16 Amazing Brindle Dog Breeds That You’ll Love!

brindle dog breeds

Brindle is a particularly stunning coat pattern. Also known as tiger stripes, the brindle coat pattern can be very obvious or much more subtle, depending on your beautiful dog. Many different dog breeds can have this unique coat pattern, so there are lots of possibilities for you to choose from.

The great thing about brindle dogs is that many of them are mixed breeds too. So it’s likely that you’ll find a beautiful doggo with this coat pattern in a shelter. So always look there first!

What Exactly Is a Brindle Dog

A brindle dog isn’t a separate breed of dog. In fact, many breeds can have a brindle coat. Small, large, working dogs and lap dogs can all have this stunning, tiger-like coat. It really depends on their genes. We won’t go into the exact workings of dog genetics (it’s pretty complicated and especially for brindle) but it’s a recessive gene and is dominated by black. That means that a black pup can have the brindle gene but it won’t be noticeable.

Normally brindle dogs have a red base coat with black stripes. Although this can vary a lot. It’s also possible for some breeds to have patches of brindle rather than a full coat.

How Important Is It That A Dog Is Brindle?

That really depends on if it’s important to you (to an extent). If you particularly love striped dogs, then a brindle coat is going to be pretty important. But, it’s much more important you adopt a dog that suits your lifestyle. Some of the brindle dogs on this list need lots of exercise, others are happy chasing a soccer ball around in an apartment.

What’s more, some of the dog breeds here need an experienced owner who knows how best to train them. It’s very important you thoroughly research any dog breed you’re thinking about adopting. Likewise, ask the staff at the shelter if you’re thinking of adopting from there. They can help you work out what kind of home would be best for that brindle pup.

Regardless of if your dog has a blue brindle, fawn brindle, black, white, or any other coat color, you must make sure you’re getting them from a responsible breeder. They shouldn’t be breeding for color as this can lead to irresponsible and unethical breeding practices.

20 Brindle Dog Breeds

Here are only 20 of our favorite brindle breeds. Which one will you choose as a new addition to your family?


brindle boxer puppy

Boxers are stunningly beautiful dogs. These muscular, athletic black and brown dogs are loyal, courageous, and friendly, and get on very well with children. Boxers are alert pups and make wonderful guard dogs. If you’re thinking about adopting a boxer, then you need to be ready for exercise. These pups are active and will make great jogging companions. They need to be part of a very active family.

Boxers can have a brindle or fawn coat as well as brindle markings on a different colored coat (like white). It’s also common for these dogs to have a black mask. Don’t fancy a brindle boxer? Theres also the white Boxer dog to choose!


brindle greyhound

Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world. You just have to see one of these stunning pups running to understand why. Their extremely athletic and thin bodies were made for chasing after small prey. Although dominant in the field of speed, Greyhounds are actually very calm, caring, and sensitive. They don’t need a lot of exercise and prefer to sprint around a fenced-in backyard rather than go on a long walk. It’s important to keep them on a leash as they’re great sighthounds and will chase after anything they think is interesting.

Greyhounds can have many different colored coats, but one of the most eye-catching is entirely brindle.


brindle whippet

Whippets are wonderful companion dogs that are a good choice for people living in an apartment (they don’t bark a lot). They, like the bigger Greyhounds, don’t need that much exercise. They get on very well with children and other pups and have such sweet souls. Whippets can be a little nervous around new dogs, people, and experiences, but will soon warm up with a few words of encouragement from those they love.

Whippets can be a lot of colors including blue brindle, fawn brindle, red brindle, and black brindle.

French Bulldog

brindle french bulldog

Frenchies are one of the most popular breeds for city dwellers. This calm dog breed is charming and cute, and everyone falls in love with them. These pups are miniature bulldogs except for two big differences – their ears! French Bulldogs have large, bat-like ears which just add to their cuteness.

They can have brindle and fawn brindle coats, often with a little white on them. They shed minimally and a weekly brush should be enough for their sleek coat. Frenchies don’t bark much and a short walk a day will be enough to keep them healthy. Just make sure you have lots of puzzle toys at home to keep them entertained too!

Great Dane

great dane

Great Danes are the gentle giants of the canine world. These enormous dogs are caring, affectionate, goofy, and very sweet. Even though these pups have a loving nature, it’s best only experience owners adopt them. It’s essential a Great Dane is well trained as its size can cause issues if it’s left to its own devices. They don’t need huge amounts of exercise, a couple of walks a day will probably be enough.

This breed can have lots of different coat colors. A particular favorite amongst many owners is the merle Great Dane. Another stunning option is a brindle coat. This breed doesn’t shed too much but you will want to brush them every week as the quantity of hair covering such a huge body means there’s still quite a lot!

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

corgi with brindle coat

Don’t let the size or little legs of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi deceive you. These pups are very fast, strong, and the perfect breed for herding cattle. Although working dogs at heart, Corgis also make great companion dogs. They’re cheeky, intelligent, and very playful. They get along well with children they’re used to, but thanks to their herding instincts, they can sometimes be a bit nippy.

There are five standard Cardigan Welsh Corgi colors, two of which are brindle and blue brindle. They almost always have white markings. It’s easy to get Cardigans and Pembroke Corgis mixed up. The best way to tell them apart is that Cardigans have tails and Pembrokes don’t!


brindle basenji

Basenjis are an ancient breed originating in Africa. They’re excellent hunters with many owners describing them as cat-like. Basenji are intelligent, sweet, and need lots of exercise. These active dogs love to spend time outdoors exploring their surroundings. They do best in a house with a backyard and in a family that’s active.

Banseji are known for being silent dogs. Whilst they don’t bark, they do make an odd kind of yodel sound. Most people think Basenji have red and white coats but they can actually have black brindle too. Brindle markings are also accepted for this breed.


mastiff with brindle pattern

If you’re looking for a large brindle dog breed, then The Mastiff could be perfect. These enormous doggos can weigh up to 230 pounds! Although imposing (no intruder will attempt to get past a black-masked Mastiff) these pups are actually incredibly gentle. They also get on really well with kids, except you should take care as their size can be a problem for small kids.

Mastiffs can be three recognized colors by the AKC. They are apricot, brindle, and fawn. As is the case with other mastiff dog breeds, this Mastiff can suffer from bloat. This is a potentially fatal condition where the stomach twists. Make sure you feed your pup small amounts often to stop this from happening.

American Staffordshire Terrier

brindle american staffordshire terrier

Amstaffs, as lovers of this dog breed call them, are confident, friendly, sweet, and powerful. These stocky dogs are surprisingly graceful and exceptionally loyal. They’re also very intelligent and highly trainable. Like some other pups, Amstaffs have an unfortunate reputation for being aggressive. This is thanks to their fighting past. It’s therefore even more important that you research a breeder well. The AKC list of accredited American Staffordshire Terrier breeders is a good place to start.

These pups can have lots of different brindle-colored coats. These include brown brindle, blue brindle, fawn brindle, black brindle, red brindle, liver brindle, and fawn and blue brindle! So lots to choose from!

Jack Russell Terrier

jack russell with brindle markings

Jack Russells are very popular little dogs in both America and Europe. These pups are full of personality and were bred to be excellent hunters, particularly fox hunters. These lively pups are great companions and love to be around humans and dogs. They can have three different coat types: smooth, rough, and broken. Smooth is the easiest to maintain although the other two don’t require too much grooming either.

The only standard color for a Jack Russell Terrier is white, however, they usually have colored markings. Brindle isn’t actually recognized, but it’s a marking color that’s fairly common.

There are a couple of gorgeous Jack Russell mixes which could also have a brindle coat. These include the Retro Pug and the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix.


brindle coated dachshund

Dachshunds are beautiful dogs known for their little legs and their long bodies. These floppy-eared pups are inquisitive and love to go on adventures. They were originally bred to hunt badgers (“Dachs” in German) which is why they have such long bodies to get down badger holes. These funny little dogs are charming and friendly. They shouldn’t do anything that will over-exert their backs too much, such as swimming, jumping, or climbing.

Dachshunds are especially popular when they’re merle dogs. There are 12 standard Dachshund colors, and actually, brindle isn’t one of them. Although these wonderful pups are accepted with brindle markings.

Cane Corso

cane corso puppy jumping

Cane Corsos are ancient dogs that were even used as proud protectors in Ancient Rome. Their large, muscular bodies are enough to deter most intruders. Their fiercely protective nature makes them incredible guard dogs. Many people also consider them to be a scary dog breed. Whilst they are impressive, they’re also very loyal and can be quite affectionate with their owners. Only experienced people should adopt a Cane Corso as they can easily become dominant.

Cane Corsos can have 7 standard coat colors, three of which are brindle. They are gray brindle, black brindle, and chestnut brindle.

Bull Terrier

brindle bull terrier

Bull Terriers are among the weirder-looking dogs in the canine world. But any owner will tell you just how much fun these adorable pooches are. They’re mischievous, sweet, and have all the tenancy you’d expect from a terrier. Bull Terriers need moderate exercise and will really enjoy a nice long walk with their family. These pups were, unfortunately, first bred for blood sports so it’s really important you research your breeder well.

Bull Terriers can be entirely white or a mix of different colors (usually with some white). If you’re lucky enough to find a brindle dog, you’ll be particularly impressed with its coat color!

Plott Hound

plott hound

Plott Hounds are one of the 6 recognized Coonhounds by the AKC. These stunning dogs have long tails and are very active. They’re made for hunting and have a high endurance for chasing other animals. They need lots of exercise and time outdoors and are not a good choice for those living in an apartment. Although great workers and hunters, Plott Hounds are also wonderful companions and are relaxed at home when they’ve had enough time outdoors.

If you’re looking for the ultimate brindle dog, then the Plott hound has to be it. They’re accepted by the AKC in 13 colors, 10 of which are brindle!


brindle akita

Akitas are large, heavy-boned dogs of Japanese origin. They’re the epitome of a family protector and love to spend time roaming their land and protecting their loved ones. It’s common for an Akita to be aloof around those they don’t know and they’re likely to be wary around new dogs. They can, however, be silly and affectionate with their family members.

These dogs have a heavy, double coat designed to keep them warm when on guard duty. Surprisingly, they’re not big shedders but they will blow their coats twice a year when they prepare for the upcoming season.

Their amazing coats can be several different colors including a number of brindles.

Dutch Shepherd

dutch shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd is another iconic brindle dog. These herding pups can be both silver brindle and gold brindle which are both stunning. Dutch Shepherds can have three different coat types: short, long, and rough. Canines with a short coat are the easiest to maintain, those with long and rough coats will need a little more brushing.

Dutch Shepherds are very active dogs and need to have a lot of daily exercise. They’re excellent workers and are often employed as military and police pups. They’re highly intelligent and really enjoy putting their intelligence to the test. This breed with a beautiful brindle coat needs to be part of an active and outdoorsy family that will keep them physically and mentally entertained.

If you’re looking for another famous Dutch herding dog, you might be interesting in the wonderful Schapendoes!

Does The Brindle Pattern Affect The Health of The Dog?

There are many breeds that can have this wonderful, stripey coat. And they’re totally healthy! You just need to make sure you look for a suitable breeder who isn’t specifically breeding for color.

Some other coat colors, for example, merle or white, have more health risks associated with coat color. Brindle is a healthy coat color for any of the pups on this list.


There are so many dog breeds with brindle coloring for you to choose from. You can go for a small dog like the Jack Russell or one as big as the Great Dane. Some need more grooming time than others and a couple need lots of exercise. Above all (including coat color) it’s important you adopt a brindle dog that you can adequately care for.

How many more breeds can you think of to add to the list? Tell us below!