What Are The Best Dog Paw Protectors? Keep Your Pup Safe and Comfortable!

cockapoo in snow with paw protectors

We all want the best for our furry friends, and that includes their little tootsies. Whilst most dogs are pretty used to running around barefoot, there are some extreme weathers and conditions where paw protectors can help keep them safe and comfortable.

For instance, dog paw pads are very sensitive to hot concrete, ice, salt used to deice sidewalks, sharp objects, and other elements. Pups with longer hair can easily accumulate ice between their toes which can lead to cracked and even bleeding pads which can be very painful to walk on.

Dog paw protectors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are real dog boots and others are more like socks with firmer soles.

So which are the best dog paw protectors out there? What’s important for you to think about? And are they really worth it? Here’s what you need to know!

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Product Details
Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Durable, comfortable, and waterproof material
  • Different colors and sizes
Canada Pooch Hot Pavement Dog Boots
  • Protective and comfortable
  • Wide opening and grippy soles
  • Drainage system for water
Muttluks Trackers All Season Dog Boots
  • Versatile and durable dog shoes
  • Protects from winter and summer weather and sharp objects
  • 10 sizes available

What Should You Look for When Buying Dog Paw Protectors?

To ensure you get the best and most comfortable paw protection for your pooch, there are a couple of things for you to think about.

Size and fit. It’s really important to get your dog a paw protector that fits correctly. A little Chihuahua isn’t going to have the same size foot as a massive Mastiff breed. You need to make sure the boot is comfortable for them to wear and fits their unique foot shape too.

Ease putting on. We’ve all battled putting on a harness for the first time, especially when you’ve got an excitable pup that’s ready to go for a walk. Now imagine having to do 4 little booties? Trust us, you want them to be easy to slip on and off.

Material. This largely depends on the weather and why you’re buying a dog paw protector. If it’s because of hot weather, it’s best to get booties that are made from a breathable fabric that won’t make your dog’s feet overheat and become uncomfortable. If it’s for snow and ice, waterproof outer fabric and cozy inner fabric work best.

Style. For many pup parents, style and color are really important. They’ve got to match your pooch’s adorable retractable leash or collar. If this is you, make sure the paw protectors are available in a color/shape you like.

6 Best Dog Paw Protectors For Pups

So, now we know what to look for, we’ve rounded up 6 of the best foot protectors for dogs so they can get outdoors and enjoy their walks.

Actually, whilst we’re on the topic, it’s essential not to take your dogs out in very extreme weather for long periods. Whilst paw protectors can help, it’s important to walk your pup at the coolest time of day in summer and when it’s warmer in winter. Some dogs are better suited to extreme climates but others can struggle, so always make sure they have plenty of water and somewhere warm to rest.

#1: Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots

Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots
Great Boots for Pups Of All Sizes

These boots are perfect for helping dogs stay comfortable in extreme temperatures and stop them from slipping on tricky surfaces.

We love these cute, fashionable, and practical paw protectors. They’re ideal for cold weather and are made from durable and waterproof material which is easy on your pup’s fur too. The velcro straps have reflective stitching to help keep your pooch safer at night and they’re easy to put on and off.

The rugged, anti-slip soles are not just great for snow and ice, but they also help dogs not to slip indoors (on polished surfaces such as laminate or kitchen tiles). They’re available in 6 different colors and 8 different sizes – so there’s sure to be a design and perfect fit for your canine companion.


  • Easy to take on and off
  • Reflective stitching
  • Different colors and sizes
  • Durable, waterproof material
  • Skid-resistant design
  • Clear measuring instructions so you get the right size


  • Not machine washable or dryer friendly. Need to be hand-washed

#2: Canada Pooch Hot Pavement Dog Boots

Canada Pooch Hot Pavement Dog Boots
Ideal for Dogs That Live in Hot Places

If you live somewhere hot, then these boots are ideal. They’re comfortable, practical, and durable for puppy fun!

As the name suggests, these boots are a wonderful choice if you live somewhere hot. Unlike some other paw protectors out there, the soles of these boots are lightweight, meaning they’re protective but your dog can still feel the ground underneath them.

There’s a useful adjustable toggle for comfort and fit and they’re easy to put on too. These dog boots also have a drainage system in the sole, meaning they’re ideal for water play (think the beach – sand can be very hot on pups’ paws). They’re available in 6 different sizes and come in an attractive blue and green color.


  • Protects paws from the hot pavement
  • Water drainage system so your dog’s paws don’t get soggy
  • Easy to get on and off and stay secure
  • Available in 6 sizes


  • Only available in 1 color
  • Boots don’t float (although they shouldn’t come off, so that shouldn’t be a problem)

#3: Muttluks Trackers All Season Dog Boots

Muttluks Trackers All Season Dog Boots
Perfect for Every Weather

No need to buy different paw protectors with these all-season ones! They’re stylish, practical, and comfy too!

If you live somewhere that gets both very hot and cold, you’ll want versatile, all-season pup shoes – just like these! The Muttluks dog boots are made from nylon and rubber and are waterproof too. The soles are durable and thick which may mean your pup can’t ‘feel’ the floor under them, but it does protect them from sharp objects.

They have a secure, self-tightening hook-and-lock closure which prevents them from falling off on adventures. The closure also naturally falls on the thin part of your pup’s leg for extra comfort. There are 10 sizes available which means you can definitely find one to fit your pooch.


  • Ideal for all seasons (no need to buy different paw protectors)
  • Secure tightening system
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Protects from sharp objects (such as glass or thorns) too


  • Only one color (black) is available

#4: Ruffwear Outdoor Booties

Ruffwear Outdoor Booties
Ideal for Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

These paw protectors are perfect for dogs that like going on outdoor adventures. They’re durable, easy to put on, and comfortable.

These great outdoor boots have over a thousand reviews and pup parents love the durable soles and their sturdiness. They come in 3 colors (green, black, and red) and are specifically designed for trails, hikes, and all outdoor fun.

They have a wide opening which makes them easy to get on and off your pooch and a sturdy hook-and-loop cinch closure system which keeps them neatly on your dog’s feet. They also have a reflective trim for early morning and nighttime safety. As well as a durable sole, these boots are made from breathable mesh to keep your dog comfortable when they’re running around.


  • Made from durable and breathable materials
  • 3 colors available
  • Reflective trim for safety
  • Well-made with a secure fitting system
  • Ideal for trails and hikes


  • It is clearly stated, but some owners didn’t like that only 2 boots are included (especially when dogs have 4 paws!)

#5: Bark Brite Neoprene Dog Boots

Bark Brite Neoprene Dog Boots
Comfortable, Durable, With a Non-Slip Base for Protection

These great paw protectors are suitable for all weather conditions (heat and cold) and are designed to fit your dog’s paw shape. They’ll love them!

These great paw protectors are designed to follow the shape of your pup’s natural paw (for extra comfort). They’re available in 5 sizes and 3 colors (including two jazzy pink and green striped ones). The non-slip soles help to protect your pet from extreme weather conditions, rough terrain, and sharp objects.

The Bark Brite dog boots are ideal for wet, cold, and hot weather and can be used as an indoor paw protector too. They’re made with reflective straps to keep your dog safe during low-light walks and they’re also easy to adjust to prevent discomfort.


  • Versatile and can be used in different conditions
  • Fun and functional design
  • 5 sizes to ensure a good fit
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and easy to wear


  • Whilst the designs are unique, they may not be to every pup parent’s taste

#6: Ruffwear Polar Trex Winter Dog Boots

Ruffwear Polar Trex Winter Dog Boots
Perfect for Extreme Winter Conditions

Do you live somewhere very cold? Maybe you like going skiing with your pooch? These booties are perfect for lots of snow and ice!

If you live somewhere really cold with a lot of snow and ice, you might want to consider getting your pooch these polar winter dog boots. These paw protectors are sturdy and great at keeping your dog’s toes warm. They’re made of durable material that can even protect your dog’s legs and paws against ski and snowboard edges (if you like to take your pup with you).

The soles have great traction thanks to their unique design and make walking and running across icy terrain a breeze. They’re easy to get on and off and have a stretch gaiter which can be zipped close to keep snow out and the boots firmly on your pup’s feet.


  • Ideal boots for very wintery conditions
  • Made from durable and comfortable material
  • Easy to get on and off with secure fit
  • Great sole tread for more traction
  • Can be washed on a cool cycle


  • Only 2 boots are included
  • One color available
  • Just designed for extreme cold weather (but great for that!)

So, Which Paw Protectors Should You Ger Your Pooch?

Whenever you buy a dog paw protector, you must buy your pooch the right size. All of the booties linked here have clear guidelines when it comes to sizing, which should help you choose the correct one. Make sure you follow the instructions so you put them on and secure them properly to ensure they don’t come off mid-adventure!

Paw protectors are a great way to keep your dogs comfortable and safe whilst on busy streets and during extreme weather. They allow them to go outside and get that all-important daily exercise!