Lilac French Bulldog – A Complete Guide to This Beautiful Breed

beautiful lilac french bulldog

Meet the lilac French Bulldog, a stunning variant of one of the world’s favorite breeds. With their distinctive coat color and delightful personalities, these compact French canines are increasingly gaining the attention of dog enthusiasts worldwide (and we can see why).

But what exactly is a lilac French Bulldog? How do they get their unique coloration? What makes them different from other French Bulldogs? And what should you know if you’re considering adding one of these unique pups to your family?

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of lilac French Bulldogs, their history, characteristics, health concerns, and much more.

What Is a Lilac French Bulldog

A lilac French Bulldog is a unique and rare color variety of the popular French Bulldog. Their coat color, a soft shade of chocolate diluted to a pastel bluish-gray or lavender hue, gives them their distinctive ‘lilac’ appearance. They’re not actually purple, as such.

This exceptional coat color, often coupled with striking light-colored eyes in shades of blue or green and a pinkish nose, sets them apart from their brothers and sisters and adds to their allure. Trust us, it’s quite a sight when you see a lilac Frenchie.

It’s important to note that the lilac coloration is an unofficial color, meaning it’s not recognized in the French Bulldog breed standard by major kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, this hasn’t deterred dog lovers from being mesmerized by these enchanting creatures.

What’s The Science? How Does a French Bulldog Turn Lilac?

The unique lilac coloration of these French Bulldogs is a genetic marvel. It comes to life when a Frenchie inherits two specific recessive genes from both parents.

One of these genes is the ‘d’ gene, responsible for the dilute blue coloration (that blue French Bulldogs have), and the other is the ‘b’ gene, related to the chocolate or liver color. When a Frenchie puppy inherits both genes (resulting in a ‘dd, bb’ genetic makeup), the result is the striking lilac or lavender coat color.

In simpler terms, imagine mixing a drop of blue paint (from the ‘d’ gene) with a drop of chocolate brown paint (from the ‘b’ gene). The outcome? A unique lilac shade that sets these Frenchies apart.

Are Lilac French Bulldogs Regular French Bulldogs?

Yes, lilac French Bulldogs are regular French Bulldogs. They belong to the same breed, and share the same adorable squishy faces, large bat-like ears, and endearing personalities that French Bulldogs are famed for worldwide.

The only thing that sets them apart is their enchanting coat color, which is just a different expression of their genetic makeup.

female lilac french bulldog

Are Lilac French Bulldog Puppies Rare?

Yes, lilac French Bulldog puppies are considered a rare find. The unique combination of the dilution genes required to produce the lilac color isn’t common, making these puppies less frequently seen compared to other French Bulldog colors.

This rarity factor significantly contributes to their higher price and desirability among breed enthusiasts.

Furthermore, regular-colored Frenchies are also an expensive breed. French Bulldogs have surprisingly narrow hips and rather large heads, meaning it can be difficult for them to mate and give birth.

Many breeders decide to artificially inseminate their dogs and some opt for a caesarian too. Of course, this extra work drives up the price of these beautiful dogs.

How Much Do Lilac French Bulldogs Cost?

The answer is a lot.

Given their rarity and the complex genetic breeding necessary to produce the lilac color, these French Bulldogs often come with a hefty price tag. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000 for a lilac French Bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder.

The price can vary depending on the breeder’s reputation, the puppy’s pedigree, and the litter size. As with any breed, it’s crucial to find a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs over profit.

Be wary of any breeder selling lilac Frenchies for cheaper and they should be able to show you certificates proving your pup is indeed a lilac pup. Isabella French Bulldogs can look very similar, especially when they’re puppies.

Lilac French Bulldog Health: Are They Healthy?

Lilac French Bulldogs, just like any other French Bulldog, can be prone to certain health issues. However, the lilac coloration adds a unique concern known as color dilution alopecia (CDA).

This is a genetic condition associated with dilute coat colors, which can lead to fragile hair, hair loss, and skin irritation. While not all lilac Frenchies develop CDA, it’s important to be aware of it and monitor your dog’s coat and skin for signs of hair loss or irritation. You need to know the signs and take them to a vet if you’re worried.

Apart from CDA, they are also prone to typical Frenchie health issues such as breathing difficulties due to their short snouts, skin allergies, and joint problems. Regular vet visits, a healthy diet, and appropriate care can help manage these health concerns.

For instance, it’s important you don’t overexercise a lilac French Bulldog and give them plenty of water and rest to keep them cool. Likewise, allergies can be a problem for these little dogs so seek help if you think your pup is suffering.

Always choose to work with a reputable breeder who conducts health screenings and genetic testing to minimize the risk of health issues.

lilac french bulldog on leash

What’s A Lilac Merle French Bulldog?

A lilac merle French Bulldog is a rare and completely stunning variant of the lilac Frenchie. They have the distinctive lilac coat, but it’s adorned with unique patterns of mottled patches, thanks to the merle gene (here are a couple more merle dog breeds).

This adds an extra layer of complexity and uniqueness to their coat pattern, making them even more desirable and eye-catching.

As with many breeds, it’s really important two Frenchies with the merle gene are not bred together. Double merles can suffer from many more health concerns including eye and ear issues.

What’s A Lilac Fawn French Bulldog

The lilac fawn French Bulldog is another variant where the typical lilac coat has a beige or ‘fawn’ undertone. This gives the coat an even softer and unique hue, making these dogs a visual delight.

Lilac and Tan French Bulldog

The lilac and tan French Bulldog is a color variant where the lilac coat is beautifully contrasted with tan markings, usually seen around the eyes, cheeks, chest, and underbelly. This blend of colors gives these Frenchies a charming and distinct appearance.

Are Lilac French Bulldogs Recognized by the American Kennel Club?

As of now, the American Kennel Club does not officially recognize the lilac color in the French Bulldog breed standard.

The American Kennel Club only recognizes 10 official French Bulldog colors, including brindle, fawn, cream, and white.

In Conclusion

The lilac French Bulldog is a unique and captivating variant of the beloved Frenchie breed. Their distinctive coat color, combined with their delightful personalities, makes them a popular choice for dog lovers.

However, potential owners should always prioritize the health and well-being of the dog over coat color. Always choose to work with a reputable breeder who prioritizes health and genetic testing.

With proper care and love, a lilac French Bulldog can make a wonderful addition to any family, bringing joy, companionship, and a touch of unique color to your life.

Remember, no matter the coat color, every Frenchie is a bundle of joy, waiting to shower you with love and affection. So, are you ready to welcome a lilac French Bulldog into your family?