Just Food For Dogs – Everything You Need To Know About This Fresh Food Brand

Just Food for Dogs Dog food

Just Food For Dogs is one of the pioneer fresh pet food brands on a mission to provide healthy and nutritious meals for your pooch. But what is fresh dog food? Can Just Food For Dogs provide balanced meals for your canine without compromising on quality?

There’s a growing concern about what we’re consuming as part of our regular diet. Dog owners are also moving towards the selection of better, wholesome ingredients for their pups. Just Food For Dogs commits to improving the quality of life for your furry friend.

And we’ve put together a comprehensive Just Food For Dogs review that answers all your questions about this dog food brand!

But First – What Is Fresh Dog Food?

Commercial dog food is also known as wet food or kibble and quite often consists of low-quality ingredients and various preservatives. This type of food is prepared months in advance to when your pooch consumes it (think of those bags stored in your pantry for months with an expiry date that isn’t even near approaching).

Fresh dog food is exactly the opposite and just what the name suggests. Chock-full of nutrition and healthy ingredients, it provides high-quality proteins, legumes, fruits, veggies, and essential nutraceuticals.

And because there are no preservatives, fresh dog food has a much shorter shelf life. Think of the difference between a TV dinner and a freshly cooked meal. Close enough!

What Type of Food Does Just Food For Dogs Offer?

Just Food For Dogs was developed to improve digestive health and overall wellness in canines through quality pet food prepared fresh (almost a week before being served.) The brand offers freshly prepared dog food in five types of meals:

  • 1. Fresh Frozen meals: fresh pet food that you can simply thaw and serve.
  • 2. Pantry Fresh: fresh meals that are shelf-stable for up to a year or 2 years.
  • 3. Vet Support: prescription-based fresh food ready to thaw and serve.
  • 4. DIY Homemade Kits: a complete list of specially formulated nutrients that you can shop, cook, and serve. From ground beef to spinach, each ingredient is mentioned for you to make the perfect combination.
  • 5. Custom Diets: veterinarian-led formulas customized to your dog’s individual needs. Instead of dense protein like ground beef, lean protein like ground turkey may suit your pooch better. These diets also target healthy skin, hair, and digestion.

What Are The Primary Ingredients In Just Food For Dogs Recipes?

The company offers real food meals in chicken, beef, turkey, fish, venison, and lamb. Primary ingredients in each meal include high-quality proteins, veggies, fruits, and grains. All ingredients are mentioned on the packaging, so you know exactly what your pooch is eating.

The brand also offers gluten-free and grain-free options. There are no preservatives in these recipes, and many formulas are nutritionally complete and free from hormones.

All recipes from Just Food For Dogs are prepared with ingredients that are approved by the USDA. These pet food recipes are backed by veterinary nutritionists who ensure that all meals are in line with Dog Food Nutrient Profiles by AAFCO.

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Quality, Packaging, and Safety

Just Food For Dogs has kept its focus on high-quality, human-grade real food for canines. They offer a great selection of pet food recipes backed by research and labeled safe for human consumption. They are the only fresh food company that conducts systematic feeding trials for all recipes to provide maximum nutrition.

The brand has also commissioned digestibility studies in collaboration with major universities. With ongoing and published research, Just Food For Dogs wants to demonstrate the positive results of feeding fresh food to pets.

Just Food For Dogs is transparent about their recipes and provides a full list of fresh whole food ingredients and nutritional information on every pet food pack. Pet parents can check for essential nutrients and how much of each ingredient is in the mix.

The brand has unique open kitchens across several cities where you can go and see a team of nutritionists and culinary experts preparing these meals.

Recall History

Just Food For Dogs has only had one recall which occurred in 2018. The recall applied to meals prepared between November 1, 2017 and January 14, 2018. The company voluntarily recalled three of their meals made during this time, including Turducken, Fish and Sweet Potato, and Beef and Russet Potato.

These fresh pet food meals contained green beans that had the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Laboratory tests verified the contaminated green beans that had been purchased from a particular restaurant supply distributor. The recall is complete and the FDA has marked it as terminated.

Transitioning To Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs is a brand that suits a variety of pups. Since the company uses premium, human-grade ingredients, their recipes are safe. The only precaution is to consult with an expert before moving your pooch from wet food to fresh food.

Vets may advise slowly adding fresh dog food to your pup’s current meals, so they can adjust to the new (exciting) flavor and formula. This can benefit your dog by preventing sudden changes in their diet, which often lead to an upset stomach. 

You can also try giving your pup fresh veggie snacks, such as celery, cucumber, or broccoli. This is a great way for them to get used to the change in textures and flavors. You can even try putting the food inside an indestructible toy if your dog likes to chew!

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Is Fresh Food Safe For Dogs?

Yes. Most fresh pet food brands, including Just Food For Dogs, prepare their meals with expert advice from veterinary nutritionists. Human-grade ingredients like restaurant-quality meats make the food nutritious for dogs. Since this type of food is also safe for human consumption, you can try it too!

But it’s still important to consult with your vet before transitioning from processed to fresh food for dogs. Your pup may take longer to get used to the change and some diets might not suit them.

A vet can advise when and how to begin incorporating healthy food recipes into your dog’s routine diet without giving them any tummy troubles.

So, What Are The Benefits of Fresh Food For Dogs?

The most significant benefit of a fresh meal is that it’s nutritious and provides a better quality of life. Fresh food has a positive impact on digestive health and focuses on nutrient-dense diets rather than typical pet food loaded with additives and preservatives.

There’s more transparency when it comes to fresh meals, so you know what your pooch is eating and when the meals are prepared. Fresh food for dogs is mostly prepared based on preferences and health needs. You can also (somewhat) customize the meals to make sure your pooch is safe from allergies – but contact customer care to check.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Fresh Food Recipes For Dogs?

As with any product specially formulated to provide an improved diet, a freshly prepared dog meal may have some disadvantages (think: inconvenience) of its own.

  • 1. Fresh meal options are expensive compared to commercial dog food, and for obvious reasons.
  • 2. Based on your dog’s needs, the type of food, and its recipe, feeding amounts may vary. This means you may have a hard time figuring out the right supply for orders.
  • 3. You can’t leave your dog’s fresh meals out all day once opened (thanks to missing preservatives!)
  • 4. Most fresh recipes will need to be stored in the freezer and transferred to the refrigerator to thaw before mealtime.
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Some Popular Recipes By Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs has several whole-food recipes and fresh frozen meals that are popular with pet parents. The company emphasizes fresh and whole-food ingredients, including high-quality meats, wild-caught cod, and locally sourced produce such as sweet potato and carrots. 

All recipes are fortified with Fish Oil, Safflower Oil, and Just Food For Dogs’ own Nutrient Blend. And you can choose from six daily meals that come in different dietary options to suit your four-legged family member. Here are some of the most-loved recipes by Just Food For Dogs.

Beef & Russet Potato

One of their most popular recipes, Beef and Russet Potato is a high-calorie meal that consists of sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, beef liver, ground beef, and a combination of fruits and vegetables. 

The wholesome recipe includes carrots, green beans, green peas, apples, Fish oil, Safflower oil, and the Just Food For Dogs Nutrient Blend. The Nutrient Blend is a mix of essential minerals and salts that meet AAFCO recommendations. There are no extras like growth hormones or preservatives, and the recipe is gluten-free and grain-free.

Venison Sweet Potato & Squash

Another gluten-free, grain-free recipe is Venison and Squash. It’s a high-protein meal with no preservatives or growth hormones. Ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitive GI tracts, the diet contains a combination of lean protein with cranberries, Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, Fish oil, Safflower oil, and the special Nutrient Blend.

Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni

This recipe is best suited for large-breed, active, or underweight dogs. Made with pasta and Carolina turkey, this balanced and nutritious meal contains ground turkey, turkey liver, whole wheat macaroni, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, cranberries, Fish oil, and the Just Food For Dogs Nutrient Blend.

Convenient Customized Meals

If your dog has special needs and requires a unique diet blend, Just Food For Dogs offers meal recipe customization. Your pet’s custom recipe is backed by board-certified Veterinary Nutritionists.

Custom recipes can support digestive health, allergy management, organ health, and skin and coat health for your pup. The process for unique recipes involves a free consultation, medical record review, and a research-based formula before delivering your dog’s fresh and healthy recipe to your door!

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Just Food For Dogs has premium fresh recipes available in small, medium, and large boxes. While these recipes may not appear to be cheap, the pricing is mission-based. This means a healthier, energetic, and stress-free pooch that won’t fall sick easily.

  • Small box – 7.8 lbs
  • Medium box – 23.6 lbs
  • Large box – 31.5 lbs

Small boxes range from $60 to $100. Medium boxes can cost between $180 to $280. A Large box will cost you around $200 to $325.

The overall cost for meals will depend on the type of recipe and your dog’s specific requirements for quantity. Just Food For Dogs also has an Autoship option for customers with free shipping, easy cancellation, and 35% off the first order and 5% off recurring orders through Autoship.

How To Order Just Food For Dogs

You can visit the Just Food For Dogs website to shop from their range of vet-developed meals. They offer a convenient online ordering service for delivery or in-store pickup.

Once you decide on which meal you want for your pooch, you can add it to the cart. The company offers one-time purchases as well as their cost-effective Autoship option. You can also pick up your online order from a local store.

Guarantees & Refunds

You can take advantage of pet food express delivery with Just Food For Dogs. All recipes are supported through a money-back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can get a full refund! There’s no signup or subscription required for recurring pet food express shipments.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Just Food For Dogs Compared to Others?

In terms of nutritional value and overall health, Just Food For Dogs brings a great mix for all kinds of dogs. But when compared to other fresh pet food brands, there are some (minor) concerns to be aware of.

  • Some pet owners like to combine recipes to give their pups an exciting new flavor. If that sounds like you, it’s worth noting that Just Food For Dogs doesn’t have mix-and-match recipe options. But that doesn’t mean they never will!
  • The brand offers eco-friendly full-box shipping, but you might end up ordering a little more or less than required. This can be frustrating considering the shelf-life of fresh food.
  • As a premium fresh pet food brand backed by intensive research, Just Food For Dogs may cost more than other pet food express brands. But because their diets are enriched with the right blend of nutrients, meats, and ingredients from important food groups, your pooch is less likely to feel tired, get sick, or experience a lack of variety and flavor.
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Just Food For Dogs is a major shift from conventional kibble or wet food. It’s a brand that aims to support longevity and improved quality of life for your dog. The company relies on board-certified nutritionists and veterinarians to develop its human-grade dog diet.

If you’ve been thinking of replacing kibble with fresh and wholesome meal varieties, Just Food For Dogs could be a great option. 

Though the transition from processed food to fresh and healthy recipes may be difficult at first, you can be sure that your canine is getting the nutrients and love they deserve.

The brand provides a variety of tasty recipe packs that are specially formulated to boost energy levels and improve digestive health. So should you switch to Just Food For Dogs? You and your pooch are in the best place to answer that!