The 8 Best Dog Christmas Pajamas – Cute Ideas for All Pups

As well as snow, Santa, family, and lots of presents, Christmas is all about a brand-new set of cozy pajamas. It’s getting ever more popular for families to buy matching pajamas – after all, they’re completely adorable. But why should your pup miss out? Don’t they deserve their very own festive outfit to sleep in?

We don’t think any pooch should be missing out on a cozy night’s sleep this Christmas, so we’ve listed 8 of the very snuggliest and best dog Christmas pajamas to keep our furry friends festive and warm.

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Product Details
PajamaGram Matching Family Dog Pajamas
  • Cute, traditional design
  • Quality material
  • Available for the whole family
Snowman Xmas Dog Pajama Jumpsuit
  • Super comfortable
  • 5 Sizes
  • Cute design
STAR WARS Gingerbread Cookies Dog Pajamas
  • Made from thick, cozy material
  • 6 sizes available
  • Original design

8 Dog Christmas Pajamas You’ll Love

We’ve done the dog work for you and come up with 8 really cute dog pajamas for you to choose from. They’ve all got Christmassy designs, are well-made, and will make your dog feel extra special on Christmas morning.

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PajamaGram Matching Family Dog Pajamas

PajamaGram Matching Family Dog Pajamas
Festive Pajamas for Your Furry Friend

We love a matching pajama set that our pooches can get involved in too. This one is cute, cozy, and for the whole family.

We’re starting it off simply with this adorable set of matching plaid pajamas. Made from lightweight yet durable flannel, these pajamas are comfortable and very cozy. They’re available in 5 different sizes (from XS to XL), so there’s sure to be one to fit your furry friend.

The material is high-quality cotton which stays bright and doesn’t fade after washing. Your dog will love how smart they look on Christmas Eve with their crew neck top and long-sleeved pajamas. You can choose from the classic red and green, gray and red, or white red and green.

Snowman Xmas Dog Pajama Jumpsuit

Snowman Xmas Dog Pajama Jumpsuit
Adorable Snowman Pajamas

Your dog will love these super cute snowman Christmas pajamas. They’re cozy, festive, and really comfortable.

What says Christmas more than red pajamas covered in snowmen? These Christmas PJs are perfect for keeping your pup warm and festive. They’re available in 5 different sizes (from XS to XL) and are covered in adorable designs such as snowflakes and snowmen.

They’re made from high-quality cotton with a touch of lycra for stretch and comfort. These Christmas dog pajamas can be machine-washed and are the perfect early gift or stocking filler for your pup.

STAR WARS Gingerbread Cookies Dog Pajamas

STAR WARS Gingerbread Cookies Dog Pajamas
The Perfect Gift For A STAR WARS Loving Pup

Are you a fan of STAR WARS? Then these Christmas Pajamas are perfect for you and your pooch. They’re so cute!

We know. How adorable is this pajama set for dogs? The design is perfect for any STAR WARS fans out there (and any gingerbread fans) and your dog is sure to love it. There are 6 sizes available – meaning they go up to XXL and can fit dogs up to 60 pounds.

The dog pajamas are made from thick polyester fleece to make them even cozier and comfortable – perfect for your pet.

Not only do these pajamas look amazing on dogs (and cats) but they also help to keep shedding under control by trapping any excess hair and dander. Just remove the hair and put it in the washing machine to keep it clean.

PajamaGram Snow Bear Pajamas for The Whole Family

PajamaGram Snow Bear Pajamas for The Whole Family
Cozy, Fun, And Festive Pajamas

How great are these dog pajamas? Cute design and good material – your dog will love them!

This is another adorable matching set of Christmas pajamas, perfect for the whole family. We love the really cute design of Polar bears wearing Santa hats and scarves in the snow, and think your dog will too! The pajamas are available in a range of sizes so you can ensure the perfect fit for your pooch.

The cozy fleece is made from high-quality and durable fabric that’s machine-washable and won’t fade. These are perfect for extra warmth during cold weather! Not only are these dog Christmas pajamas adorable, but we love the style of the human ones too – they really are the perfect set.

Wagatude Candy Print Dog Christmas Pajamas

Wagatude Candy Print Dog Christmas Pajamas
Cute and Subtly Festive Dog Pajamas

We love the colors in this Christmassy print and think any pup would look adorable in it!

This is the perfect design for pets that want to get a little festive, but don’t want full-out wreaths, snowmen, and Santa hats. The delicate design is subtle, but definitely Christmassy! We love the pastel colors.

These dog Christmas pajamas are a good choice for medium to large-sized dogs as they’re only available in 3 sizes (medium being the smallest). They’re made from a plush, lightweight poly-cotton blend that helps to keep your dog warm and snuggly whilst they’re waiting for Santa to come.

They’re also really easy to put on your pooch as they simply slide over your dog’s head. We think these pajamas, as well as a fun puzzle toy, are perfect stocking fillers!

LazyOne Christmas Trees Dog Pajamas

LazyOne Christmas Trees Dog Pajamas
The Cutest Pajamas for Dogs That Love The Outdoors!

These soft pajamas are extra comfortable and include a cute Christmas tree and reindeer design.

This is one of our favorite Christmas dog pajamas on the list. The design is just so cute! They’re available in 5 sizes, so will fit any type of Chihuahua right the way up to a large Schnoodle. It is, however, worth bearing in mind that if your dog is very fluffy, you may need to buy a larger size.

The LazyOne Christmas tree pajamas are not just cute but they’re also very cozy. They’re part of a matching set – so you can get the same pajamas for you and your family too. They’re made from premium-quality cotton that’s already been shrunk, so they’re safe to machine wash and tumble dry on low too.

Schien Red and White Striped Dog Christmas Pajamas

Schien Red and White Striped Dog Christmas Pajamas
The Perfect Pajamas for Your Little Helper

What better pajamas to get your pooch than these elf-inspired ones? Soft and durable – we love them!

Turn your pooch into Santa’s little helper with these wonderful, elf-inspired pajamas. They’re the perfect Christmas gift for your dog!

They’re made from breathable, yet warm material that’s durable but also stretchy to keep your dog comfortable whilst they’re chasing rabbits in their sleep. Unlike some of the other Christmas PJs on this list, these ones cover all 4 of your pup’s legs – so they can stay extra warm and cozy.

These Schien pajamas are available in 6 sizes (from XS to XXXL) so can fit tiny dogs and much bigger ones too! Because of the simple (but very cool) design, it’s easy to find matching red and white striped Christmas pajamas for the rest of the family too.

Frisco Santa Claus Dog Pajama Set

Frisco Santa Claus Dog Pajama Set
The Most Christmassy Pajama Set for Dogs!

These are really fun pajamas that will instantly get your pup in the festive spirit.

If you really want your dog to be festive this Christmas, then these Frisco pajamas could be perfect! The design includes Santa’s face, presents, and holly – all of which will get you and your pooch in the festive spirit.

For extra warmth, these pajamas are made from polyester fleece and are meant to fit your pooch snugly. They’re machine washable and can also be tumble dried on low. These pajamas are available in 5 different sizes (S-XL) and are a wonderful Christmas gift for your dog or another pup you love. They have great ratings and are competitively priced.


How cute are dog Christmas pajamas? They’re the perfect, cute accessory for the holiday season and they also help to keep your pooch cozy and warm when it’s (hopefully) snowing outside.

All of the Christmas PJs on this list are well-made and have very cute designs too. Always check the specific product details about sizing as some of these pajamas are not meant for dogs that have a different body shape (e.g. Dachshunds or Dachshund mixes like the Chiweenie).

One thing is for sure though, you’re going to get the perfect holiday photos of your pup in these pajamas.