The Chinese Chongqing: A Full Breed Guide (With Pictures)

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The Chinese Chongqing Dog is a rare and fascinating breed with a rich history and unique characteristics. Dating back to ancient times, the Chinese Chongqing Dog originated in the Chongqing and Sichuan regions of China.

They were highly valued as hunters (famed for hunting wild boar), guard dogs, and loyal companions. They’re also amazing pet dogs for the right owner.

In this article, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about the Chinese Chongqing Dog. Whether you are considering adopting one of these remarkable dogs or simply want to learn more about them, we’ve got you covered!

History of the Chinese Chongqing

The Chinese Chongqing Dog has a long and varied history that dates back to ancient times. Originating in the Chongqing and Sichuan regions of China, this ancient breed was bred for its hunting abilities and served as guardians of livestock and properties.

Chinese art from the Han Dynasty depicts dogs that bear a striking resemblance to the modern Chinese Chongqing Dog, indicating their long-standing presence in Chinese culture.

During the 1900s, the Chinese Communist Party banned pets in China which threatened the survival of many dog breeds. However, the Chinese Chongqing Dog managed to escape extinction due to its status as a working dog.

The breed’s resilience was tested once again during the SARS virus outbreak in 2003, which resulted in the culling of a significant number of dogs. Today, the Chinese Chongqing Dog is considered extremely rare, with less than 2,000 pups remaining in the world.

Appearance of the Chinese Chongqing

The Chinese Chongqing Dog is a medium-sized breed with a powerful and muscular build. They have a distinctive appearance characterized by a short and sparse coat, which often reveals their black skin underneath. Their coat color can range from reddish brown to dark brown.

The head of the Chinese Chongqing Dog is large, and it features a short muzzle. This rare breed has ears that are perfectly triangular and stand erect, while their eyes are watchful and expressive.

One of the most unique features of this muscular breed is its tail. Resembling a bamboo stick, the tail is hairless, straight, and pointed upright. This breed’s physical attributes, including its muscular body and distinct facial features, contribute to its regal and commanding presence.

Temperament of the Chinese Chongqing

The Chinese Chongqing Dog is known for its loyal, protective, and independent temperament. They are devoted to their owners and will go to great lengths to defend and protect them when they sense a threat. Due to their history as guard dogs, they can be suspicious of strangers and may display aggression towards other dogs, particularly those of the same sex.

Socialization is crucial for Chinese Chongqing Dogs from a young age to ensure they grow up to be well-rounded and confident adults. Early exposure to various environments, people, animals, and stimuli will help them develop into friendly and well-behaved companions. While they may not be the best choice for families with young children or small pets due to their dominant nature and hunting instincts, they can form strong bonds with their human family members.

It’s best if these pups are adopted by an experienced owner who can train and socialize them well and bring out their best side.

Are Chinese Chongqing Dogs Good with Children?

Chinese Chongqing Dogs can be good with children if they are properly trained and socialized. However, due to their independent and protective nature, it is important to teach children to interact respectfully with the dogs and give them space when needed.

Rough play or mishandling may not be tolerated by the Chinese Chongqing Dog, so it is essential to educate children on how to be kind and gentle in their interactions. Always supervise interactions between dogs and children to ensure safety for both.

Are Chinese Chongqing Dogs Good with Other Dogs/Pets?

Chinese Chongqing Dogs can be aloof with other dogs and non-canine pets. However, with careful socialization from a young age, this tendency can be overcome. Introducing the Chinese Chongqing Dog to other animals gradually and under controlled circumstances can help them develop positive associations and reduce any aggressive behavior.

It is important to note that due to their strong hunting instincts, Chinese Chongqing Dogs may not be suitable for households with small animals that could trigger their prey drive. So they’re not a good choice if you have rabbits, guinea pigs, or other small pets.

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Do Chinese Chongqing Dogs Bark?

Chinese Chongqing Dogs have a natural instinct to protect their territory and alert their owners to potential threats. This makes them vigilant and inclined to bark when they perceive a potential danger or unfamiliar presence.

While their protective nature can be an asset, it is essential to provide proper training and guidance to prevent excessive barking. Early socialization can also help them distinguish between normal and threatening situations, reducing unnecessary barking.

If you’re not a fan of barking or live close to neighbors, this breed isn’t for you. But you could check out one of these wonderful calm dog breeds instead!

Are Chinese Chongqing Dogs Good Guard Dogs?

Chinese Chongqing Dogs are naturally excellent guard dogs. Their loyal and protective nature, combined with their alertness and strong territorial instincts, make them highly effective at detecting and deterring intruders. Like other muscular pups, such as dogs that look like Pit Bulls, their appearance also tends to deter strangers.

They will not hesitate to defend their family and property when necessary. Chinese Chongqing Dogs have a commanding presence and a deep, resonant bark that serves as a warning to potential threats. However, it is important to provide them with proper training and socialization to ensure they can differentiate between genuine threats and harmless situations.

Can Chinese Chongqing Dogs Live in Apartments?

While Chinese Chongqing Dogs can adapt to apartment living with proper exercise and mental stimulation, it is important to consider their exercise needs and the potential challenges of living in a confined space. They require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

A daily routine that includes brisk walks, interactive play sessions, and access to a secure outdoor area is essential for their well-being. Adequate mental stimulation through puzzle toys and training exercises can also help alleviate any potential boredom or restlessness.

A Chinese Chongqing dog owner living in an apartment will have to take their pup out more and keep them mentally stimulated to avoid unwanted behavior.

Training a Chinese Chongqing

Training a Chinese Chongqing Dog requires a consistent and firm approach. They respond best to positive reinforcement techniques that reward good behavior. Harsh or punitive methods should be avoided as they can lead to fear or aggression. Early socialization and obedience training are crucial to ensure they become well-behaved and obedient companions.

Consistency and patience are key when training a Chinese Chongqing Dog, as they can be independent and stubborn at times. Seek guidance from experienced trainers or enroll in puppy classes to ensure a well-rounded and well-behaved dog.

Socializing a Chinese Chongqing

Socialization is essential for Chinese Chongqing Dogs to ensure they develop into well-adjusted and confident adults. Exposing them to different environments, people, animals, sounds, sights, and smells from a young age will help them become comfortable with new experiences.

Gradual introductions to other dogs and animals, supervised interactions with children, and positive reinforcement for calm and friendly behavior will contribute to their social development. Early socialization lays the foundation for a happy, confident, and well-behaved Chinese Chongqing Dog.

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How Much Exercise Does a Chinese Chongqing Dog Need?

Chinese Chongqing Dogs have moderate exercise needs but benefit from daily physical activity to keep them happy and healthy. A vigorous 30 to 60-minute walk or other forms of exercise, such as hiking or playtime in a secure yard, are recommended.

These dogs have a high prey drive, so it is crucial to keep them on a leash or securely fenced area when outside. They can benefit from a good retractable leash too.

Mental stimulation through snuffle mats, training sessions, and interactive play is also important to prevent boredom and positively channel their energy.

Grooming a Chinese Chongqing

Grooming a Chinese Chongqing Dog is relatively low maintenance due to their short and sparse coat. Weekly brushing helps remove loose fur and spread natural oils over their coat. Bathing should be done only when necessary to avoid drying out their skin. It’s a good idea to use a dog shampoo for itchy skin.

Regular dental hygiene, including teeth brushing, and routine nail trimming are important aspects of grooming. Additionally, cleaning and drying the folds of their skin, especially around the face, back, and shoulders, is essential to prevent moisture-related skin conditions.

Taking care of their grooming needs from an early age helps them become accustomed to the process and ensures their overall well-being. It’s also a good time for you to bond with your pup and spend some time together.

Health of Chinese Chongqing

The Chinese Chongqing Dog is generally a healthy breed with a long lifespan. They have evolved naturally over time and have not been subjected to extensive inbreeding, which contributes to their overall robustness. However, like any dog breed, they may be prone to certain health issues.

Regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and preventive care are important to monitor their health and detect any potential problems early on. Common health concerns in Chinese Chongqing Dogs may include:

  • Skin issues
  • Allergies
  • Ear infections. Providing a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a loving environment are key factors in maintaining their overall health and well-being.

Life Expectancy of a Chinese Chongqing

Chinese Chongqing Dogs have an impressive life expectancy, often living to be sixteen to eighteen years old. Their long lifespan is a testament to their natural resilience and overall good health.

Providing them with proper nutrition, regular exercise, mental stimulation, and veterinary care can help ensure they live long, happy, and healthy lives as cherished members of the family.

Feeding a Chinese Chongqing Dog

Chinese Chongqing Dogs require a balanced and nutritious diet to support their active lifestyle. A high-quality dry dog food formulated for their specific size, age, and activity level is a good option. Many pups also benefit from nutrient-rich fresh dog food which gets extra goodness into their diet and can help with portion control.

Feeding them twice a day in appropriate portions helps maintain their ideal weight and prevents obesity. Avoid overfeeding or feeding them table scraps, as this can lead to weight gain and potential health issues. Healthy snacks and treats can be given in moderation as rewards during training sessions (you can get lots of ideas on the BarkingTalk Food Page for healthier snacks). Fresh water should always be available to keep them hydrated.

Are Chinese Chongqing Dogs Rare?

Yes, Chinese Chongqing Dogs are considered extremely rare. With less than 2,000 pups remaining in the world, they are as rare as the iconic Giant Panda.

Their unique appearance, rich history, and limited population make them highly sought after by dog enthusiasts and collectors. If you are considering adopting a Chinese Chongqing Dog, it is important to research ethical breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of the breed.

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Adopting a Chinese Chongqing Dog

If you are interested in adopting a Chinese Chongqing Dog, it is important to do thorough research to find a reputable breeder or rescue organization. Ethical breeders will prioritize the health, temperament, and overall well-being of their dogs. They will provide you with the necessary information, health records, and support throughout the adoption process.

Rescue organizations may also have Chinese Chongqing Dogs available for adoption, offering a loving home to dogs in need. By adopting a Chinese Chongqing Dog, you are not only gaining a loyal and unique companion but also contributing to the preservation of this rare and remarkable breed.

It’s important to remember just how rare these dogs are. It’s going to be quite difficult to find a pup for adoption and even more difficult if you’re looking outside of China.


In conclusion, the Chinese Chongqing Dog is a rare and fascinating breed with a rich history, distinctive appearance, and loyal temperament. They make excellent guard dogs and loyal companions when properly trained and socialized. Chinese Chongqing Dogs require regular exercise, grooming, and veterinary care to ensure their well-being.

With their unique physical features and limited population, they are highly sought after by dog enthusiasts around the world. If you are considering adding a Chinese Chongqing Dog to your family, research reputable breeders or rescue organizations to provide a loving home for these rare and extraordinary dogs.