Can Dogs Eat Blackberries? A Complete Guide for Pet Parents

can dogs eat blackberries

Blackberries are one of the best things about late summer. They’re sweet, a little tart, and perfect for putting in a pie or eating straight off the bush. But what happens if your pup eats a blackberry whilst out on a walk? Can dogs eat blackberries? Are there any nutritional benefits?

In this article, we’re going to delve into your dog’s diet and see if it’s safe for pups to eat blackberries (and in which form)!

In Short – Can Dogs Eat Blackberries?

Yes, it’s safe to feed dogs blackberries. They have some good nutritional qualities and don’t contain as much sugar as some other fruits like peach, mango, or strawberries.

But, like almost anything you feed your pooch, moderation is key. Too many blackberries might give your dog an upset stomach and they certainly shouldn’t make up a large proportion of your dog’s diet.

Are Blackberries Good for Dogs?

Blackberries aren’t toxic to dogs and they are pretty nutritious. However, you shouldn’t be feeding your dog so many blackberries that you’ll notice any real health benefits. But of course, they’re much better for them than shop-bought doggy snacks!

These are some of the nutritionally good things you can find in blackberries.

Vitamins. Blackberries contain a number of vitamins including A, B, C, E, and K. These vitamins are great for boosting your pup’s immune system. They also ensure they have healthy skin, bones, and teeth and that their coat is glossy and healthy whilst also helping with heart and brain function.

Low in calories. Lots of fruit and veg (such as cucumber and lettuce) are great low-calorie alternatives to over-processed doggy snacks. Blackberries included!

Fiber. Blackberries are a good source of fiber which can help prevent constipation.

Antioxidants. Antioxidants are great at protecting your pooch from conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Omega 3. Blackberries have Omega 3 in them too, which helps reduce inflammation and can help prevent kidney disease as well as boost your dog’s immune system and support their brain development.

Are Blackberries Bad for Dogs?

It’s safe to feed your dog blackberries, but like all things, moderation is very important. Too many blackberries can cause your dog to have a stomach upset. This is due to the higher sugar content than their used to, fiber, or it could even be an allergic reaction.

If your dog does show signs of an allergic reaction (lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea), contact your vet.

Blackberries also contain a trace amount of xylitol, a sugar that is toxic to pups. Whilst that may seem scary, it’s such a small amount that your dog would really have to eat a lot of blackberries for xylitol to be a problem. They’ll probably get a stomach upset and stop eating them before xylitol can really be an issue.

blackberries on tree

How Many Blackberries Can Dogs Eat?

That really depends on how big your pup is. Small dogs may only need one or two blackberries whereas bigger pups may be able to eat a couple more. It’s best to stick to the 10-90% rule. 10% of your pooch’s diet can be healthy human snacks and 90% of it should be high-quality dog food.

If you are looking to get more fruit and veg into your dog’s diet, fresh dog food could be a good option.

Can Dogs Eat Wild Blackberries?

Wild blackberries are safe for dogs to eat. But it’s important you know they actually are blackberries and that they’re washed before your pup eats them to remove any pesticides.

Whilst clean, wild blackberries are safe for dogs to eat, it’s best not to let your pooch snack whilst out and about. Other wild berries such as juniper berries, holly berries, and mistletoe berries can be toxic to dogs.

Also, there are lots of other things such as mushrooms which your pup might be tempted to eat when out walking. The best and safest practice is to not let your pup eat anything you haven’t given them. Then you know it’s safe!

Can Dogs Eat Blackberry Jam?

It’s delicious – and probably my favorite type of jam, but no. Dogs should not eat blackberry jam. Blackberry jam (even the homemade kind) contains a lot of sugar which dogs just don’t need in their diet. Excess sugar on a regular basis can cause all types of problems including tooth decay, weight gain, and even diabetes.

Short-term, too much sugar may also cause a stomach upset.

What’s more, some shop-bought blackberry jams contain xylitol which is toxic to dogs. They may also contain preservatives and additives which can affect your dog’s health.

If your dog eats lots of blackberry jam, contact your vet for advice.

Can Dogs Eat Blackberry Leaves?

Fresh blackberries and the leaves are safe for your pup to eat. The leaves are not toxic. However, it’s not a good idea to let your dog eat too many blackberry leaves. They can contain a lot of fiber which could cause an upset stomach or constipation.

Try to only give your pooch healthy human foods as a treat.

dog eating blackberries

How Should You Serve Blackberries to Your Dog?

Like other berries such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, there are so many great ways to add blackberries to your dog’s diet. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Frozen Blackberries. Blackberries freeze really well. Your dog will especially love this cooling treat on a hot day. Just make sure they’re cut small enough if need be, so they’re not a choking hazard.

Healthy Treat. Plain blackberries are a great reward. Use them for good behavior or during training sessions for a healthier alternative.

Doggy Smoothie. Many dogs love smoothies and they’re a great way to keep them entertained and give them extra nutrients. Try whisking up some blackberries with watermelon or mango for a refreshing treat. If you want, you could also freeze some smoothie on a puzzle toy or licking mat for extra fun and stimulation.

Add to Their Regular Food. Adding fruits and vegetables to your dog’s food is a great way to make normal food more exciting and add some extra flavor.

Conclusion – Can Dogs Eat Blackberries?

Yes! You can let your dog eat blackberries safely. These berries have good nutritional benefits and are certainly healthier than other non-natural dog treats. But, like all human foods, moderation is key.

Don’t feed your pooch too many blackberries as it could cause them to have an upset stomach. It’s best to use them as the odd treat and as part of a balanced, canine diet.