Border Collie German Shepherd Mix – A Complete Guide

Border collie german shepherd mix

Both Border Collies and German Shepherds are amazing and very popular dogs. So you can only imagine how incredible the Border Collie German Shepherd mix is. Playful, highly intelligent, loyal, and with a protective streak, they make wonderful family dogs that get on really well with children.

But they’re not the easiest of mixed breeds. These large dogs need a lot of daily exercise and space to roam. If you consider both parent breeds’ coats, you’ll understand that these dogs shed a lot too. But if you’ve got the time and dedication to put into these amazing pups, you’ll be getting a loyal best friend that will always be at your side.

Kid/Other Pet Friendly
General Health
Exercise Needs
Easy To Train
Vital Stats

Breed Group



21 to 29 Inches


70 to 80 Pounds

Life Span

12-15 Years

What Is a Shollie?

A Shollie, which is another name for the Border Collie German Shepherd mix, is a hybrid dog breed. Their purebred parents are beloved pets around the world, and this mix inherits some of their best traits.

They’re hard-working dogs that need to be kept both mentally and physically fit if they’re not to become dominant or stubborn. They’re excitable, affectionate, caring, and really sweet toward those they love.

Border Collie German Shepherd Parent Breeds

Because the Shollie is a mixed pup, there’s no breed standard to which Shollie puppies can be bred to. This means that, although there are some common traits, their appearance and temperament can differ quite a lot. A good starting point is to look at the parent breeds.

Border Collie

border collie

Border Collies are amazing dogs bred for their incredible work ethic and intelligence. Originating in the borderlands between England and Scotland, these pups are still firm favorites amongst families and farmers alike.

Border Collies can have two different types of coat – rough and smooth. Rough-coated Collies have longer and shaggier hair and smooth have slightly shorter coats. They can be a number of different colors and are both red dogs and merle dogs.

Border Collies need lots of outdoor exercise and space to play in. They’re used to roaming fields and farms, so are not suitable for those living in apartments. They’re also highly intelligent and succeed in many different canine classes.

German Shepherd Dog

german shepherd

German Shepherds, like Border Collies, are seriously intelligent and very trainable. In fact, these big dogs are often used by police and military groups because of their fearless nature and loyalty.

Similarly to Border Collies, these dogs also have thick double coats and shed quite a lot. They, too, can be several different colors including blue, black, and bi-colored.

Whilst many considered German Shepherds to be a scary dog breed, something that many owners love is how great their personalities are. German Shepherd Dogs are incredibly loyal, courageous, caring, and protective. They form tight bonds with the ones they love and won’t think twice about protecting them. They can also be very playful, energetic, and sometimes a little mischievous!

History of The German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

Pinpointing the exact history of a mixed-breed dog can be difficult. In the late 1800s, both Border Collies and German Shepherds were recognized as official dog breeds by different kennel clubs. So, this means it’s likely that at some point Shollie puppies were born naturally. However, there aren’t really any records.

In all likelihood, German Shepherd Border Collie puppies first became popular in the 1990s with the boom of mixed breeding. Today, they’re a popular choice but not in comparison with other mixed-breed doggos such as the mini Goldendoodle or the mini Bernedoodle.

Temperament of the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

These dogs are excellent workers, highly trainable, and very loyal – just look at their parents! As well as enough physical exercise, it’s important to remember that Shollies need lots of mental exercise too. They’ll love training classes, difficult puzzle toys, and learning new tricks. They’ll also enjoy working on a farm or as a support dog.

As well as being intelligent, German Shepherd Border Collie mixes are a lot of fun. They bond really well with children and love playing with them. As well as a Border Collie’s fun nature, they also inherit the German Shepherd’s protective streak, so they make great protectors of little ones too.

These dogs are affectionate, sensitive, and caring. They’re really close to the owners and love to serve as loyal furry friends. They’re suited to working but also to being amazing family pets.

Do Border Collie German Shepherd Mixes Get Along With Children?

Absolutely! The German Shepherd Collie mix is one of the best doggos you can adopt if you’re looking for a fun, energetic, and loyal friend for your kid. Like other German Shepherd mix dogs, they love to play but always have a watchful eye out for potential problems or dangers.

Do Border Collie German Shepherd Mixes Get On Well With Other Dogs?

Yes. The Border Collie Shepherd is a social dog that likes interacting with other canines. They need to be well socialized from puppyhood so that they become used to other people, sounds, sights, and smells. This also helps them to learn proper canine behavior. When well-socialized, they’ll be best friends with the dog next door!

shollie dog

Training a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Training is an essential part of a dog’s education. Not only will it ensure that they are loyal and well-behaved, but it’s also a great chance for you to bond and they’ll love it!

The Border Collie German Shepherd mix is a highly intelligent dog that will pick up commands and tricks easily. They love to please their owners and respond especially well to praise and positive reinforcement. Try using some healthy treats such as chunks of pineapple, apple, or cheese as rewards for good behavior.

As with other mixed breed dogs, it’s important you keep training sessions short, interactive, and fun for your Collie German Shepherd Mix. They’ll lose interest after a while if it’s not exciting for them.

Appearance of a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

The appearance of these wonderful dogs can vary quite a lot depending on the genetics they inherit from their parents.

Size of a German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

These dogs are large and usually weigh between 70 and 80 pounds and can grow to be 21 to 29 inches. Females are usually a little smaller than males.

Coat Color and texture of a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

According to the American Kennel Club, both the German Shepherd and the Border Collie are accepted with numerous different colors. That means that your mixed-breed pup could be a combination of nearly any of them (just like the Bordoodle)!

Many Shollies, however, are black, brown, white, and gold with white markings. They usually have a medium-length coat that may have some feathering around the tail, ears, and chest. Others will have shorter and more compact coats.

Features of a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Your dog could look more Border Collie-like or more German Shepherd. It really depends on their genetics. Most, however, look like a mix between the two. They may have erect triangular ears like a German Shepherd or floppier ones like a Border Collie.

They usually inherit a long muzzle and beautiful, brown eyes. As is common in Border Collies, however, they might also have blue eyes or different colored eyes!

Do Border Collie German Shepherd Mixes Shed?

Yes. The answer to that is definitely yes. Because both parent breeds have thick double coats and shed a lot, you can expect their hybrid to too.

Your dog will need regular brushing and this will go up to daily when the seasons change and they blow their coats. Although that sounds like a lot of work, you can use that time to really bond with your pup.

Grooming a German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

Apart from brushing, you will also need to ensure your German Shepherd Border Collie dog has clean teeth, clean ears, and that their nails are kept to the correct length. If you’re not sure, as your local groomer or vet.

German Shepherd border collie mix

Health of a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

These amazing pups are usually pretty healthy and often healthier than purebred dogs. Just like its parents, though, the Border Collie Shepherd mix can suffer from some issues and diseases. These include:

  • Bloat. A fatal condition where the stomach swells and curls in on itself. Getting them a slow-feeder dog bowl and ensuring they rest after meals can help.
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia

Make sure you take your pup for their regular visits to the vet. They’ll help you to identify anything early on and prevent certain issues from arising.

Shollie Lifespan

Shollies have a good lifespan and can live to be 12-15 years old. Of course, lots of care, exercise, mental stimulation, and love from you all help them to live a longer and fuller life.

How Much Exercise Does A Border Collie German Shepherd Mix Need?

These dogs are very active and need over an hour of exercise a day. Ideally, these should be split up into a couple of fun sessions. If you have fields, parks, or a dog park nearby, then your pup will love to play there. They may also enjoy a herding ball to play with.

They benefit from having a big backyard to play in where they can let off some steam.

Can Shollies Live in Apartments?

Shollies are not your best option for a dog breed in you live in an apartment. These pups have lots of energy and would find an apartment too small. Border Collie German Shepherd mixes do best with lots of open space that they can play and work in.

Ideal Owner for A Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

These pups may be a challenge for a first-time dog owner. Their exercise needs and grooming requirements mean they take up a lot of time. They are, however, incredibly loyal and keen to learn – which makes training quite easy.

Because of their size and their natural outdoorsy nature, they need to be part of a family that has open space and likes to go on hikes or spend days in the park. They can be part of a family with children and other pets and especially get on with those that they have grown up with.

german shepherd and border collie

What Should You Feed a German Shepherd Border Collie Mix?

As big and active dogs, Shollies really need a diet that contains the correct amount of calories for them to run around fields all day – but not too many that they put on weight. Good quality dog food is always your best bet.

You might want to consider fresh dog food as this is a great way to get extra nutrients into their diet and many of the meals are based on your pup’s unique exercise needs and size. Feeding them healthy snacks such as fruit and veg is also a useful training tool. You can find out which fruits and veggies are safe to feed dogs on the BarkingTalk Food Page.

Do Border Collie German Shepherd Mixes Bark?

Shollies are not known for being very vocal dogs. They are alert though (thanks to the German Shepherd’s protective instinct in them) so they won’t be afraid to alert you to important things. They’re not considered a yappy breed.

Adopting a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Whenever you take the decision to bring a furry friend into your family, it’s important you research the breeder well. You want your pup to be the happiest and healthiest Shollie puppy possible, which means health checks and certificates are important.

Avoid breeders that won’t issue health checks on both parent dogs or that are selling much cheaper puppies. They may be a puppy farm.

One of the best ways to adopt a German Shepherd Border Collie Dog is to go to your local shelter. You may find an adorable Shollie (or another pup!) that’s in need of a new home.

Price of a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Healthy pups from a good breeder will cost you between $450 – $900. Breeders in your area and demand will play a role in how expensive puppies will be.

shollie in water

Final Thoughts – Should You Adopt a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix?

If you’re looking to add a wonderful, loyal, energetic, happy-natured, and intelligent dog to your pack, then a Shollie could be perfect. These pups require lots of space and need to be engaged in their surroundings. They have high exercise needs and need to be taken out a couple of times a day. They also have double coats which require grooming.

They get on really well with children and other pups and create really strong bonds with those they love. So, if you have the time and energy to take on one of these doggos, you’ll be getting a best friend for life.