Chiweenie – What You Need to Know About This Wonderful Mix

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Toy breeds are hugely popular among single pet owners, retirees, and small families living in small spaces. Small dogs like Chihuahuas and Dachshunds mix to make the most adorable breeds! The Chiweenie is a Dachshund and Chihuahua mix that’s full of energy, fun, and personality.

Before you visit a local rescue or breeder and adopt a Chiweenie dog, it’s helpful to know what you’re getting yourself into. These spunky pups have tons of intelligence and charm, but they also have very specific needs. Read on to learn all about the Chiweenie mix and discover whether it’s the perfect fit for your family.

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5 to 12 Pounds

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12 to 16 Years

The Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix of Your Dreams

Chiweenies are hybrid dogs with a Chihuahua and a Dachshund as parents. These loveable little pups are loyal, playful, and full of charm. Breeders often mix unique breeds to capitalize on their best traits, like the fascinating Aussiedoodle or Pitsky

With Chiweenie dogs, you can expect a mix of all the fierceness of Chihuahuas with the unwavering loyalty of Dachshunds. The combination of these breeds makes for an interesting breed with the potential for a variety of personalities. Understanding the parent breeds of this mix will help you get an idea of what you can expect from Chiweenie puppies.

Overview of Chihuahuas

Did you know there are actually seven different types of Chihuahuas? This breed is the smallest dog breed in the world. Chihuahuas are well-known for their fierce and loveable personalities, as well as their adorably small size. Most Chihuahuas range between 3-7lbs and stand only five inches tall!

This breed generally has a feisty and playful temperament. They’re often very attached to their owners and happy to be carried around wherever their owners go. Most Chihuahuas live between 12-20 years and are versatile dogs able to adapt to any living situation.


Overview of Dachshunds

Dachshunds are an adorable breed known for their short, stubby legs. They’re incredibly loyal dogs and have been an accomplished hunting breed for centuries. This breed typically weighs between 16-32lbs and stands 8-9 inches tall. 

Most Dachshund parents describe their pups as bold, affectionate, and adventurous, so it makes for an excellent mix with Chihuahuas. Most Dachshunds will live between 12-16 years and enjoy spending their lives with devoted pet owners who can commit to giving them the freedom to roam and explore that their instincts crave.


History of Chiweenies

It’s thought Chiweenies emerged during the designer breed boom in the 1990s. Designer breeders began mixing purebred dogs to create new mixed-breed dogs that would have the best traits of their parents. The Chiweenie is a relatively new mixed breed, but there’s no proof that they didn’t exist before the 90s.

Both the Chihuahua and Dachshund are desirable dogs to breed. They’re both small breeds that typically have fun personalities and a good lifespan. Chiweenies are loyal, affectionate, and adventurous and are popular dogs to adopt.

What’s the Temperament of Chiweenies?

The temperament of Chiweenies can vary pretty widely, as with all mixed-breed dogs. There are, however, a few charming traits that are associated with these small dogs. Chiweenies are typically loving, adventurous, and energetic dogs.

Some pet owners may find their Chiweenies displaying an anxious or timid disposition, which comes from their Chihuahua parents. Others may describe their dog as fearless and bold, which comes from their Dachshund parents. 

You’ll find that this breed has a uniquely charming personality. They’re highly sociable dogs that get along well with small children and other dogs. These pups tend to have an affinity for exploration, so be prepared for a lot of sniffing on those daily walks!

What Do Chiweenies Look Like?

Chiweenies are considered small dogs, as they usually weigh 5-12lbs and measure 6-10 inches tall. They often have floppy ears that look like their Dachshund parents, though a bit smaller. Some may have stubby legs reminiscent of Daschunds, while others have a frame more similar to Chihuahuas.

These dogs are hugely cute in a very small package. They often have the snout of a Daschhaund and the frame of a Chihuahua. Of course, as with most mixed breeds, you can never be 100% sure of what their puppies will look like. Chiweenies are so unique because there are endless possibilities for how their parent breed genes will combine and show through to their pups.

What Type of Coat Do Chiweenies Have?

The coat of a Chiweenie can come in a variety of beautiful colors. They can have blonde, black, brown, tan, and even stunning red coats. These dogs have parent breeds that don’t look very similar to each other, so the resulting mix is a very cute and unique Chiweenie puppy!

This Chihuahua and Dachshund mix has a very short coat with fur that doesn’t shed frequently. That makes them an appealing option to those who love dogs but suffer from allergies. Their short coats and lack of shedding mean they might not trigger allergies, but they aren’t considered hypoallergenic, so keep that in mind if you’re particularly sensitive to pet fur or dander. 

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Needs of Chiweenies

Just like any other mixed breed dog, Chiweenies have a certain set of needs. You’ll want to have an understanding of the amount of exercise and grooming that’s required, as well as any health concerns to watch out for before you seek out a reputable breeder or search local shelters to adopt a Chiweenie puppy.

How Much Exercise Do Chiweenies Need?

Developing a good exercise plan for your pet is the best way to keep them healthy and happy. As small dogs, Chiweenies don’t require nearly as much exercise as bigger dogs like Huskies or Pitbulls. 

You should aim to give your pup 30-60 minutes of exercise every day. You can take them for a long walk, or do a shorter walk and have an active play session at home or in your yard afterward. As long as your Chiweenie gets some fresh air and time to zoom around, then they’re going to be happy.

Making sure you stick to their exercise routine once it’s in place is very important for this breed. All dogs love routine, but Dachshunds in particular love the predictability of routine since their hunting breed instincts have them wired to carry out a certain task at certain times.

Keeping up with their exercise will also prevent your pup from having too much built-up energy, which can lead to undesirable behaviors. Give your pup lots of love and encouragement on their walks and during playtimes to help solidify your bond!

Is Socialization Important for Chiweenies?

All dogs will benefit from being properly socialized! Thanks to their Daschund and Chihuahua mix heritage, this breed usually gets along well with other dogs and people, but they can also be very willful. Obedience and socialization training will help your pup feel more comfortable going into a variety of different situations, and they’ll learn several basic commands that make their and your life easier. 

You don’t have to attend a class if you’d rather train your pup yourself. These spunky pups are intelligent, feisty, and love positive reinforcement. It’s helpful to teach them basic commands such as sit and stay before beginning socialization, so you’ll be able to better control their interactions and make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Make sure to reward your pup with lots of praise and treats when they respond to your commands and play well with their new puppy friends! Positive reinforcement is the key to getting your dog comfortable following commands, and it makes the bond between you both that much sweeter!

Do Chiweenies Need Lots of Grooming?

Chiweenies don’t require that much grooming. However, if they have a long-haired Dachshund parent, you’ll need to brush them more often. It is important to keep up with their grooming, but it should be an easy process you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Dachshunds and Chihuahuas tend to need their nails trimmed once a month, so aim to do the same with your Cheweenie puppy.

You should only need to bathe your Chiweenie once every two or three months, but you want to brush their coat once or twice a week. Make sure you use a soft-bristled brush and gently brush their entire coat to keep it looking shiny and healthy.

longhaired chiweenie dog

Do Chiweenies Have Any Health Problems?

All breeds are prone to some health problems, and Chiweenies are no exception. Dachshund mixes often have similar health problems as their parent, such as back problems, canine cancer, or seizures.

Chihuahua mixes often have similar problems. Heart issues, spinal injuries, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and patellar luxation are all common problems with mixed-breed dogs who have a Chihuahua parent.

Low blood sugar is one of the most common issues seen with Chiweenies, so it’s important to make sure your dog’s diet is full of all the nutrients they need and helps them maintain a healthy weight. Talk to your vet about putting them on a fresh dog food diet that’s perfectly balanced.

According to the American Kennel Club, one of the biggest health concerns for mixes with a Dachshund parent is overfeeding. When a purebred dachshund becomes overweight, they’re more likely to experience knee problems like patellar luxation. Since Chiweenies are prone to this due to their Chihuahua parents, it’s important to ensure your pup is getting a proper diet.

Stick to food that’s full of all the nutrients they need to thrive and limit dog treats to special occasions. Make sure you ask about any health concerns before adopting because responsible breeders will always inform you of any issues.

What’s the Ideal Living Situation for Cheweenies?

Cheweenies may seem low-maintenance because of their tiny Chihuahua frames and loving Dauschund personalities, but this small breed still needs plenty of attention. They’re high-energy dogs, so it’s important you have the space inside or nearby to indulge them with lots of active play sessions and mental stimulation. Puzzle toys and indestructible toys can be a good way to keep them entertained.

Chiweenies are good dogs for single people or families and can adapt to most living situations. Whether you live in a large house with a spacious yard or a tiny apartment, your Chiweenie will be happy as long as they’re getting the mental stimulation and exercise they need.

They’ll be thrilled to live in a home with small children or other animals, but this breed is also the right dog for single people. They make a great lap dog and will happily sit with you while you binge-watch the latest Netflix series.

Is It Easy to House Train Chiweenies?

Many people worry about potty training when adopting a puppy. If you go through a local shelter and adopt an adult dog, then you probably won’t need to worry about potty training. Dachshund and Chihuahua mixes are cute dogs but are notoriously difficult to potty train because of their big, willful personalities.

Other dogs may take to potty training more easily, but with the right training, you’ll be able to housebreak your spunky pup in no time. It’s helpful to lay out some puppy pads for Chiweenies because sometimes their health issues can make it difficult to fully house-train them. If they’re struggling with knee or back problems, then it might be hard for them to go outside each time they need to relieve themselves.

Using puppy pads will set you both up for success. And try to remember the basics of house training for these pups. Always reward them when they go outside, and never punish them for accidents. Lots of positive reinforcement will help them understand where they’re allowed to relieve themselves, and they’ll be happy to please you.

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Are Chiweenies the Right Dog for You?

If you’re looking for a sweet dog with a vibrant personality, then you’ll find that with Chiweenies. They’re loyal, loving, and feisty pups with a desire for adventure and cuddles. This breed is perfect for nearly any living situation and will get along well with the others in your home. Hopefully, this guide helped you decide whether this breed is the perfect fit for your home, and make sure to keep checking back with BarkingTalk for more amazing mixed breeds!

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