Can Dogs Eat Sausage? A Full Guide for Pup Parents

can dogs eat sausage

Is there a better smell than frying sausages? Our pups certainly don’t think so. We only have to reach for a packet and they stop whatever they’re doing to come and investigate. They’re just so enticing!

But can dogs eat sausage? Is it safe? And what do you need to know?

In this guide, we’re going to give you all the information you need about feeding sausage to your dog and why it’s not the best snack on the menu.

In Short – Can Dogs Eat Sausages?

Dogs can eat plain sausage but it doesn’t mean that they should. As yummy as they are, sausages contain a lot of fat and salt which can cause your pooch to have a stomach upset.

If consumed often and in large quantities, they can also lead to obesity and other health-related problems. This is the reason why dogs shouldn’t eat hot dogs either.

Furthermore, some sausages (the really good ones) often contain herbs and seasonings, some of which can even be toxic to dogs. Never feed your pups sausage with onions or garlic in them, as this can cause serious problems for your pooch.

Is Sausage Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Plain sausage is safe for dogs, as long as it’s thoroughly cooked. But just because it’s safe doesn’t mean you should make sausage a regular snack for your pup. This delicious food isn’t exactly the most healthy option.

Raw or seasoned sausage, however, is not safe for your furry friend to eat. Raw sausage can contain parasites and bacteria which could cause a serious stomach upset for your dog.

How to Safely Feed Sausage to Dogs

If you do decide to treat your pup to the odd piece of sausage, there are a couple of things to think about first.

Serve only plain

It’s important to avoid any seasonings when it comes to sausages for dogs. Salt, chilli, onion and garlic (even in powdered form) can be toxic to them and cause them to have diarrhea or vomit. In some cases, your dog might even need medical treatment.

Cook thoroughly

Raw meat can contain harmful parasites and bacteria. Trichinosis is one of the most common ones found in raw pork which can be a real problem for dogs (and humans). Luckily, this particular bacteria is killed by cooking the meat entirely.

Bake don’t fry

Baking is a slightly healthier way for you to cook sausages for your dog. The process uses way less oil which makes them contain a little less fat.

Cut into bite-sized pieces

If you’re thinking about letting your dog eat sausages, it’s important to cut them up into bite-sized pieces. A whole sausage (as well as being too much for them) could be a choking hazard. Another good way to give your pup sausage is by cutting it up into their regular dog food.

Keep an eye on your dog

Whenever you introduce something new into your dog’s diet, it’s important you monitor them for any signs of reaction. To begin with, give your dog a small piece of sausage and gradually increase the amount if they don’t develop any allergies or signs of an upset stomach.

grilled sausages

Can Dogs Eat Raw Sausage?

Some raw meat is safe for pups to eat, especially if it’s part of a specially formulated raw diet. But, to be on the safe side, it’s much better to cook all sausages before feeding them to your dog. Your dog’s health should always come first and it’s best not to take the risk.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Sausage?

Turkey is a perfectly safe meat for dogs to eat. In fact, it’s used as a primary meat in many fresh food meals for dogs. However, turkey sausages contain lots of sodium and fat, which don’t need to be part of your dog’s diet. Turkey sausages are not necessarily toxic (if they’re plain) but they’re not healthy for pups either.

Can Dogs Eat Breakfast Sausage?

Breakfast sausages are usually made from pork and are seasoned with sage and black pepper. Both sage and black pepper are considered safe for dogs to eat in small amounts but, even so, breakfast sausages have a high fat content and can cause stomach problems and other health issues.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Sausage?

Chicken is a really common meat for dogs to eat. It’s a staple in many dog foods. Whilst properly prepared chicken that’s plain is healthy for dogs, chicken sausages still contain a lot of extra fat and salt which can be bad for pups. It’s best to stick to plain chicken as a healthy snack and avoid sausages.

Can Dogs Eat Summer Sausage?

Summer sausage, like most sausages, isn’t toxic to dogs (as long as it doesn’t contain certain seasonings) but it isn’t good for them either. Many summer sausages contain preservatives and have a high fat and salt content. There are better and healthier treats to give your pooch (such as shrimp or salmon skin).

Can Dogs Eat Chorizo?

Chorizo offers very little in the way of nutritional benefits to your dog. Even if it’s delicious, chorizo has high levels of salt and pork fat which can be a problem for your dog. It’s also possible that chorizo contains seasonings that your dog could be allergic to.

If you give your furry friend a small piece of plain chorizo (that’s been cut up into a bite-sized piece) they’ll probably be OK. But too much regularly could lead to weight gain and other problems.

chorizo on cutting board

Conclusion – Can Dogs Eat Sausage?

Technically, yes, dogs can eat plain sausage. But it’s not the healthiest choice for them. Most sausages contain lots of fat and salt (which is why they taste so good) but it also makes them unhealthy for dogs.

Pups should be getting 90% of their daily nutrition from specially formulated dog food and 10% can be healthy human snacks. These include chunks of fruit such as pineapple or veg like asparagus, brussel spouts, or beets.

If you do decide to let your dog have a small amount of sausage, make sure it’s fully cooked, free from extra seasoning, and cut into bite-sized pieces.