The 10 Best Waterproof Dog Collars

waterproof dog collars

It’s a dog owner’s responsibility to ensure their canine friend is treated with care. And while bathing your dog is a big enough task as it is, basic collars don’t make it any easier. When exposed to water, you’ll find common collars become permanently stained or even odorous, leading to significant discomfort for your pooch (and a particularly bad smell for you too). This is where waterproof dog collars come in!

In this blog, we’ll compare the best waterproof collars for different breeds so that dogs that love to go to the beach or go swimming can enjoy getting wet and still stay safe!

Product Details
  • Resistant to water, sweat, and oil
  • Made from durable, brightly colored material
  • Available in various sizes
Red Dingo
  • Durable PVC coated webbing
  • 5 colors to choose from
  • Odor-free
Wigzi Dog Collar
  • Reflective strip for extra safety in low lighting
  • Great for all coat/hair types
  • Durable and lightweight

What Are Waterproof Dog Collars?

Waterproof dog collars are exactly what the name suggests. These dog collars are safe to use and easy to clean. Most are completely waterproof, stink-proof, and dirt-proof and some are available with a lifetime guarantee for durability! A waterproof collar can benefit dogs by helping them stay and feel fresh, clean, and protected. Hold on…we’ll get to the list of best collars for dogs in a bit.

Why Are Waterproof Dog Collars Good For Your Pooch?

Does your pet love the outdoors, exploring off leash, and getting wet? Maybe they’re even a dog with webbed feet they love it so much! If so, you would know that it’s difficult for playful pups to refrain from wrestling in the mud or splashing away in the pool. Whatever your pooch prefers to play in the backyard, you can surely expect them to need a good bath. And if your canine has a standard dog collar on, it’s likely to get soaked, blotched, or damaged. A high-quality collar will last longer and give you peace of mind when it comes to cleaning and reusing the product.

Are Waterproof Dog Collars Easily Available?

Fortunately, completely waterproof products are nothing new, and collars of that variety are readily available. If you want your pooch to consistently enjoy their playtime without you worrying about cleaning their collar, getting a waterproof one might just be the solution you need. 

But which brand or material should you buy (is leather or nylon better)? What features should you consider when looking for such collars? Are there any collars that come with a lifetime guarantee? Luckily, we’ve done the dog work for you!

How Are Waterproof Dog Collars Different?

Waterproof dog collars come with their own set of benefits. Some favor security while others are inclined toward better quality and durability. It’s good to know some additional details on waterproof dog collars so your pup can experience a quality life of comfort and safety. 

With the current variety available in the market, you might just be left wondering whether to buy one brand or the other. In fact, some might even get lost skimming through all collar types to find the waterproof variety, only to land on one that doesn’t suit their pup at all. (Been there, done that.) To make your selection easier and give you some clarity, we’ve handpicked a few top-quality waterproof collars for dogs. 

The Best Waterproof Collars For Dogs

Here are some great choices for collars that are odor-free, dirt free, and able to stand a dip in the pool (or muddy pond)!

Mighty Paw Waterproof Dog Collar

Mighty Paw
Ideal for Trips to the Beach and Messing around in Puddles!

Great coated nylon dog collar which is easy to clean and smell-proof for fun in water!

This variety of water-friendly dog collars is PVC-based. The collar has a nylon material coating, which protects the accessory from water while also keeping it smell-free. The material also makes washing the collar a breeze. In fact, a simple wipe with a cloth can clean dirt off quite effectively.

Dogs are generally very energetic and love to play rough. For these types of dogs, durability is often in the interest of owners looking for a good collar. The Mighty Paw Waterproof Dog Collar, while still comfortable for your buddy to wear, is designed to endure a max force of 750 lbs.

This product comes in a broad range of sizes, suitable for a variety of dogs. Durable, reliable, and comfortable, this pool-friendly collar is a solid recommendation for those who want the best for their companion.

GoTags Personalized Sporting Dog Collar

Perfect Collar to Keep Your Pup Safe Too!

Keep your pup safe with this personalized and easy to clean waterproof collar.

This one is certainly among our favorites for dogs who could use a custom look. Pup parents have the choice to get a customizable GoTags Sporting Dog Collar. Want a durable waterproof collar with an engravable ID nameplate? You’re set. 

As is the promise with many waterproof dog collars, moisture and odors have no power over this accessory. It even cleans with a quick rinse, meaning your dog can have extended hours of playtime outside, and you’d still be able to prep the collar for another stroll with ease. And with the ring for easily attaching leashes at the back, you’ll both soon be on your next adventure again.

The nameplate is one specification that is unique to this collar on this list. Many pet owners like to have name tags or any form of ID on their pets. But hanging dog tags could get lost, have an irritable jingle, and may just be an inconvenience for some. The nameplate on this collar allows for up to 4 lines to be engraved with a custom ID. Each line can have 22 characters, giving you the flexibility to add specific and detailed security information for your dog.

C4 Hypoallergenic Collar

C4 Dog Collar
Personalized Waterproof Collar for Sensitive Pups

Is your pup sensitive to collars? This stylish, personalized one is a great choice!

Keep your pup comfortable with the personalization of a C4 Hypoallergenic Dog Collar. Using medical-grade thermo-elastomer, this lightweight collar was made to be waterproof and easily washable. The material also makes it resistant to odors and stains, giving you comfort in knowing your dog can go take a dip in the lake without you worrying about scrubbing any smells out of the collar.

The hypoallergenic quality adds to your pet’s comfort, making the gentle touch of the collar safe for sensitive skin (ideal for breeds such as Retro Pugs or Golden Retrievers). With a selection of 13 colors, both you and your pooch can have a relaxing and worry-free day out with a C4 personalized waterproof dog collar.

PawFurEver Waterproof Dog Collar

Ideal Collar for Stylish Pups

A wonderful choice for dogs who love to look stylish whilst splashing around. 5 colors to choose from!

Another collar with a variety of sizes and colors is the PawFurEver Waterproof Dog Collar which offers personalization with a fashionable two-tone color palette. This product also has some great quality features that let it make this list. 

The reflectivity of the collars is great for seeing dogs outdoors in the dark. In fact, some additional color can be added with an available matching leash, meaning no compromise on your dog’s appearance and cute looks.

The metal parts do, unfortunately, rust and may slightly stain fur. But the staining is quite manageable as it’s easy to clean. The fact that the brand’s customer service is said to be top-notch adds more value to this waterproof collar.

WAUDOG Waterproof Buckle Dog Collar

Great for Nighttime Walks

Designed to keep your pup safe in low light, this glow-in-the-dark waterproof collar is a great choice!

The WAUDOG Waterproof Buckle Dog Collar is made from Collartex material, which means it’s a heavy-duty and easily washable collar. It’s gentle on your dog’s fur and the flexible material makes it quite breathable. Because of its high durability, muddy and harsh environments won’t make it wear out.

Straying from the traditional reflective look that’s quite common in these accessories, this WAUDOG collar has a unique feature that takes your dog’s safety to a different level. It glows in the dark! So even if you’re out with your furry friend in the darker hours of the day, your dog’s collar will stand out. All that packed with a slick metal buckle. Convenience, comfort, style, and security all in one.

Euro-Dog Waterproof Quick Release PVC Dog Collar

Soft and Comfortable Collar for Pups

Ideal for dogs that love to go on wet walks. Easy to clean and easy to release.

The next product on the list is fashioned from a material called PVC-coated nylon, with high-quality European steel for the accents. Its waterproof quality guarantees your pup can go for a nice, refreshing swim or even splash about in the rain. 

This luxurious collar ensures your pet’s comfort with its production quality, and the quick-release buckle only adds to that comfort by making it extremely easy to put the collar on and wear it.

The product is available in many sizes and is built well for larger dog breeds. Make your dog’s personality stand out while also giving them the comfort to go about their excitement-filled day. 

CollarDirect Waterproof PVC Coated Dog Collar

Adjustable and heavy-duty for adventurous doggos!

Choose from 5 vivid colors for this durable and easy-to-clean waterproof collar.

Strength and style come together in this waterproof dog collar. Made for medium-sized dog breeds (such as Moyen Poodles), the strong yet soft CollarDirect dog collar is built for extended hours in the outdoors. Your dog can take it out into environments with significant moisture and it would still be ready for more. The PVC coating is what supports these resistance traits.

The collar size is adjustable, so any minor adjustments for your pet can be made on the spot. Easy maintenance, a good look, and reliability. Whether you’re going for a walk in the park or a routine hike, the CollarDirect dog collar will work through it all.

Our Pick For The Top Three Waterproof Collars 

While the products above are well worth the money, we wanted to save the best for last. We’ve set aside the top 3 completely waterproof collars to give you our best recommendations to make your shopping easier. These waterproof dog collars are some of the highest quality collars available on the market.

Remington Waterproof Hound Polyester Dog Collar

Perfect for Working Dogs and Those Who Love Water

Strong collar ideal for pups who love jumping in and out of ponds.

Let’s start with the Remington Waterproof Hound Dog Collar. If your dog is all about playing around in the mud or is simply your hiking partner, then this may just be the best one for you. Boasting high durability and resistance, this waterproof dog collar is near perfect for adventures with your canine buddy. It is resistant to water, sweat, and oils, which means even long outdoor treks would be like a casual walk in the park to this accessory. Reports from users support the advertised features.

The simple instruction for cleaning any outdoor substance off is to wipe it with a damp cloth. This collar comes in four sizes, having a good variation for a wide range of dog breeds. It is also available in 2 distinct colors, one being mossy oak duck blind and the other being orange.

The Remington waterproof dog collar also has safety features. One comes with the vibrant orange color option. The color is immediately noticeable and visible even in some view-obscuring conditions. Options to make your pet more noticeable outdoors are a terrific safety feature. The second safety feature is a ring within the build of the collar. While the collar ensures durability, the ring allows the dog to free themselves from being tangled.

Red Dingo Vivid PVC Dog Collar

Red Dingo
Brightly Colored Waterproof Collar for Adventurous Dogs!

Fun waterproof collar for dogs that love to run in puddles. Odor-free and made from strong material.

An all-rounder item, the Red Dingo waterproof dog collar is an easy choice for dog owners who want a good set of features without needing to give much thought. The material used is nylon with a PVC coating. The metal parts have a layer of chrome plating, preventing rust and discoloration of fur. The material is comfortable for your dog but also durable, perfect for your energetic outgoing friend.

Dirt and water won’t leave any marks on this accessory. Even if anything were left on it, you would easily be able to remove it with a simple wipe, which is what you should expect from any high-quality collar. You won’t be worrying about dirt or odor with this product.

If collar size is of any concern, the Red Dingo PVC collar is available in not 3, not 4, but an astonishing 7 collar sizes. The chances of not finding an available size for your pup are extremely slim.

As with many other collars, the color takes pet security into consideration. All 5 variations available are noticeable colors that add to the security of your pet while spending time outdoors. For those who enjoy matching products, the brand has matching waterproof leashes to be paired with the collars.

Wigzi Nylon Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar

Wigzi Dog Collar
For Dogs That Love to Play in the Snow, Pool, Sea, or Ponds!

Great all-round waterproof collar. Durable, colorful, and with plenty of safety features it’s a really good choice!

Our final choice on the list is a cost-effective item, the Wigzi Nylon Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar. This one sets the bar quite high. As the name suggests, its surface is notably reflective, adding safety points to the overall product. 

It’s soft and sits well on all types of fur and ensures your pet remains comfortable throughout the day. All that is matched perfectly by a side-release buckle that ensures the collar remains fastened while still being easy to remove after a long day of fun outdoors.

If you’re looking for any cons to discuss, fortunately, there isn’t much to talk about as far as this particular product is concerned. It sits high on the list of quality waterproof dog collars and is available in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Waterproof Dog Collar

There are several points you can take note of before purchasing. To get you started on brainstorming, here are a couple of things you can ask yourself.

  • What material suits your puppy (which one will be most comfortable for their fur)? 
  • How often does your pooch need a bath
  • Is your canine one of those silent pets that can wander off easily and get lost? (GPS collars might be worth your while)
  • Would you be going into harsh environments with your dog for an adventure?
  • What price are you willing to pay?
  • Do you prefer a stylish look for your furry friend? 

Conclusion: Which Waterproof Collar Should You Get?

There are plenty of options out there for you to choose the right dog collar for your pup. Think of your priorities and note down the features that matter to you most. It’s also a good idea to think of your canine’s specific routine in terms of outdoor play and water time. 

Once you’ve jotted down your circumstances, choosing from our list of best waterproof dog collars will be a piece of cake! But will it be worth it? Definitely. High-quality accessories go a long way with pets, and in the case of splash-friendly dog collars, it’s especially true for dogs. 

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