The 12 Best Lick Mat Recipes For Dogs

lick mat recipes for dogs

Lick mats are becoming a really popular must-have for pup parents everywhere. Not only do they help dogs slow down whilst eating a treat but they’re a great way to keep them entertained and stimulated for a little longer.

There are many different types of lick mats but the idea is the same. They’re silicone, plastic, or rubber mats in an interesting shape with raised areas that dogs have to lick around.

Rather than being able to gulp up everything straight away, a pup must spend their time licking around objects to get every last bit!

But what is best to spread on a lick mat? Are there things you shouldn’t put? And what are the best lick mat recipes for dogs?

We’ve made a list of some of our dogs’ favorite recipes for you to share with your furry friend too. Let us know which ones they love!

Lick Mat Recipes for Dogs

Lick mats are really versatile and can be a great way for you to serve up any of your pup’s favorite food. Many of them can be put in the freezer which adds another level of entertainment for your pup. It’s a really great way of keeping them entertained and feeding them something healthy.

#1 Any Dog-Safe Fruit

We know this is a bit of a simple one (and not exactly a recipe), but smashed fruit can be a great thing to spread on your dog’s lick mat. Pups love sweet things and many fruits are full of nutrients and vitamins.

Just don’t feed them too much fruit as it contains a lot of sugar.

You could even freeze the fruit on a lick mat and make a kind of doggy popsicle.

Fruits you could try using include:


#2 Any Dog-Safe Veggie

Again, not exactly inventive but there are so many yummy veggies that dogs just love. You can boil and puree dog-safe veggies or combine them with other ones. Keep them as purees or freeze for a snack on a hot day.

Some of our favorite veggies are:

#3 Pumpkin Cheesecake

Dogs love eating whatever we do, so why not make a dog-safe version of one of our favorites? You’ll need:

  • Plain, mashed pumpkin
  • Small amount of cream cheese
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey

Mix together all of the ingredients and spread over a lick mat. Freeze and bring out whenever your pup is looking for a sweet treat!

Just remember, honey does contain quite a lot of natural sugar, so it shouldn’t be a staple in your dog’s diet. It’s a great reward for good behavior, though!

#4 Yogurt and Fruit

Plain yogurt or plain Greek yogurt is one of the best things to put on a lick mat. It’s full of protein and flavor for your pooch. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any additives or sweeteners, especially xylitol which is toxic to dogs.

You can freeze the yogurt base and add any of their favorite fruit as a puree on top. Or, gently stir through some chunky fruit puree and freeze it together with the yogurt.

Of course, you don’t need to freeze it, it just helps it to last a bit longer!

#5 Peanut Butter and Jelly

Who didn’t love peanut butter and jelly as a kid? Crunchy and sweet, it was definitely a favorite of mine! It’s also something your pup can really enjoy too.

Spread a thin layer of dog-safe peanut butter (with no added sweeteners, especially not xylitol) on your dog lick mat. Freeze if you want to and add a layer of plain, mashed fruit.

If you want to keep it classic, mash berries, if not, you could try peach or mango instead!

peanut butter

#6 Canned Fish

Lots of pups love fish and canned fish can be a great thing to add to your dog-licking mat. Sardines, for example, are full of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. You could also try tuna, shrimp, or salmon skin, or some cooked crab meat for dogs.

Just make sure the fish is in brine, not oil so you’re not adding extra fat to your dog’s diet.

A great idea is to add some boiled peas to the fish. Dogs often love eating different textures.

#7 Mince and Mash

Again, this is a childhood memory for many and a great snack for your pooch. It works well with regular and sweet potatoes.

Mash up a small amount of either type of potato and add ground beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb. If you like, you could add a small amount of bone broth to make it a little more spreadable.

#8 Doggy Hummus

This is one of our favorite dog lick mat recipes and one dogs seem to really enjoy. Chickpeas can be a great source of protein for pups and a great snack.

Mash plain chickpeas together and add a little salt-free bone broth to make it a smoother consistency.

Don’t add other ingredients normally found in hummus (such as garlic, salt, or tahini) as these can be bad and even toxic to dogs. Keep it plain and even add some boiled carrots to it if they’d like it!

#9 Sweet Potato Spread

Sweet potatoes are a great carb that can be a good added extra to your dog’s diet. In moderation of course. This dog lick mat recipe includes a small amount of sweet potato, honey, cinnamon, and plain yogurt.

Whisk them all together and spread the mixture across your dog’s licking mats. This one works particularly well frozen and is a great way to keep your pup occupied.

#10 Applesauce

If you’re in a rush, apple sauce can be an excellent and quick thing to use on a lick mat. If you can, try to make your own, but if not, buy one that doesn’t have extra sugar added.

Apples are a healthy treat for dogs, but apple sauce can contain a lot of sugar which can have negative effects on your pup’s health.

apple sauce

#11 Kibble

This is another great one if you’re short on time. Soak some of your pooch’s kibble in water or sodium-free broth. Wait until it dissolves slightly and spread it over your pup’s lick mat.

#12 Wet Dog Food

This is another good and easy thing to use on a licking mat. Not exactly one of the most complicated lick mat recipes for dogs, but it’s certainly a winner.

Whether it’s regular wet dog food or fresh dog food, the consistency spreads really well and can be a great way to feed your dog in small batches.

If your dog really needs to slow down whilst eating, a slow-feeder dog bowl allows for more food. It can replace their regular bowl and helps them not to gulp everything down.


There are loads of wonderful lick mat recipes for dogs that you can try on your pooch. Any kind of puree works really well and it can be a great way of adding extra nutrients to their diet as well as keeping them entertained between meals.

Make sure you check out the BarkingTalk Food Page for inspiration and to find out which foods are safe (or not) for pups to eat.