The Best Outdoor Dog Bed – Our Top 7 Picks for Outdoor Snoozing

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Lots of dogs are happy to find a shady spot under a tree and snuggle up for a nap. Some, on the other hand, like a little more luxury and prefer an outdoor dog bed.

But what do you need to consider when choosing dog beds for outside? Is it all about being weatherproof? Does it matter which breed you have? Here are our favorite dog beds to ensure your pup can relax in the great outdoors.

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Product Details
K&H Outdoor Covered Dog Bed
  • Can be used in cold and warm conditions
  • Easy to put up with no tools
  • Waterproof and has windows for ventilation
K&H Outdoor Dog Bed
  • Can be used on any floor
  • Sturdy materials
  • Comes in different sizes
FurHaven Travel Pillow Dog Bed
  • Lightweight and washable
  • Easy to store (in bag)
  • Comes in different sizes and colors

Who Should Buy an Outdoor Dog Bed?

Lots of doggie owners might be thinking of getting their pup a dog bed. Of course, pups who spend a lot of time indoors and have access to a couch to sleep on might not need a dog bed for their yard too.

But families who like to spend a lot of time playing, barbecuing, or socializing in the backyard might want to get their doggo one of the best outdoor dog beds on this list.

They’re also really useful for owners on the move – especially those who like going camping or those who have a mountain dog breed. You never know when your pup might get sleepy and would benefit from a comfy, water-resistant bed to lie down on.

Owners with dogs that prefer cooler climates might also want to get one of these beds. Dogs such as Huskies will love being in the cool shade outdoors on a comfortable bed.

What To Look For When Buying an Outdoor Dog Bed

As with anything you buy your pooch, it’s important you do your research to make sure you’re getting your pup the best outdoor night’s sleep possible. There are a couple of things you should consider before parting with your money:

How Easy Is It to Wash?

We know. That’s a pretty obvious one for an outdoor dog bed, but it’s also really important. Whichever one you go for will be on grass, concrete, mud, and many other surfaces. So it’s really important you can easily wash it to keep it comfortable for your pup.

It’s also quite likely that an outdoor dog bed will start to smell. Whether that’s because it got wet, was put down in something icky, or because your pup has been enjoying sleeping next to a campfire, washing it can help to keep it fresh.

How Comfortable Is It for Your Pooch?

Again, this is really important when you think about the types of surfaces your pup will be sleeping on. Ideally, an outdoor dog bed will have a durable, hard base (that’s then covered in something soft) or will be elevated. This will ensure your pup is comfortable even if your dog brings back a beloved stick to sleep with or if there are stones and the grass is wet.

What Fabric Is It Made Of?

This is also important when thinking about comfort and whether it’s machine washable. It’s important you look for an outdoor dog bed that’s made from durable material, that’s water-resistant and breathable.

Not only will dogs be sleeping outside in poorer weather conditions, but they may also be sleeping when it’s hot – so it’s important they don’t overheat.


In all likelihood, you want to buy an outdoor bed to take with you on trips or bring out into the backyard when you’re spending the day there. That means you don’t want something too bulky or heavy.

Make sure you find a bed that can easily be dismantled or squished down and that won’t put your back out when you drag it from the car.

How Big Is Your Dog?

Size is very important. If you have a very large dog breed they may not be able to sleep on elevated beds as they may not withstand their weight. Furthermore, if you get them an outdoor bed that’s too small they’ll find it uncomfortable and will be unlikely to use it.

Likewise, a bed that’s too big will just cost you more and take up more room in your trunk. So make sure you get a bed that’s a suitable size for your pup.

How Are You Going To Use The Bed?

Are you looking for a bed that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use? Or purely outdoor? Some beds are ideal for both so it’s worth thinking about how you’ll use it and where you want to put it.

The Top 7 Outdoor Dog Beds for Your Pooch

So, with all that in mind, we’ve gathered the 7 best outdoor dog beds for your dog. They’re diverse in terms of size, price, and use but they’re all well-made, durable, and ideal for outdoor naps.

#1 K&H Pet Products Outdoor Covered Elevated Dog Bed

K&H Outdoor Covered Dog Bed
Great in Every Weather Condition

Keep your pooch protected from the elements with this covered dog bed – ideal for sun, rain, and wind!

This is an elevated outdoor dog bed that even has a canopy to protect your doggo from harsh weather conditions. Whether the sun is beating down or it’s blowing a gale your pup will be the right temperature in their protected tent.

It also has two windows that can be opened depending on whether you want more ventilation or not.

Pros of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Easy to put together and doesn’t require any tools
  • Elevated bed means uneven or wet ground isn’t a problem
  • Mold and bacteria-resistant fabric (to keep it smelling fresh)
  • Cot cover can be machine washed (the cot itself should be wiped down because it has a waterproof cover
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • You pup will love having their own special space on camping holidays!

Cons of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Not really built for very big doggos
  • Not a particularly ‘cozy’ dog bed

#2 K&H Pet Products Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed

K&H Outdoor Dog Bed
Durable and Comfortable

A well-made and designed outdoor dog bed that comes in many different sizes for many different pups!

Here’s another great outdoor dog bed that’s elevated off the ground for extra comfort for your pup. You pup will love relaxing on this bed after a long walk or whilst hanging around the barbecue.

Pros of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Breathable, high-quality material which helps dogs to stay cool
  • Don’t have to worry about wet or uncomfortable flooring
  • Easy to put together without tools
  • Doesn’t take up much space when dismantled
  • Four different sizes between 22 and 50 inches long and can hold a weight of us to 150 pounds

Cons of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • You dog won’t fit if they’re bigger than 150 pounds
  • Again, it’s not really a ‘snuggly’ dog bed if your pup prefers that

#3 FurHaven Trail Pup Travel Pillow Dog Bed

FurHaven Travel Pillow Dog Bed
Soft and Portable

A great dog bed for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a bag for easy storage!

This is one of the best outdoor dog beds if your pooch likes a little more padded comfort. Unlike the elevated dog beds, this one is like a big sleeping bag/pillow that can be rolled up and stuffed away for easy storage

Pros of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Doesn’t take up much space when stored
  • Cosy and comfortable for pooches that like to snuggle
  • Whole outdoor dog bed is machine washable
  • Durable fabric
  • Many different sizes and three different reversible colors
  • Works as an indoor bed too (can also be used in the car)

Cons of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Material is waterproof but won’t withstand lots of rain
  • Needs to be put on a soft surface, stones or other hard objects will make it uncomfortable

Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed
Easy to Clean and Assemble

An eco-friendly and elevated dog bed that’s easy to clean and comfortable for your dog to nap on!

This is another comfortable, durable, and well-designed elevated dog bed for your pup. The brand Coolaroo is an environmentally friendly company from Australia that makes products to keep pups cool in summer. 

Pros of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Available in 4 different sizes, so ideal for Chihuahuas and Mastiffs!
  • 6 different colors
  • Made from durable polyethylene which can be recycled
  • Easy to clean (just hose it down)
  • Mite, mold, and flea-resistant fabric (you can also buy separate covers which makes it easier to clean on the move)
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Elevated so wet floor, sticks, and stones aren’t a problem

Cons of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Not as easy to assemble as some others (though not hard) – you’ll need a screwdriver

Chuckit! Travel Pillow Dog Bed

Chuckit! Travel Pillow Dog Bed
Lightweight and Well Priced

A great, soft, travel dog bed for medium-sized pups who want a little more comfort on hard ground!

Dog owners love this portable dog bed because it’s so convenient and easy to use. Similar to the FurHaven Pillow Bed, this one works kind of like a sleeping bag. Simply roll it up and store it in the bag it comes with.

Pros of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Made from durable material (that’s machine-washable)
  • Well-designed and made
  • Competitively priced
  • Great for dogs that love comfier beds they can snuggle in
  • Ideal for making hard surfaces more comfortable

Cons of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Only available in one size (39 inches by 30 inches) so not suitable for big dogs
  • Water-resistant but shouldn’t be put down on wet ground
  • Not a good choice if your dog is a big chewer (we recommended getting them an indestructible dog toy instead)

FurHaven Deluxe Oxford Orthopedic Outdoor Dog Bed

FurHaven Orthopedic Outdoor Dog Bed
Ideal for Dogs with Joint Pain

A comfortable bed for doggos with joint pain or mobility issues – it’s surprisingly lightweight too!

Some pups need a little more support. If that’s the case for your doggo, you might want to think about getting them an orthopedic outdoor bed. This one has a deep convoluted egg-crate foam core which helps to distribute your dog’s weight and remove any pressure on joints and muscles.

Pros of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Unlike elevated dog beds, there’s no need for your pup to clamber up onto it
  • Surprisingly lightweight and has a water-resistant bottom
  • Canvas material can be removed to be hand washed
  • Four different colours and sizes available
  • Great support for older pups or those with stiffer joints

Cons of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Isn’t machine-washable (so harder to keep clean)
  • Even though water-resistant, it will eventually soak up ground moisture

The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad

The Green Pet Shop Cool Pad
Keeps Dogs Cool Indoors and Outdoors

A cooling mat to use on its own or on top of one of the other beds on the list. Helps to regulate your dog’s temperature when it’s hot!

OK, so not an outdoor dog bed exactly, but a very useful accessory for outdoor fun nonetheless. This mat is lightweight and flat, meaning you can transport it with you wherever you go and wherever your dog wants to sleep. The unique cooling feature means your pup is always comfortable when the sun is out.

Pros of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Can be used outdoors, indoors, in a crate, or in the car
  • Doesn’t need to be refrigerated beforehand (the gel inside the mat is pressure-activated meaning it starts to cool the moment your pup lies down on it)
  • ‘Charges’ again once your pup gets off with no need for electricity
  • This cooling outdoor dog bed comes in 5 different sizes

Cons of This Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Not a very ‘snuggly’ bed
  • Not a year-round bed and isn’t particularly cozy

Outdoor Dog Beds – Overall Opinions

All seven of these comfy beds are ideal for outdoor napping. Which one you get really depends on the size of your pup, what makes them most comfortable, and where you want to use it.

An elevated outdoor dog bed tends to work better for uncomfortable or wet terrain but many pups might find cushioned ones cosier. All of the beds on this list are well-made and designed so your pup can enjoy the great outdoors with you!