What’s the Best Pitbull Collar? Our Top Picks for Your Beautiful Pup

best pitbull collar

One of the most exciting yet crucial parts of owning a Pitbull is finding the right dog collar for them. These pooches are particularly large, strong breeds that need a sturdy collar. But Pitbull skin can be sensitive, and the wrong collar might cause them irritation or result in a neck injury. So how do you find the right collar in terms of size and material? Is a leather collar better? And what should you consider when looking for the most suitable Pitbull collars? We’ve put together a list of trusted dog collars. But first, read on to find out how you can choose the perfect dog collar for your Pitbull!

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Product Details
Blueberry Pet Padded Dog Collar
OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar
  • Made from strong and durable nylon
  • Padded interior
  • Adjusts to your dog as they grow
Whistle Go Explore GPS Tracker and Collar
  • Adjustable
  • Battery lasts up to 20 days
  • Peace of mind for the owner

Types of Dog Collars

Depending on why you need a collar, there are many types of dog collars suitable for Pitbulls. The collar variety ranges from simple plastic collars to heavy-duty leather collar options. Many owners want to find a waterproof collar or a specific GPS collar for outdoor fun and extra security. You can choose from head halters, nylon, pinch, prong, buckle, flat, standard, martingale, anti-choke, and those with harnesses. It’s also important to think about ID tags for safety.

Why Do Dogs Need Collars?

Dog collars serve several purposes including the primary goal of ensuring safety. But there are many reasons why dogs need collars. 

  • A collar helps keep your dogs from getting lost. Dog collars are mostly used to hang ID tags and vaccination licenses. 
  • A dog with a collar is easily recognizable, so everyone knows your furry friend is not a stray animal but a family member.
  • Collars are handy when you need to attach a leash to your dogs.

These reasons apply to Pitbull collars too. And let’s not forget, canines see their accessories and collars as a sign of affection from you. They don’t just wear the collar, they own it!

happy pitbull

What To Look For In a Pitbull Collar?

Your Pitbull is a powerful dog. So realistically, the most appropriate Pitbull collar should be strong enough to handle their pulling power. Here are some things you should consider when choosing the best Pitbull collar.

Material: Work through choosing the right material for your dog. Heavy chains and plastic-based collars may cause discomfort and lead to joint dislocations. Leather collar varieties tend to be popular with pet parents. 

Width: Because the Pitbull is a large breed with heavy a build and wide neck, a collar with more width will be perfect for them. For optimal control and comfort level, look for a collar designed with a width of at least 1.5 inches to 2 inches.

Durability: Cheap collars can easily break and also tend to harm your canine. Pitbull dogs have thin fur coats, and the collars that don’t have enough padding can cause friction burns. So find a lightweight collar that has proper padding and a solid buckle to keep it from falling off easily.

Added Collar Features: Magnetic collars are especially helpful in stimulating blood flow for unhealthy and lethargic dogs. It helps in cell regeneration, which promotes happiness. And an increased supply of oxygen improves serotonin levels.

Generally, a washable sturdy collar that protects the skin is one of the best options. And above all, it’s essential to look for a collar that complements the personality and lifestyle of your dog.

How To Pick The Right Size Collar For Your Pitbull

Learning how to measure a collar for your Pitbull helps you get the perfect fit. It’s crucial to know the size of your Pitbull’s neck to make sure the collar fits properly. And fortunately, taking the right dog collar measurement isn’t a difficult process.

Measure around the neck 

You can start by measuring the neck circumference of your Pitbull. Simply wrap a snug string around their neck.

Measure on a tape 

Mark the endpoint of the string with a finger or marker and then measure it against a tape. Add one to two fingers in length if you plan on buying a stretchable collar and two to three fingers for dog collars that don’t stretch.

Dog collar size chart 

A dog collar size chart is also a useful tool for your Pitbull. It provides a handy conversion chart for inches to centimeters. Many dog collars also have a guide for the size of their collars that include recommendations for specific breeds.

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Points To Note About Measuring Dog Collars

When measuring dog collars, it’s important to keep a few items on your checklist.


Dog collars should fit properly to provide safety and comfort for your pup. To fit the collar on your pup’s neck before you tighten it, measure the collar’s size from the buckle to the third hole.

Adjust and tighten 

The perfect adjustment is when you can effortlessly slide two fingers inside the dog collar after fitting it on.

Keep a check on the growth of your Pitbull 

As your dog grows, you will need to change a few collar sizes. This helps to avoid suffocation and keeps dog collars from slipping off. 

What Are The Best Pitbull Dog Collars?

Pitbulls are known for their powerful, muscular builds and short, blocky faces. Their bite strength is more in line with other large breeds. And their collars serve a critical role in keeping them safe through all the adventures. To support you, we went on to read and analyze as many reviews as possible. And finally, we curated a list of top-quality, trusted, and tested collars for your Pitbull. From leather varieties to GPS-enabled collars, there’s quite a collection to choose from.

A Variety Of Collars To Suit Your Pitbull

Here are our favorite collars for your adorable Pitbull. They’re all great options for you to choose!

The Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar

The Soft Touch Two-Tone Padded Collar
A Great Leather Collar for Pittbulls

This is a really popular collar that is hand-stitched and comes in a number of different colors for your pup!

Handmade and hand-stitched leather dog collars are a great option. This particular dog collar is made of supple full-grain aniline leather and is comfortable for your Pitbull. It has an anti-chafing effect, thanks to the luxurious and soft sheepskin lining. It’s even personalized to include a brass dog tag ring. 

This Soft Touch collar is very durable, ensuring that your dog is safe. This brand positioned the brass D-ring opposite the buckle. They also offer a variety of colors and sizes to fit your puppy’s needs. This collar poses a winning combo of quality and style in one. It’s worth noting that leather accessories have comfortable padding and work well with all kinds of dogs.

Buckle-Down Superman Polyester Dog Collar

Buckle-Down Superman Dog Collar
A Fun and Durable Collar for Dogs

Are you looking for a unique collar for your little superhero? This one is great an available in many sizes.

This flashy yet robust collar is meant for super Pitbulls that love Superman. It’s a US-made collar with a simple and eye-catching print. It seals security with high-density polyester. Available in several sizes, this collar has a push button for releasing and a seatbelt-style buckle, making the collar easier to use. 

The Buckle Down collar boasts a heavy stainless steel D-ring along with vibrant artwork on the collar. It’s sure to last through dirt, water, and chewing. You can also choose from matching leashes to buy with this collar.

Max and Neo Martingale Collar

Max and Neo Martingale Collar
A Great, Durable Collar for Training

This safe, strong collar is a great option for Pitbull puppies and those that need a little extra training.

This high-quality reflective stitching Max and Neo martingale collar is hassle-free. It’s a nylon collar that locks buckles for adjusting to the desired level of pressure and control. It’s most favorable when your canine is up for a walk or playtime. The added layer of visibility makes it even more attractive to owners with active and energetic pups. 

Considering the level of safety and resilience, it’s a promising and affordable choice that withstands pulling. The brand also cares enough for all the dogs across the US to donate an extra collar purchased to animal shelters. Their noble cause and the variety of colors they offer for a Pitbull collar make them hard to resist.

Our Top Picks For The Best Pitbull Collar

It’s hard to pick any three out of such a great product range, so we’ve filtered through this tough competition for you. Read on to know why these collars made it to our “top picks” list for the best dog accessory.

Blueberry Pet Pretty Posies Spring Padded Polyester Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Padded Dog Collar
A Beautiful Waterproof Collar for Pitbulls

A very beautiful and well-designed dog collar for fashionable pups!

A floral pattern collar, this dog accessory is made from fine polyester webbing. It has a soft neoprene bottom layer to keep your dogs safe and free from any irritation. The buckles offer a great design with eco-friendly and high-quality plastic. The attractive gold-toned D-ring is coated in chrome. This makes the collar stable and durable. 

The waterproof neoprene saves your dog from funky odors and bacterial itching. This collar is easy to maintain and can be used throughout the year. The separate ring for placing dog identification tags is an added feature. It’s a great waterproof dog collar!

OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar

OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar
A Strong Collar for Strong Pups!

This is a great and secure collar for a Pitbull pup as they grow. It’s adjustable and comfortable too!

The OneTigris Nylon Military collar is a first-rate choice for your Pitbull. It offers a nylon exterior, customizable points, and a padded interior panel as well as a two-prong buckle and a military patches design that protects the neck. An invaluable investment, the collar adjusts to your Pitbull puppy as it grows. 

The buckles in this collar prevent it from being accidentally opened. It also has a heavy-duty metal D-ring for attaching a leash. A great feature of this collar is that it’s easy to clean and dry. It’s certainly a long-lasting option, and the brand also offers many colors to suit your Pitbull.

Whistle Go Explore GPS Tracker and Collar

Whistle Go Explore GPS Tracker and Collar
Keep Your Pooch Safe With a Stylish Collar

An amazing, durable, and practical collar that allows you to always know where your pup is. Comes in different colors

This mind-blowing combo by Whistle is worth the price. The Whistle Go GPS collar tracks your pooch’s location, and the nylon base keeps the tracker securely mounted. The collar can be adjusted according to your puppy’s neck, and the metal buckle makes it harder to slip off. 

The bundle comes in mesmerizing colors like gray, magenta, and green. The activity tracker also monitors your pup’s behavior like licking and scratching and can be enabled to send this report to the vet. 

You can choose to receive escape alerts for your dog via text messages or your Whistle app account. The battery of the tracker is rechargeable and lasts up to 20 days. This brand has helped reunite lost canines with their owners. And luckily, there haven’t been many complaints. All they ask for is a monthly subscription. This bundle is recommended if your dog is highly active and adventurous.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Pitbull Collar?

Choosing the right accessory for your Pitbull largely depends on their size and strength. This surely puts extra pressure on pet owners as they decide what collars to buy. Due to the Pitbull’s hefty frame, short coat, and sensitive skin, not every collar can go well with them. But carefully going through the right accessories for your pup can help you make a good choice. You can choose your dog’s collar based on style, control, design, and options for adjustable leashes made from leather or neoprene. It’s good to select a collar that is easy to handle and maintain. Durability is also important, especially for Pitbulls that love pulling and tugging.

Since there are plenty of great collars out there to suit your Pitbull and its pulling habits, we’ve made those options easier for you to find. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to pay attention to the accurate size of the collar for your furry friend and shop for the best products that offer safety, durability, and comfort for your Pitbull.