The Best Dog Christmas Sweater: Our Top 10 of The Cutest

dog christmas sweater

We all love to indulge in a sweater at Christmas. And, as a big part of the family, it’s only normal you’re also looking for a dog Christmas sweater to keep your pup snuggly and festive. We’ve gone through so many of the cutest (and sometimes the ugliest dog Christmas sweaters) so that your dog can be the start of the Christmas party.

Get ready, some of these are completely irresistible and you’re going to love them for your pooch. Let us know which one you choose and even send a picture – we’d love to see them!

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Product Details
HAPEE Elf Dog Christmas Sweater
  • Cute, festive design
  • Warm, cozy material
  • Comfortable and easy to get on
ACOCO Snowman Dog Christmas Sweater
  • Fun, festive snowman design
  • Well-made in comfortable fabric
  • Available in 8 sizes
Frisco Fair Nordic Isle Dog Sweater
  • Helps to keep your pooch extra warm
  • Festive, minimalist design
  • Leash hole for comfort and ease

Top 10 Christmas Sweaters for Your Furry Friend

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to get your pup an adorable and cozy Christmas sweater for you and the whole family to enjoy. We’ve gone for a good mix – some are classic, others amusing, and one or two are, well, ugly.

Here are 10 of our favorite ones!

HAPEE Elf Dog Christmas Sweater

HAPEE Elf Dog Christmas Sweater
The Perfect Sweater for Santa’s Little Helper

We absolutely adore this cute little elf sweater. Full of festive fun and it’s sure to keep your dog warm too!

Turn your pup into the most adorable little helper with this fun, cozy, and 100% Christmas sweater. It’s available in 6 different sizes (from XS to XXL), so it’s a good choice for almost any dog. There are clear instructions on how to measure your pooch too, so that you can find the perfect size.

It’s made from durable, soft, and very warm fabric which helps to keep your pup cozy whilst they’re out helping Santa. It’s also windproof which can come in useful on cold wintery days.

This is the perfect gift to put under the tree on Christmas Eve (maybe with a matching set of dog Christmas pajamas)? They’ll look so cute!

NACOCO Snowman Dog Christmas Sweater

ACOCO Snowman Dog Christmas Sweater
The Cutest Little Snowman Sweater

This is a cozy, Christmas dog sweater that your pup and family are sure to love!

How adorable is this little snowman sweater for your pooch? We love the cute design, classic Christmas colors, and the snowflake details. It comes in 6 sizes (right from XXS all the way up to XXXL) so is perfect for tiny and large doggos.

It’s made from stretchy, comfortable, and durable acrylic that’s warm and very soft on your pup’s coat. It’s the perfect treat to get your pet in the Christmas mood!

Frisco Fair Nordic Isle Dog Sweater

Frisco Fair Nordic Isle Dog Sweater
Unique Design With Adorable Hood

How beautiful and cozy is this amazing Christmas dog sweater? We love the design and material!

This is such a cute dog Christmas sweater – we almost wish it were available in human size too! It has a wonderful, traditional Fair Isle design as well as Christmas trees with bobbles and a hoody with reindeer antlers. What more could you want?

This dog sweater is available in 5 sizes (S to XXL) and it also has a useful leash hole so your pup can comfortably wear the sweater when out on a walk. This beautiful pullover is durable and well-made, ensuring it can be brought out again next year for even more Christmas fun.

It’s the perfect stocking filler (along with a fun puzzle toy) and we’re sure your pooch will love it.

Frisco Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs

Frisco Festive Dog Ugly Sweater
Fun Ugly Sweater For Christmas Parties

A bright, fun, and certainly festive Christmas jumper that will make your pup stand out from the crowds!

Any pooch could pull off this fun, ugly Christmas sweater. There’s a lot going on, with Christmas lights, baubles, Santa hats, beer, and a Christmas tree – it’s not exactly beautiful. But it is really fun and will definitely get you and the whole family in the Christmas spirit (especially if you all buy matching ugly sweaters too).

It’s 100% acrylic, meaning it’s warm, comfortable, and stretchy and is easy to get on your pup. It’s also machine washable in case they wear it out on a muddy walk. The sweater is available in 5 sizes (XS to XL) and is the perfect present for your pup for a Christmas party. You could also combine this jumper with some practical doggie paw protectors to keep your pup warm when it’s cold outside.

HRTTSY Dog Christmas Sweater

HRTTSY Dog Christmas Sweater
An Adorable Christmas Sweater for Your Furry Friend

A simple, reindeer sweater that’s cozy and festive for your adorable pup.

This dog Christmas sweater may be a little simpler than some others (especially the previous one) but we still think it’s really cute. We love the red and white stripes and the adorable reindeer design with baubles. It’s got a high-neck design to keep your furry friend extra warm throughout the festive season.

It’s available in 5 sizes and there are a couple of other Christmassy designs in the range too.

The knitted design means it’s warm, breathable, and comfortable for your pooch and it’s easy to put on and off too. There are clear measuring instructions so that you can ensure you get the perfect size for your pooch.

Frisco Gingerbread Dog Christmas Sweater

Frisco Gingerbread Dog Christmas Sweater
Original and Fun Sweater for Your Unique Pup

Get your pooch this cheeky but festive Christmas sweater to keep them warm this holiday season.

You can decide whether you think this is an ugly dog Christmas sweater or a funny and cute one. Either way, it’s unique and will certainly make your pup stand out at the Christmas party or in the dog park with their friends.

It’s made from thick acrylic knit to keep your pup comfortable and warm and is available in 7 sizes (so even for the biggest dogs). As with all Frisco Christmas sweaters, this one has a useful leash hole to make walks easy for you and more comfortable for your dog.

It’s also really reasonably priced, so is the perfect stocking filler (along with a cute squeaky toy).

Kuoser Knitted Dog Christmas Sweater

Kuoser Knitted Dog Christmas Sweater
A Classic, Comfy Christmas Sweater

We love this cosy, turtleneck sweater for dogs. It comes in 5 sizes and 4 colors to choose from!

We love this green sweater and think it’s perfect for the holidays! The traditional design is timeless, and chic and will make your pup look very cute. It’s also a great choice if you want to buy a matching Christmas sweater with your dog.

It’s available in 5 sizes and is made from soft cotton that’s stretchy, soft, and very cozy on a cold winter’s day. It’s easy to wear and has a leash-hole design too. The stretchy fabric means it’s machine washable too!

If you’re not a fan of green, this wonderful Christmas sweater for dogs is also available in blue, orange, and red.

Frisco Striped Christmas Tree Dog Sweater

Frisco Striped Christmas Tree Dog Sweater
A Classic Christmas Tree Sweater for Pups

A seriously cute and Christmassy jumper that will keep your pup warm and get everyone’s attention!

This is a classic Christmas pullover with red, white, and green stripes and a fun Christmas tree with pom-pom ornaments. It’s comfy, warm, stretchy, and easy to get on and off your pooch. The festive sweater is made from acrylic, which means it’s machine washable and can be worn outdoors too.

We absolutely love the timeless design and that it’s available in 6 sizes for (nearly) all breeds and breed owners to enjoy. It’s well-made, festive, and your pup is sure to love it too!

LUBOT Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs

LUBOT Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs
A Unique Ugly (But Still Cute) Christmas Sweater

A perfect sweater if your dog is taking part in a sweater competition. It’s ‘ugly’ enough but still pretty adorable!

We’re not saying that Santa is ugly (of course we’re not!) but this Santa-faced dog sweater could be classed as a bit ugly – or at least not the cutest one on the list. It’s sure to win the office competition though!

The design is available in 3 colors (pink, green, and black) and 5 sizes – so there’s a good match whatever size your dog is or coat color they have. The material is soft and elastic and made from acrylic and core-spun yarn. It’s longer than some other Christmas sweaters for dogs which makes it even warmer in cold weather.

This sweater may be on the ugly side, but we still think any adorable pooch could rock it over the festive season!

KYEESE Christmas Dog Sweater

KYEESE Christmas Dog Sweater
A Classic Christmas Sweater With It All!

We love this well-made and well-designed Christmas sweater for dogs. It has all the classics you need!

We love this dog sweater and how it has four of the classic Christmas designs on it – a star, tree, Santa himself, and Rudolf. This cute sweater from KYEESE is available in 7 different sizes and there’s a useful size chart to ensure you get the right sweater for your pooch.

It’s made from high-quality acrylic yarn that’s stretchy, warm, and comfortable for your pup to wear and play in. It’s designed with a cozy turtle neck and no sleeves, to make movement even easier for your furry friend.

The sweater is also machine-washable and has a leash hole to make walks easy. We think your dog will look adorable and very festive in this seriously cute and Christmassy sweater!

So, Which Sweater Is for Your Pup?

All 10 of these sweaters will help your pooch to stay warm and get into the festive spirit. They’re perfect for holiday photos and creating fun memories with the whole family. Each one is well-designed (even the ugly dog sweaters), well-made, and available in many sizes to suit all breeds.

Be sure to read the specific size charts before buying a dog Christmas sweater for your pup. You want to make sure they’re cozy, comfortable, and warm on the big day!