Border Collie Springer Spaniel Mix – What you Need to Know About The Beautiful Sprollie

Border Collie Springer Spaniel Mix

Border Collies and Springer Spaniels are the best of friends. So it’s only natural that the Border Collie Springer Spaniel mix is so adorable and so loved. The Sprollie or Border Springer, as the breed is also known, is excitable, loyal, charming, and very intelligent.

In this article, we’re going to go through all there is to know about this wonderful hybrid breed. From temperament and food to exercise and health. At the end, you’ll know exactly if a Sprollie is the right dog for you.

What Is A Sprollie Dog?

Sprollie dogs are an amazing mix of Border Collies and English Springer Spaniels. They’re medium to large-sized dogs that need lots of outdoor entertainment and exercise. Both parent breeds are excellent working dogs, so you can expect your Border Collie Springer Spaniel mix to need some mental stimulation too. They’re adoring, get on well with people and other pups and make great pets for active families.

History of The Border Springer

The exact origins of the Sprollie are unknown. However, since both parent breeds have been around for generations, it’s fair to presume that this mixed breed may naturally have occurred a long time ago.

The Border Spinger’s popularity has really boomed in the last couple of decades. Breeders began to realize that Sprollies are cute, active dogs that are highly intelligent and really fun to be around. They naturally then became popular pets and their popularity just keeps on growing!

Parent Breeds of the Sprollie

Border Collie

border collie

In his famous and controversial book, canine psychologist Stanley Coren rated Border Collies as the most intelligent dog breed in the world. Whilst those with other breeds were slightly annoyed by this, there’s no denying that Border Collies are incredibly smart canines.

Border Collies were first bred in the Border Lands between England and Scotland – hence the name (and why they’re considered an English dog breed). They’re amazing herding dogs and have longed been used to herd cattle and sheep over the cold, English fields. They, therefore, love exercise and need lots of it.

These beautiful dogs are often mixed up with Australian Shepherds but there are actually a couple of differences between the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd. Their fluffy ears, endearing personalities, and loyalty make them fairly similar though!

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniels are also highly intelligent dogs bred primarily for hunting. They would ‘spring’ on prey in fields and flush them out for their owners. These adorable, floppy-eared dogs have an abundance of energy and need lots of physical and mental stimulation (much like the Border Collie and other Spaniel mixes like the Sprocker Spaniel and the Springador).

These muscular dogs have a double coat that can be many different colors. They’re usually groomed to have a longer coat under their bellies to give them their iconic ‘springer’ look.

The Temperament of a Sprollie Dog

First, Let’s Look at Different Generation Pups

The temperament of your Sprollie will really depend on which parent breed they take after more. Whilst you can never be 100% sure, checking which generation your dog is will help.

First-generation dogs have a Springer Spaniel and a Border Collie parent. This means their personality (and appearance) will differ quite a lot – even between puppies in the same litter. A second-generation dog is likely to be a mix of two Sprollies. A third and fourth-generation pup will have more specified genes which means you can be more sure about their personality and appearance (although not 100%).

In general, however, Border Springers are active dogs that love to be part of outgoing families. They’re affectionate, loyal, and lots of fun. As you can imagine, Sprollies are very intelligent too. This does make training a little easier (they’re really keen to please) but they can be difficult at times.

It’s really important you keep your Border Springer entertained so they don’t become mischievous. Lots of puzzle toys, as well as canine classes, are a good idea.

Do Border Collie Springer Spaniel Mixes Bark?

These dogs are great family pets and usually aren’t too vocal. You might find that they bark a little around strangers or when they feel unsure, but it’s usually not too much of a problem. Lots of early socialization can help them to become well-rounded and less likely to bark at things they don’t know.

Positive reinforcement and training can also help a lot.

border collie and springer spaniel

How Much Exercise Does A Sprollie Need?

A lot. Just like both parent breeds, Sprollies are very active dogs and love to spend their time running around outside. They’ll enjoy herding balls, chasing after dog-safe bubbles, and, if your pup takes more after their English Springer Spaniel parent, swimming. They’ll also be a good jogging partner, will love to go on hikes, and will accompany you on bike rides too. Like Collies and many Spaniel dog breeds, they need around 90 mins of good exercise a day.

These dogs are really not a breed that is happy inside. They need activities to do and space to play in. It’s, therefore, best if they live in a home with a garden that they can enjoy. They’re not the best choice for those living in a flat or city. We recommend getting your dog an amazing herding ball, they’ll love the fun of it, and it will nurture their natural instincts too!

Appearance of a Sprollie

This hybrid dog can be a real mixture of both its parents. As is the case with temperament, it really depends on the generation of the puppy. First-generation dogs can look more like a Border Collie or an English Springer Spaniel.

Your Sprollie puppy can inherit a longer, rougher coat or have a smooth one. They’ll always, however, have a double coat. They can be a number of different colors but black and white or liver and white are the two most common.

They’ll likely inherit the body shape of a Spaniel but their faces can be Collie or Spaniel. They’ll have large, usually dark eyes, floppy ears, and an endearing expression.

Your pup will be a large to medium-sized dog and can grow to be 22 inches tall and weigh 50 pounds.

sprollie dog

Are Sprollies Sociable?

These dogs tend to get on well with older children and other pups. Of course, they need to be socialized early on, but they should really enjoy a trip to the dog park to meet friends. Some Sprollies can live with younger children that they’ve grown up with, although it’s generally recommended that these dogs live with teenagers and adults.

Grooming a Sprollie

Both the Border Collie and the Springer Spaniel shed moderately all year round. So it’s no surprise that the medium-sized Sprollie does too. How much you need to groom your pup will really depend on whether they inherit more of a Collie or Springer Spaniel coat. As dog breeds go though, they’re not too difficult. They’re not, however, considered a hypoallergenic breed.

A good weekly brushing should be enough to keep their coats looking glossy and clean. You’ll spread important oils which will keep their skin healthy and remove old hair which could become matted.

Your pup will likely inherit floppy ears which need to be cleaned carefully. Make sure they’re dry after a swimming session too to prevent infection. Ask your vet or groomer if you’re unsure how to clean your pup’s ears.

These affectionate dogs are very active and hardworking, so they should wear down their nails naturally. Older pups might struggle with this and they may need to be trimmed. Again, ask a groomer if you’re unsure.

Feeding a Border Collie Springer Spaniel Mix

These dogs are very active and need to have enough energy to keep up with soccer balls and frisbees (or sheep). We recommend feeding them high-quality dog food that’s full of nutrients, good carbohydrates, and protein.

Fresh dog food is a great option. The meals are specially formulated by nutritionists and delivered straight to your door. Many of them are also pre-portioned which can help with weight control.

When possible, it’s also best to avoid overly-processed treats. Your dog might go crazy for them, but they’re often jam-packed with extra calories, additives, and preservatives. Treats such as chunks of cucumber, peas, and asparagus are much better options.

springer spaniel border collie mix

The Health of a Sprollie Dog

Sprollie puppies are usually healthy dogs. It’s essential, however, that you get them from a reputable breeder who cares about the welfare of the pups. You should always avoid puppy farms and research breeders in your area thoroughly. An irresponsibly bred puppy is likely to have suffered and they may also have more health problems.

Even though well-bred dogs will probably be healthy, they may still suffer from some health issues common in their parent breeds and other mixes, such as the Border Collie Blue Heeler mix. The main ones are:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Collie Eye Anomaly
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetes
  • Corneal Dystrophy

Taking your dog to the vet for regular checkups from a young age can help to catch any health problems early on. It’s also important they have a healthy diet and get enough exercise. Tests should be carried out on the parent dogs, especially for hip dysplasia.

Life Expectancy of a Sprollie

The good news is that a healthy Sprollie will live to be between 12 and 16 years old. Of course, they need lots of cuddles, health checks, exercise, and a good diet to live as long as possible.

So, Is a Border Collie Springer Spaniel Mix for You?

If you’re looking for high-energy dogs that love to be outside then a Sprollie could be for you. They’re also one of the most intelligent breeds around, making them relatively easy to train. It does, however, mean that they need lots of mental stimulation too.

They’re generally healthy and need lots of exercise. They’re very loyal and affectionate and get along well with other dogs and older children when socialized from a young age.

Before adopting your own cute Sprollie, be sure to research breeders well. These dogs are the perfect addition for active families who like to spend time outdoors.