Ollie Dog Food – Everything You Need to Know About This Amazing Fresh Dog Food

ollie dog food

Many pet owners prefer fresh, whole-ingredient dog food for their pups. But it can sometimes be a challenge to prepare a dog meal that’s both complete and nutritionally balanced. Ollie Dog Food is a brand that offers a variety of meal options for health-conscious pet parents.

But what ingredients do they use? How is Ollie Dog Food in terms of packaging and quality? Are there any side effects to Ollie Food for dogs? And is Ollie Dog Food worth your money? Our Ollie Dog Food review is here to give you all the answers and make your life easier.

The Dog Food Market

Dog food is available in several options, ranging from readily available canned food to home-cooked fresh food. You can choose commercially available dog food based on your pup’s nutritional needs, preferences, and overall health. Some different types of dog food you can find on the market include:

Canned dog food: store-bought dog food in a can that requires little to no prep. 

Dry dog food or kibble: economical and easy-to-store dry food for dogs.

Semi-moist dog food: semi-moist products in a resealable pouch.

Dehydrated dog food: raw or lightly cooked dog food that has moisture removed and should be rehydrated before serving. 

Freeze-dried raw dog food: popular dog foods consisting of raw food pressed into small packs and with moisture removed. This dog’s meal also requires rehydration.

Of course, there’s also the best fresh dog food which is what we’re concentrating on today!

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Ollie Dog Food Review: What Is Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie Dog Food is subscription-based fresh food for dogs that is delivered right to your doorstep. Before you buy Ollie Dog Food, you simply fill out an easy questionnaire, and Ollie Dog Food work to design a personalized meal plan for your pup.

The ingredients used for the recipes in Ollie food are fresh and nutritious, processed to a minimum. The meals are made of animal proteins and meat, mixed with fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables to boost their nutritional value.

Ollie Dog Food reviews from dog owners are mostly positive with a particular emphasis on their customized diets for dogs. But whether it’s the right choice for your pup is a decision only you can make after reading this Ollie Dog Food review and doing your own research. 

Is Ollie Dog Food Safe?

With growing concern and awareness over tummy troubles and allergies, dog owners want to move to healthier alternatives for their pups.

Ollie Dog Food reviews (and our personal experience) tell us that this brand of food has a shorter shelf life since it’s free from preservatives and jam-packed with nutrition customized to your dog’s needs. It’s different from commercially prepared wet food or kibble which many pet owners are more familiar with. 

Processed meals can cause a variety of tummy problems or illnesses in some animals. Several dog breeds can even develop allergies to commercially prepared food. Ollie Dog Food uses quality human-grade ingredients and cooking processes based on expert advice to provide healthy, fresh food for pets.

This high-quality dog food is safe to consume for your pooch, and you can try it too! 

There are countless options for fresh dog food available online, and that tends to confuse dog parents at times. But with Ollie Dog Food, you don’t have to worry about getting the recipe right. All you need to know are your dog’s preferences, overall health, and specific dietary requirements.

Once you hand over this information to Ollie Dog Food, they’ll put together healthy meals for your pup. It’s a good idea to keep monitoring your pooch and update their health information with Ollie Dog Food as needed.

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What Meal Options Does Ollie Dog Food Offer?

Fresh Food 

Ollie Dog Food is well-recognized for its fresh dog food meals. They provide customizable meal plans that consist of Chicken, Beef, Turkey, or Lamb. Combined with nutrient-rich grains, fruits, vegetables, and berries, these meals offer a blended combination of key ingredients such as chicken liver, chicken gizzard, turkey breast, lamb liver, and beef kidney.

Baked Ollie Food 

Another interesting addition that Ollie Dog Food has made recently to its menu is baked food. This kibble is baked into bite-sized morsels and is available in two versions. One is made of chicken, chickpeas, eggs, and veggies and the other is made of beef with sweet potato slices and chickpeas. 

Dog Treats 

We know. Your dog’s meals are incomplete without dog treats, a staple in almost every pet canine’s diet. Ollie fresh dog food offers three kinds of treats:

  • Chicken and apple jerky
  • Beef and sweet potato jerky
  • Sweet potato chips

With meat, fruits, and vegetables all mixed together and slow-cooked to perfection, these are the perfect after-meal snacks to keep puppies on their paws.

Dog Food Supplements 

There’s no doubt Vitamin E supplement products provide an additional benefit for your pooch. Ollie Dog Food also provides such dietary add-ons with their custom meal plans. They currently have 3 on the list:

  • Belly Rubs – probiotics for a healthy tummy.
  • Zoomies – bite-sized chews for keeping the hips and joints healthy.
  • Chill Pill – chews made with all-natural ingredients to calm those nerves.

Some pups need a little extra push for their health, and these delicious and nutritious supplements may do the trick.

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Ollie Dog Food Reviews: What Are The Ingredients?

Ollie provides meal plans with 4 different types of meat bases in a combination of grains, fruits, berries, and vegetables. Here are some of the things that you would expect to find in each container.

  • Lean beef: fresh, hormone-free meat is a major component of Ollie Dog Food. Many of the sourced animals are also free-range.
  • Organ meat: Ollie throws in organs like beef heart and beef liver along with lean meat chops. This offers more protein and other crucial nutrients that are often absent in other brands.
  • Fresh vegetables: each dish contains a selection of fresh, ethically sourced vegetables such as spinach, peas, and carrots.
  • Fresh fruits are high in vitamins and antioxidants, and Ollie uses some of the most nutrient-dense fruits available. Expect your pup to get their dose of blueberries, cranberries, and pumpkins.
  • Seeds and oils are high in omega fatty acids, which are necessary for everything from a healthy shiny coat to a strong heart. Some of Ollie’s recipes include chia seeds and fish or cod liver oil.

Ollie Fresh Meals: Quality, Packaging, and Safety

Ollie Dog Food is human-grade food that is prepared in special kitchens in the US. The ingredients used for making Ollie Dog Food have been carefully formulated by veterinary nutritionists and are approved by AAFCCO standards.

The beef, chicken, and turkey in Ollie Dog Food are sourced from reputable US suppliers. Both their chicken and turkey are raised without added hormones, as required by the USDA. Their premium lamb comes from sources in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Ingredients are carefully brought together and prepared in the Ollie facility in Minnesota. It’s then hand-packed before being sent out for your furry friend.

Ollie Dog Food Reviews: What To Expect

Starter packs come at 50% off. As with most dietary changes, it’s recommended to start slowly and gradually increase the proportions of each meal. You can use the Ollie portion guide for assistance.

It’s best to start with a spoonful, and then gradually move upwards to a quarter, half, and full portion. This ensures that your dog doesn’t find their new food stressful for the tummy and also helps them transition easily. 

Many pet parents have sent their feedback after trying Ollie Dog Food, and almost all had a positive experience to share. Especially the improvement they saw in their pup’s overall health. It’s safe to say that dogs will love custom-made fresh food in comparison to store-bought kibble.

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Benefits: Is Ollie Dog Food Worth It?

  • 1. Ollie Dog Food is processed to a minimum and contains all-natural ingredients. It also includes superfoods such as chia seeds and fish oil.
  • 2. The brand uses gentle cooking methods with meals slow-cooked over low heat in small batches.
  • 3. One of the best things about this dog food is that it’s free from preservatives and harmful fillers such as corn, wheat, and soy.
  • 4. These meals are vetted by experts and are suitable for dogs of all breeds and age
  • 5. Free from hormones or antibiotics, the meat used in the meals is from reputable farms in the US. 
  • 6. Ollie Dog Food comes pre-portioned, which means it saves you the hassle of measuring out portions for your pup! It also means your pup is eating the correct amount for their size and age. Have a look at our blog about how long dogs can go without eating if you’re unsure.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Ollie Dog Food For Dogs?

High Cost

Although Ollie Dog Food seems to have promising results when it comes to health benefits, it’s an expensive option compared to other varieties on the market. 

The price of Ollie food is determined by the size of your dog (bigger dogs require more food and are therefore more expensive to feed). As an example, Ollie Dog Food will typically cost $3.50 per day to feed a 10-pound dog and up to $11 per day to feed an 80-pound dog.

Shorter shelf life (only because it’s hard to store for long trips)

Since Ollie Dog Food is free from preservatives, it has a shorter shelf life. This translates to more preparation compared to kibble or convenient dog food options. Ollie Dog Food isn’t the best option to use while on a road trip.

How Is Ollie Dog Food Unique?

What sets Ollie Dog Food apart is the fact that they personalize each meal to match specific needs and the taste your dog loves. Because Ollie Dog Food takes such consideration in preparing personalized meals, many pet parents experienced an improvement in allergies and related symptoms for their dogs.

The team at Ollie Dog Food sends you a guide with a scoop to help you understand and keep up with portions.

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How it Works: Ollie Dog Food Starter Pack

Perhaps one of the reasons Ollie Dog Food is so popular is the convenient order process. Customers fill up a questionnaire and give all the details of their canine. The site shows appropriate options to choose from that are optimized to suit the dog’s needs such as age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight. 

Ollie’s starter package includes two weeks’ worth of food along with a feeding guide, a scoop, and a puptainer for easy storage. The meal gets delivered right to your doorstep. Perfectly vacuum-sealed and frozen, the meals remain fresh for 24 hours. This gives dog owners enough time to get home and store it away in the fridge.

Does Ollie Dog Food Offer Refunds? 

Ollie provides a full refund for your starter box. Yes, if your pup doesn’t like what’s on the plate, you get a complete refund. This deal makes it easy for first-timers who are reluctant to go for a subscription-based diet. However, the refund is limited to 14 days from the date you order.

What To Consider Before Trying Ollie Dog Food

Ollie’s dog food is fresh and has a wide variety of ingredients with a healthy nutritional mix. To say if it’s a better choice ultimately depends on how much you’re willing to spend on your pup’s diet. Many owners claim it beats other store-bought brands. But there are a few things you should consider before jumping to a conclusion.

  • The price: while canine health is a priority for pet parents, not every dog owner can afford to spend on this dog food. Apart from the hefty price itself, there’s still a chance some meals can end up unused. So you could be spending more than you expect.
  • Be ready for slightly extended prep time: fresh food needs more preparation. As with any healthy meal option, Ollie Dog Food does not compromise on health. This makes it a type of meal that needs more planning and care before serving (such as de-frosting). 


Ollie is a great fresh food option for dog meals. It’s packed with nutrition and comes pre-portioned. There’s a significant chance your pooch will have fewer allergies when consuming this brand. The starter kit is 50% off, and there’s a flexible refund policy. To top it off, fresh meals mean fewer trips to the vet!

Ollie Dog Food is a popular choice for dog owners who have pups that are picky eaters, have sensitive stomachs, or have questionable poop. Truth be told, when your dog gives you those big puppy dog eyes begging for more of the fresh stuff, you might have a hard time going back to kibble!

But high-quality dog food comes with a price, and it’s important to go through dog food reviews before you select a high-cost brand like Ollie. If you’re looking to feed your dog delicious and nutritious food and you’re okay with the extra cost and effort in preparation, Ollie Dog Food might be the right choice. You can also try other options for fresh dog food to see what suits your pup best.

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