afghan hounds

Afghan Hounds are definitely one of the most stunning dogs in the canine world. They’re also totally unique thanks to their very long coats. These dignified pups can be aloof but they also have a very silly and playful side (if you can get it out of them).

They’re born hunters and excel in chasing prey over rocky, mountainous terrain.

As you’d imagine from these beautiful dogs, they require lots of regular grooming. Puppies have short coats but as they grow older, their iconic, very long coats grow in and they can easily get mattered. It might surprise you, but Afghan Hounds are actually considered a hypoallergenic breed.

Ideally, Afghan Hounds should have the opportunity to run at full speed a couple of times a week. But, as you might well have guessed, it must be in a closed-in area that they can’t escape from. Apart from that, they’ll need daily walks and will enjoy going on runs with their owners.

They’re highly intelligent and love working out problems, so getting them some puzzle toys is a really good idea.


borzoi hunting dog

Borzoi are a Russian breed and one of the biggest skinny dogs on this list. These elegant, calm dogs are very graceful, respectful, and loyal. They were first bred to hunt wolves, which was a favorite pass time for the nobles and royals of Romanov Russia.

But with the Russian Revolution came the slaughter of the entire Romanov family and all its dogs, which was devastating for the Borzoi breed.

Luckily, breeders and fans of Borzois had transported dogs to England and America, which secured the future of these wonderful dogs.

It’s not advised to let your Borzoi out without a leash. They’re sighthounds and, as we know by now, have a large prey drive which means they have a tendency to run off. They’ll love canine classes as well as time to run around in an enclosed area.


This skinny dog breed is actually the only one on the list so far that isn’t recognized by the AKC. They look a little like Greyhounds but are smaller and have slightly wider heads. These pups come from south India where they’re also referred to as the Maiden’s beastmaster. This is because they were traditionally given to brides to protect them.

These dogs are usually a little shy and reserved around people they don’t know and can be a bit suspicious. They’re playful, protective, and loyal to their family. They’re also very alert, so whilst they don’t make the best guard dogs in the dog world, they’ll be happy to tell you when there are threats.

Kanni dogs are hunting hounds that were first bred to hunt rabbits and other small prey. They, therefore, need regular exercise and will love putting their skills to the test.


sloughi dog breed

Sloughis are ancient dogs that also have the nickname the “Arabian Greyhound” because, surprisingly, they’re also tall skinny sighthounds. These athletic, elegant coursing hounds originate in North Africa where they were used to hunt game in the desert.

Like other skinny dog breeds, they’re strong dogs that need regular exercise (on a leash). They’re accepted by the AKC in 4 coat colors, including sand, red, cream, and mahogany.

These pups have short coats that require very little grooming. The occasional bath and a light brush should be enough to get rid of any dirt and keep them clean.

Sloughis are good home dogs and will be happy to chill on the couch with you or follow you around as you clean. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t walk them, though. These amazing dogs are affectionate and very calm-natured and make wonderful pets.

Skinny vs Undernourished

It goes without saying, but it’s important you’re looking at naturally skinny breeds and not pups that are in any way skinny because they’re undernourished or haven’t been fed enough.

If you’re unsure how much your doggo should be eating, get in touch with a canine specialist or have a look at fresh dog food. The meals are often preportioned based on your pup’s physical needs and current weight.

Only adopt pups from a reputable breeder and have a look in a shelter. Many racing pups (like the Greyhound) are in need of a forever home once they get too old to race.

Final Thoughts

All of these skinny dog breeds are amazing pups that make great pets for the right owner. It’s important you keep in mind their high prey drives and exercise needs so you keep them safe and healthy.

If you give them a good, closed-in space to run, plenty of walks, and lots of cuddles in front of the TV with you, then you’ll have a happy best friend and the perfect pet.